The Four Aces

Status: Finished

The Four Aces

Status: Finished

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The Four Aces

Book by: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade

Genre: Action and Adventure


Book by: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade


Genre: Action and Adventure



This is America; land of the free, home of the brave. In four major cities around the country, a criminal organization flourished in its dealings. The Four Aces, as they were known, is probably the biggest multi-generational gathering of gangsters and criminals in the land. They had a finger in almost every business which had to pay them a regular sum of money since the inception of the Aces’ and the business’ new alliance. In return, not the protection that the lowlife scum promised where a rival gang would happily lay waste to the business and the protection would be none the wiser; instead, the Aces provided protection like ‘soldiers’ to guard their investments and their interests. Because, you see, loyalty means everything to them. With the police cracking down on crime lately, they are stepping up their game. They need all the help they can get for one great heist that would earn them their crown.


The Duke of Diamonds (Atlantic City)
The Baron of Spades (New York)
The Lord of Hearts (Miami)
The Bishop of Clubs (Boston)


This is America; land of the free, home of the brave. In four major cities around the country, a criminal organization flourished in its dealings. The Four Aces, as they were known, is probably the biggest multi-generational gathering of gangsters and criminals in the land. They had a finger in almost every business which had to pay them a regular sum of money since the inception of the Aces’ and the business’ new alliance. In return, not the protection that the lowlife scum promised where a rival gang would happily lay waste to the business and the protection would be none the wiser; instead, the Aces provided protection like ‘soldiers’ to guard their investments and their interests. Because, you see, loyalty means everything to them. With the police cracking down on crime lately, they are stepping up their game. They need all the help they can get for one great heist that would earn them their crown.


The Duke of Diamonds (Atlantic City)
The Baron of Spades (New York)
The Lord of Hearts (Miami)
The Bishop of Clubs (Boston)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 10, 2012



Aileen, the dutchess of Diamonds, daughter of the duke lifted her head up when her hood was removed thus blowing her cover.She turned to face a concern and angry Blackjack.

She gave out a sigh of frusteration, her cover was not completely blown but still, anybody at the bar could recongize her now

"I got bored. Do you know what the hell it is like to keep pretty much locked up and hidden nearly 24/7 while you guys are all out having fun." She whispered, her tone clearly angry as the look on his face.

Blackjack gave a long sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. "It's not exactly a picnic either princess. This is the only place where we, including enemies of your father can get together under one roof without blowing each other up,"He knew she didn't completely mean it; sneaking out and trying to get some adventure in her life. It's in everyone's genes, to go out on an adventure.

Aileen stood up from her stood and looked directly into his eyes, fora split second she's gotten herself lost in them.

She knew well that even though he wasn't the most striking man on earth she cared about him as well as the others but him more than the rest. She has even seen what he was capable of and she made him an idol in her eyes.

"Fine, give me a few minutes." She whisperd walking towards the restroom to make sure her disguise is in tact.


As Blackjack waited, Star and Bringer came over and stood on either side of him.

"Was that her?" Star asked leaning against the bar table. Black gave a solid nod as both she and Bringer sighed. "She knows she is not suppose to be here. Has anyone ever even told her yet?"

When no one replied, Star gave them all a cold stare. "Don't look at me! I was told to keep my lips sealed." Bringer said in defense.

Blackjack said the same, his tone sounded as if he were far away.

Aileen emerged from the restroom with new contacts, green colored. Blackjack mentally shook his head; he thought she was gorgeous without a disguise and should wear her true face other than a fake.

Wait, what was he thinking? He shouldn't compliment is boss's daughter like that. He would get in loads of trouble, worse, killed. So he mentally shook his head out of the trance he was in.

"Let's go," He said taking Aileen's hand in his as they walk out. They made a brief stop at Shadow who was talking to an enemy. "Rider, I'll be borrowing your bike, I'll have it return without a scratch."

"You better." Rider said coldly. If anything, ANYTHING happened to his bike, he will go crazy mad.

Blackjack nodded and he along with the dutchess head outside towards Rider's bike which was amongst the shadow away from the rest.


"You sit in front." He said, getting her to sit so that her legs were dangling off the right hand side of the bike. He sat behind her, twisting his arm around her slender body to slot the key into the ignition.

"I'm not getting fresh with you here. If anyone comes after us, I have to make sure that you're safe, regardless of what happens to me." He explained, putting the bike into gear and driving off.

Blackjack knew that this way, if they tried shooting at them, he'd stop the bullets from hitting Elena and severely injure him in the process but unlike her, he didn't matter.

