Deadly Afterlife: A New Life

Status: Finished

Deadly Afterlife: A New Life

Status: Finished

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Deadly Afterlife: A New Life

Book by: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade


Genre: Gay and Lesbian



This contains mild "sexy" scenes, boyxboy, girlxgirl(a few), horror, and fantasy. Do NOT reas if you are a homophobe and/or do not like lgbt and/or sexy scenes. This is also in POVs


This contains mild "sexy" scenes, boyxboy, girlxgirl(a few), horror, and fantasy. Do NOT reas if you are a homophobe and/or do not like lgbt and/or sexy scenes. This is also in POVs

Author Chapter Note

This contains mild "sexy" scenes, boyxboy, girlxgirl(a few), horror, and fantasy. Do NOT reas if you are a homophobe and/or do not like lgbt and/or sexy scenes. This is also in POVs

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 02, 2012



Josh's POV


"We have less than thrity minutes people. Let's move, move move!" A policeman shouted out trying to revive me.

I am never going back, I will never go back down there, it is hell or was now siince I am now dead and waiting and watching. I wait for death, I watch them with a slight grin on my lips knowing they won't acheive. But what pained me is my family, I know I will never see my family again, well I can see them but they can't see me, nor hear me. A frown then settled on my face. I now sort of regretted taking my own life, but it was for the best, I was a pain to many people, well I thought I was, but when I saw sobs of many people, it pained my eyes and ears. There was all but one person, Brock, he hadn't let down a tear, his face like stone, but his mouth curled into a devilish grin. He was the reason why I did this. Yes, I admit, I am gay and he was the reason I jumped.

"Josh?" A man asked coming up from behind me, startling me for a meer second.

"Yes?" I asked, trying to make out who this guy standing in front of me was. He was covered in all black, his eyes were covered from the hood in which he worse with his cloak, he worse gloves to cover his hands, and black combat boots; the only thing I can see out of him was his cold red lips, and his round chin nothing more, nothing less.

"It is time, let us take our life into the Afterlife." He told me, gesturing to me the path of the Afterlife.

I turned my head over to my shouler to say a final farewell to my family and to the people to used to bully me, now regretted going it in the past. I turned my head back fowards and followed the mysterious man upwards.

The "Stairway of Heaven" it's what most people call it but really it is called, "The Stairway to The Afterlife or Home".


By the time we reached to the top, the man dressed all in black told me to state my name, age, and how I died. Before I could ask him any more questions about what I outta do afterwards, he was gone. A loud noise came rushing down my ears, deafening me, I covered my ears to block the sound, but it can still be heard.

"Your name?" A bomming voice commanded.

"Joshua Flemmington." I shouted out, my hands still covering my ears.

"Your age?" He asked again.

"Eighteen." I replied back, now placing my hand on either side of me when the loud noises settled down. I really hated loud noises.

"And lastly, how did you die?" He asked, waiting paitiently for my answer.

This was the anwser I dreaded most, I hated when people would ask me, "why did you do it?" or "why did you die"? This man was asking me how, who does that?

I took a deep breathe and told him, "I jumped, off the Golden Gate Bridge."

"And into the cold water," He said, finishing it out for me as I nodded my head. "Alright Joshua Flemmington, you may enter."

I entered with no hesitation and no regards, when I entered, it was nothing what I have expected, nothing.


There were grim reapers of all kinds: death, messanger, time traveler, etc; poltergeists, angels of all kind: guardians, archangels, regular angels, healers, etc but not all angels wear halos, sing melodies, and wear all white, well they dobut that is only when they go to work; there were also devils, but they weren't the kinds you seen them in movies or stories, of course they they bat wings but being all red and with horns? Fairy Tails and they are actually nice, if you don't be so quick to temper them, yep, they are very quick-tempered.

These are also people, people who have been on earth to livebut died either of natural causes, accidents, wars, or even like me, suicide.

