The Hell Marionette Master

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Think you know Zarina/Leighton? The female assassin with little heart, merciless, and all those other things said about her? Well think again.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Hell Marionette Master

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Chapter 1

Zarina: age 11

“Are they home yet?” Zendaya, Zarina’s younger twin sister asked both anxious and worried. Zarina shrugged her shoulders in response, she had no clue. Kolter, Balthsare, and Don were all killed by the ones they trusted most and are becoming, Soul Marionettes.

Therefore, they can control their victim’s souls plus more. From high on a hill, Vessen, their fifteen year old brotherwho hadthe sharpest eyes than his brothers,looked all around to see if he could see his three brothers.

‘When is the time? Who will do it? Me or Zendaya?” I thought eyeing my sister from a far. I knew we were born twins, but sometimes I forget who's elder.

The only sibling I’m ever close to isthe eldest brother of all, Daltus. He is 24 a soul marionette and a demon. A demon whom men fear and hate and women like us love and respect.

“I see them! And Daltus!” Vessen shouted out happily, making the first run down towards his brothers. Who look now, completely different, handsomer, stronger, healthier, etc.

Smiling widely, Kolter picked up his brother like a sack of potatoes, as a way to tease him mercilessly.

“Put me down or so help me…” Vessen started but didn’t finish because Kolter asked him chuckling,“Or so help me you’ll destroy me? Ha! I’m all powerful now! Almighty!”

I watch my brothers as they wrestle to see whowas most powerful. Seeing how my impression was, Daltus came by my side and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Everything alright sister?” Daltus asked looking down at me. I had to look up at him for my head reached where his heart is or was. I hesitated for a moment, and then when I opened my mouth to speak, Daltus covered it with his hand and shook his head.

“Do not worry about it sister, it is not time yet.” Daltus said in a quiet, soothing voice that made me feel comfortable. I embraced my brother tightly and he knelt down and embraced back.

Now I knew who will be the one, it was me, I will be doing it.


My eyes glistered with tears as I cover myself tighter with the bed sheets. I toss and I turn left to right. This was all too much, I was too young, and I loved my mother, I can’t do this.

My brother, Daltus, and his wife, Bethany, sensed my concern, worry, and fear from outside my door. They came in my room without an invitation.

Sitting beside me, Bethany placed a hand on my back and smoothly rubbed it up and down.

“Do not worry so much Zarina, I know how much you loved your mother but at least she’ll also be free.” Bethany whispered, but loud enough for me and Daltus to hear.

‘Free? How will killing my mother set her free?! She’ll be dead and I’ll be a murderer!’ I thought, sitting up slightly. My brother cameby my sideand pushed my hair back gently with his fingers.

“Zarina, what if I told you a secret?” Daltus said nodding towards his wife to leave them in private. Bethany understood, got up, and left with a sad smile.

I couldn’t make out about the secret he was about to tell. What secret?

“Zarina, you should know that mother had been waiting for this for years. She couldn’t live with the guilt when she killed her mother, for a very long time she longed to be with her in the sky. Now Zarina, when you do kill her, do not feel guilt, live on with your life, good will come sooner or later.” Daltus explained kissing my cheek which was wet with tears.

I nodded and told him that I will try, for the sake of him and mother.

The next morning, I didn’t know when but sooner or later I will have to kill my mother, Zephaniah.My mother was the most beautiful woman, her raven black hair out ranked other raven-haired woman because it complimented her caramel skin and perfect lips which curled up in a smile made her even more beautiful and fascinating. I now understood why my farther fell for her.

I never knew my father, but I knew, in my heart that he was kind, protective, and handsome, just like Daltus. The odd thing is, my mother and Daltus would look at each other as if they had a secret kept to themselves or some other thing. Whatever it was, I knew it was best not to get involved in something that isn’t my concern.

Our step-father came and announced that tomorrow we are scedule to meet at The Royale Mystic Kingdom of the traditional ceramony before a young eleven year old kills her mother.

"Zephaniah." Dagrun, our step-father said holding out his hand for her. I watch my mother get up and take his hand in her own, with one sad smile at me and my siblings, they departed leaving us alone and wether or not we'll finish eating.


Tossing and turning left to right, I finally decided to get up fully and say a final good-bye to my mother. I knew that we'll say good-bye tomorrow at the ceramony but, I felt like I need to say so this very night.

I was about to head out towards my parent's room when I heard foot-steps. I was startled, then realized who's shadow it was. My mother's and Daltus's.

I ran to the door and opened it without any hesitations or second regards.

"Hello Zarina dear." Zephaniah whispered sweetly at me as we embrace as if it were our final which it was going to be.

"Please mother, isn't there another way where you can still live? Run, hide. Can't we do whatever it takes to keep you alive?" the questions I asked nearly gotten me out of breathe. My mother shushed me and smoothly run her hand in my hair.

"it will be alright sweeting, do not cry. Good night, good bye, see you up in the sky." My mother said before kissing my cheek, and joining Dagrun back into her chamber.