Amongst the whole crowd was a young man whom I had never seen in my life. His blondehair madehim look spectacular, he looked muscular yet he didn't look too buff, average size Ithought.When he turned his head sideways to talk to the other angel, whom I believe was an Archangel, i made out with the color of his eyes, perfect lips, and perfect profile.

His eyes were brown, like chocolate, his lips like cherry color, and his wholeskin itself, a creamy color. I now felt myself daydreamingas I admire the angel.

"Checking him out huh?" A girl teased, making me jump slightly out of my trance, which made her giggle. "Alright, the man you are drooling over is named Evin, and he's a guardian angel, pretty neat huh? But guardian angels have the most jobs, while other angels do little, well I wouldn't say little, they do much but the guardian angels, they watch over almost twenty-four seven. They watch over the people who are needed the most, even if they don't think."

I looked at the girl and then the man back and forth about let's say....thriteen times.

"I'm Lexi Stoner," Lexi greeeted with a smile, shaking my hand. "And what is your name?"

"Josh, Joshua Femmington, but just Josh, please." I said, trying to smile. I wasn't so sure whether I can trust her.

"Well Josh, welcome to the Afterlife, I cannot wait to see what you become," She said walking away towards her friends but then stopped when I shouted out who she was. "I do not know Josh, just came here not too long ago, two weeks ago I believe."

I nodded my head and shouted out a thank you before she returned to her friends.

I had to admit, she looked very familiar, but for right now, I couldn't put my finger on it. Was it someone I am met? Seem? Liked? Or dreaded? All these questions ran through my mind, I felt like exploding.

"Hey you look like you're in pain," A man said, his tone soft and his touch solft as well. His hand was on my shoulder, conforting me. "I'm Evin, Evin Marks."

This was the very man I was admiring, the man whom Lexi told me about. I struggled for words and I felt myself turn red at the full sight of him.

"Josh...Josh Flemmington." I stammered whihc made him chuckle, I felt so embarressed. Moving his hand from my shoulder and around me, he smiled down at me and told, "come, and meet my friends."


"Wow, you must have been beaten up real bad." A woman said, who I found out was a healer. A healing angel possesses elegant hands which glows when healing and seven wings.

I nodded my head in reply as I took my first sip of wine. I hit my throat like a rock which made me cough. Another man who was beside me, patted my back hard, but not too hard.

"You outta be careful laddy," He said with a devilish smile. I can already tell he was a devil but the angels didn't mind a devil hanging around with them. "I am Lucius, a devil as you can already tell," we shook hands with each other, I felt my hand burn a little, I winced and flinched. "Sorry laddy, my hands are literally on fire."

This had been the best welcome I had ever received, all of these guys seem nice but I was too quick to judge.

There was a poltergeist in which are very rare, well I found out from Lucius who told me that poltergeist are the ones people believe are the most haunting and dwell in Oujia Boards. But again, fairy tails.

The poltergeist stopped and looked down upon me, his expression looked grim and his smile kind of scared me. His voice was calm but also stern.

"How long have you been here?" He asked and I told him I just got here a few minutes ago. "Hm, alright, since you are new I will give you that."

'Give me what?' I thought but before I could ask him, he left.

"Don't mind him, he is a teacher and he had been feeling a bvit lonely and sober because there aren't many poltergeists jsut like him," Ashton, an Archangel said, chewing on an apple. "There would be a big celebration if a new poltergesit came along. They are quite famous, well we are famous amongst the living but here, it is the poltergeist becasue the rarest of the rares are legendary."


I thought about what Ashton said, as I drag my bags to my new room. I had found out a while ago I was sharing with another.

Once I reached my new dorm, I placed my stuff down, knocked, and waited patiently for an answer. I heard the door jingle as if someone were tryign to unlock the door. The door flew open and Evin was standing there with a grin and his eyes were filled with laughter.

"You are a ghost now silly, you can go through things now. Let us try again," He said closing the door in front of me. "Just go through."

I took a deep breath, gathered my stuff, and went right through the door.

"There, wasn't so hard huh?" He said, helping me with my things. "So, we are roommates, this should be fun."

Oh yes, loads of fun now I am stuck with a guy whom I believe to have a total crush on.

After we put my things down, we settled onto his bed and talked before announcments.

"This feels like regular school." I complained when I read our scedule.

"May seem that way for a while, but once you know who are to be, it won't seem much like school." Evin explained with an "award winning" smile.

I felt my heart pump as I read on further, trying to not stare at him.


Evin's POV


He looked so cute all red, flustered, and embaressed. I was afraid, afraid he might be homophobe or anything else. I had decided we should just remain as friends, rommates, etc.

"When do we eat?" He asked me and I chuckled at the question. He turned red and looked away, I didn't want that, I didn't want him to look away, he looked so cute.

"We eat whenever we please. What? You hungry? We just ate not too long ago!" I said, deciding to tease him a little.

I received a pouty face in which I couldn't take it, I came up to him as he was trying to get away, I finally reached him and pinched his cheek with a smirk on my face. His face felt cold like the rest of us but soft, like a newborn child.

When I saw his impression, I laughed a little and let go of his cheek reluncantly.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked trying both not to laugh and to sound hurt but to no avail, it didn't work.

"Because,"I started to explain. "You are ever so cute."Again I pinched his cheek and then patted it softly.

Already I was falling for him, but I can't, I have a boyfriend and he is a grimp reaper. He was the same reaper whom picked his cute guy up. He is a death grim reaper.


As we walked down to the main autotorium, my boyfreind showed up and kissed my cheek. From the corner of my eyes, I saw a hurt look on Josh's face as he tried not too.

"Wraith, this is..." i started but before I could.

"I have seen him of course, Josh how are you? I am sorry if I had frightened you earlier back there, but I couldn't reveal myself just yet. when you are working, you cannot reveal your name, only what you are." Wraith explained to him with a smile on his facfe.

Josh shook hands and told him he had been trying to figure out what he looked like, they all laughed histerically.

"Well, now you know." Wraith teased with a wink as he placed his arm around my waist an walked beside me.

I turned around to meet Josh's eyes, they were hurt but he put on a smile and silently told me he would catch up. I nodded my head sincerly but I was hurt. I love my boyfriend yet I do not want to see my new roomate looking that way.


Josh's POV


'How could I have been so stupid?!" I thought, clenching a fist and hitting thecollumbeside me. i was thinking to myself, I am such a fool to thinking such stupid thoughts. I should have known he had a boyfriend or even asked if he did.

"What is the matter?" Lexi asked, startling me once again. I told her it was nothing, took her hand gently and lead us inot the autotorium.

Once we entered the room, we tok our seats. I was across Evin who was seated next to his boyfriend, if we were to meet, we would have to walk for a walk way was in between us.

I saw Evin's gaze towards me and I turned away ot talk ot Lexi, to keep me company until whoever arrived. Again, loud noises settled in and I hated it, I covered my ears until I heard someone say, "quiet". When I heard it, I placed my arms down on my lap, resting them.

"Welcome everyone. Now, as you may all know it is the start of a new season, new people have arrive such as Lexi, Devon, Josh, and of course many, many others," The man said who was on center stage, gestured towards each of us as we stood and bowed our heads a little, receiving applauses from many. We sat down oncethe applausequiet down."Now, on the account of many time I have told you, Room nine-hundred and thirteen is stictly forbidden to all those who does not wish to suffer a most, painfula nd slow death.

A new question ran through my mind, 'the dead can die again?'

After the annoucements, we headed off to our first class, in which we shared with the devils. Well we are to learn more about devils.


"Can any of you tell me the stereotypes of devils?" A teacher asked, who was of course a devil and by the name of Ashton.

A girl raised her hand in response, Ashton searched the class a little bfore pointing out to her.

Clearing her throat, she began to list the stereotypes, "not all devils are bad, sin is just what people think, of course the devil Lucifer exsists but it is unknown whether someone has seen him face to face; not all devils have horns but they can choose whether to have horns and wings, the wings are required. Lastly, not all devils carry tridents."