I went back to my bed not wanting to meet my brother's gaze. His eyes, at night are pure black with blood-red pupils, he is a Hell Marionette Master; they are the most fearsome and respected by both men and women. As a Hell Marionette Master, he can fly, teleport, summon fire, Hell Strings, and do Soul Control.

Seeing my impression, Daltus laid down next to me and soothed me to sleep by singing the lulaby my mother and him sang for both me and Zendaya.

"A'ji kae, revasan, ti'a raka di jah sikahna'he..." Daltus sang in a whispered tone, drifting me further and further to sleep until I finally I closed my eyes and never opened till the next dawn.


The next dawn morning, everyone was silent. Why shouldn't they be?

I got up reluncantly and put on my best dress, it's sky blue with a diamond in the middle, round that a few decorative designs and it had some black in it. (Zarina's dress:

Regnar and Zendaya came by to help. Even though Regnar is a specalty at neclear weapons, he is also an expert on hair. Putting my hair up in a french braid, the then twirled it around into a bun and clipped it on with a large diamond butterfly. He then took two of this fingers and took a piece of my hair on the left side and gently pulled it down.

"You look pretty." Zendaya said as we help each other with make-up.

When Reganr was done with Zendaya's, he went into his room to get ready himselfand help with mother's hair.

We all waited for mother, Dagrun, Bethany, and Daltusto come down and join us at, The Royale Mystic Kingdom.

"Come on!" My other brother, Don shouted out, he was the quick tempered one, he hated waiting more than he is assigned or should.

"Oh will you shut the heck up?! We are already down." Bethany shouted back gracfully walking down the stairs with Daltus beside her. Mother and Dagrun came down, following my brother and sister-in-law.

Without a word, my step-father opened the door and lead us all out. We gatherd hands and Daltus teleported us to The Royale Mystic Kingdom of the Marionette Masters.

The whole kingdom inside was made of glass. Except for the food, flowers, and liquids.

Dagrun separated from his wife and joined his brother, Thantos, a Soul Commander. "So who is the unlucky lass?" Thantos asked smirking. Pointing towards me, I felt my step-father's bruning gaze on me, silently telling me to come and meet my step-unlce.

"So this is the unlucky lass...Zarka right?" He asked rubbing his chin. 'Zarka?!' I thought taken aback. 'Where did he get that names?!' "It's Zarina sir." I quietly corrected him.

Smacking his forehead his smirk then became a grin and told me he knew and that he was only teasing. Teasing me to an abolivion.


We feasted until we were all full and once our stomaches settled down. We danced. I for one didn't know how to so me and Daltus played a duet on the piano.

Our fingers danced about on the keys, making sweet melody. My brother startled me a bit when he started singing thetraditional warrior's salvation song, this time I joined in.

"A'ji kae, revasan, ti'a raka di jah sikahna'he. No'moh, ga'kati sue rela'teh, ja'mor, teka su, yah, to'ta, rela, tomorrow is the day, to ta'griah. Oh come all warriors of the light, bring us the salvation we desire, give us a life of paradise. Raise your sword of fire and your shield of iron. Give us the peace and salvation we long." We sang together as glistering tears formed in my eyes.

After we finished the audience applauded, I got up quicky and ran outside, ignoring everyone's mutters and stares.

I ran until I collasped. Collasped on a stoned bench a few feet away formt he palace building.

Daltus caught up with Vessen, Regnar, and Kolter. "Is everything alright?" Kolter asked sitting beside me. Regnar sat on the left side of me while Daltus knelt in front of me, making me slightly taller and his eyes looking up into mine.

"Do not worry or cry, remember you are also setting her free." Daltus whispered as the two nodded in agreement. 'Free, free. When will I be free?' I wondered taking Kolter's hand and lead us back inside to finish the tradtional banquet.


It's time. Time to do it, I may not like it but I have to do this. I held my gun tightly around my hand and cocked it. The sound made me jump a little for I have never seen, held, or used a gun before but something about it made it seem that I have held, used, and seen one before.

"Are you ready?" Balthsare asked leaning against the entracne way of my room, his arms and legs crossed over the other. I nodded my head and he gestured me towards mother's room.

There, I saw everyone of my siblings except for Zendaya, she was at a family-friend's while Ido this.

Glaring cold and hard at me, my step-father pointed towards my mother who was sobbing both happily and sadly. "Go ahead." She said in a soothing voice.

Lifting the gun eye level, I aimed towards my mother's heart the paralyzed. I was too sad and mad to shoot,I wanted to shot Dagrun! I wanted to kill him! His family for generationsmade the stupid law about us eleven year old girls kill they're mother and their sisters, aunts, female cousins, and wives went along with it!

"What the hell are you waiitng for? Shoot her!" Dagrun shouted out, making me jump and pull the trigger killing my mother.

I watch my mother fall on her knees then to the ground, her body laying in a pool of her own blood. I threw the gun down quickly as if it stung.

I was too stun to hear cocking sounds. When I turned around, Dagrun's face darken and his lips turned into a smirk. 'What the?' I thought. 'This is part of the...'

Everyone of my brothers looked at me with reluncant and sad eyes. Silently, they all apologized for what they were about to do.

before I could say anything, my step-father shouted, "Fire" and they all shott me dead to the ground.

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