Ashton nodded his head with a broad smile. "Now, can any of you tell me the all the things a devil is?" "No takers? Well then let me tell you. Devils do have the bat like wings people say, they can summon fire, and they are quick to temper."

We all took notes about devils until the bell rang.


"Wow, never knew devils were fasinating." A guy, who was behind me, exclamied. The rest of us agreed. We have been told to fear the devils and shun them, but devils like Ashton, why would you?

We were all heading down to our dorms to eat, not that we needed food, but still. The dead can eat.  When I opened the door, I saw Evin and Wraith. The look of hurt settled in me again, as I watch them laugh, eat, and drink together.


Evin's POV


I felt Wraith tap my shoulder lightly and pointed over at the horizon behind me. I turned around to see what he was pointing at, it was Josh. He looked frozen, dead frozen. I got up from my bed and went towards him, he seemed like a prey and I was the predator.

"Won't you come in?" I said, gesturing inside. Josh just stood there, glancing at Wraith who waved at him. "You can come in Josh, you're not a vampire."

That woke him up from his trance and I decided to tease him wiht a mock gasp, "So you are a vampire?! HELP! WE'VE GOT A VAMPIRE!"

I notice Josh blush from embaressment as I went all crazy, and playfully going behind my bed and pulled out a stick.

"I've got a stake!" I mocked, not resisting a grin.

Josh came over, playfully hissing like a vampire as he tried to get me. Wraith watched us laughing at our silliness.  Soon, we all became exhausted and plopped down on my bed whihc by surprise, fit us all.

"Are you hungry?" I asked, giving Josh a peice of whatever I had. He took it and thanked me for it. I nodded my head happily as I took a drink.


I had to go to our privates classes. Me, angels, Wraith, reapers, and Josh, newcomers.

"We'll see you later then." Josh said, departing the oppisite direction of Wraith how kissed me good-bye.

As I walked towards class, I heard screaming. I ran as fast as I could to the nosie to see Josh's eyes wide open, his head held h=back, arms spread eagle, and his mouth slightly open.

'No,' I thought. 'Too soon.' I tried to snap Josh out of it but it didn't work, all I can do now is step back and wait for all of this to end.


Josh's POV


'What's happening?' I thought. 'Why can't I move?' Flashes of light were blinding me as I saw images of people I have never seen nor heard of in my entire life.

I could barely hear the shouts, teachers trying ot calm me, etc. I tried ot focus on Evin who looked worried and concerned. Finally, a huge flash of light came, blinding me.

I felt someone pick me up from the ground, seemed I have fell on his knees. "Are you alright?" He asked concerned.

I felt numbed so I shok my body ot make sure I wasn't paralyzed. "I'm alright. What happened?" I aksed, looking at everyone who looked awe strucked.

"Dude, how did you?" Another person asked pointing at me.

I didn't know what he was thinking until I turned around, all of my things were floating above me, I reached my hand up to grab them but before I could move my legs to get in closer, all my things came to me.

Gasps and mutters filled the air. "A poltergeist" One said in awe. Suddenly the poltergeist teacher walked by.

"Joshua Flemmington," He started, his tone grim. "How is it possible? You are far too young, this should have happened months later. This is too soon"

I looked around the faces of the teachers, students, and finally on Evin. He looked worried, concerned than the rest who looked at me as if I were a celebrety of some sort.

Poltergeist are rare and I think I am one but like they said, too soon. So what is happening to me? Why is this happening?


The teachers decided I would no longer be in a newcomer system, so they put me in Poltergeist class. Inside, I saw the teacher, and a few students, about thirteen total, well make that fourteen now that I am here.

"Ah, Josh," He said "Take your seat, we are about to began." I did as instructed and took my seat.

"I am Mr. Dantes, Gerard," Dantes said using his finger to draw out his name in mid air whihc showed onto the board. "Welcome all Poltergeists. Let us began."

We gathered our books and began class but my mind was on one thing, why was this happening to me and why? Why was my face on a portrait? Yes, my face was on a portrait.

© Copyright 2016 Artemis Lykaios Nightshade. All rights reserved.

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