He looked over his shoulder to seetwo 4x4 heading their way. Turning his head back to the horizon, he made a turn to the right.

"What's happening?" Aileen asked not looking behind.

"There are two 4x4s'. There is also a gun in my left jean pocket, take it out," He explained then hesitated for a split second. "I hope you know how to shoot." Even if she didn't, he knew that if they started shooting, his body would be the one who will make contact with the bullets. The duke would have his head if anything happened to his little girl.

Aileen grabbed the gun and cocked it. "I'll do my very best not to shoot you."

Blackjack smiled, "we'll see and not quite yet priincess, wait". The two continued to drive with the 4x4 right on thier tail.


Knight decided she had enough to drink and felt queasy. Her head was spinning and her stomach ached like no other. When she tried to get up, she felt herself sway from side to side and eventually knock over a few glasses.

Bringer was the first to notice of Knight's drunkness and decided to help her stand and walk for a bit.

"Easy there Stacey, perhaps I should drive when we go to leave in a few." He said, setting her down on a nearby chair.

Stacey aka Dark Knight, shooed his help away and glared up at him. "I am fine thank you. I will drive, it is my job"! Soon all eyes were all on her and she felt herself turn red. "I sounded like a child didn't I?"

The three nodded their heads while the others at the bar muttered yes. Stacey lead out a long sigh before asking the bartender for water. After he gave a glass to her, she gulped it a couple of times.

"I can still drive. Please? I'm not one hundred percent drunk." She begged, hopeing it would work.

But still, Bringer shook his head, "no Stacey, Star is more sober than you are, more in control. She'll drive." He explained, giving Star the cue to go start the car.

Star got the message and nodded before tugging on Rider's sleeve to follow. Once the other two were alone, it was time for a small couple like brawl.

"But why Samuel?! You know how much I love driving!" Stacey said, her tone sounding childish.

Samuel aka Death Bringer ran his finger through his hair and sighed; his name wasn't in fact Samuel but Adrian but his first name sounded tough, dark and he had a babyface so he settled in for his middle name which doesn't sound nearly as dark.

"My word is final Stacey, you will drive again when you're less drunk or when we need to make a run for it." Samuel said, stretching out his hand for her to take.

With a final huff, Stacey gave in and took her hand in his and followed him towards Star's car. The rest, his and her's will be transported by other Aces.


Blackjack had aconstant urge to look at her and he even stole a glance to look at her eyes, imagining what they looked like before she put the contacts on. He then wished his attention hadn't diverted from the road because he could seethe two4x4 coming up behind them now closer than they were before.

"Shit," He hissed, speeding up. "Princess, get ready and don't shoot until they do." He said, a hint of urgency and a tiny slither of fear in his voice.

Aileen nodded at the news and cocked the gun once again. Now was her chance to prove herself that even a royal can become an Ace.

Blackjack waited for them to take the first shotso she could start shooting.It took a few minutes of chasing them when a person on one of the 4x4s' window was rolled downa nd started shooting at them.

"When you're ready, princess." He said, ducking his head every time a shot was fired at them. "Aim for the driver."

The dutchess nodded, "right, after I ger rid of him first". She aimed for the shooter, acting as if she wasn't very good. It took her several shots before he was downa nd the other fired. Soon afterwards, he was dead and the two drivers remained, their guns cocked and loaded.

Once Elena shot at the passenger and killed him after a few shots, Blackjack tried to speed up further but the bike's engine was already screaming and the 4x4s were hardly hindered by the speed at all. It seemed that it was armoured but whoever it belonged to, they hadn't considered the windows.
"Good job," He said, quickly moving along the road with as much speed as the bike could go. Ahead, they were running out of road to drive along and she'd have to kill him fast before he needed to slow down so he can make the turn. "Now, kill the driver, because thatwould be very helpful because we might just hit a brick wall." He said, his foot nearing the brake pedals.
The 4x4 seemed to go out of control once the driver was dead and eventually, it careered off the road and went crashing into a building. Once the danger was averted, Blackjack took the chance to slow down and turn right at the T-junction.
"You've been holding out on me," He laughed, heading to the road that would take them out of the town. "Where did you learn to shoot like that?"

Aileen giggled and shrugged innocently, "I've been observing you guys and took private lessons as well...but you didn't hear it from me"! She knew trhat if her father found out she was taking private shooting lessons, he would have her hind.

"Of course not, I heard it from the Duke's 'other' daughter," He said, smiling. Blackjack came to realize thatsomething about where they were going and there was a precaution they could take, if Aileen told him to."Those guys aren't the type who give up easy. So my suggestion is that we take shelter in a safe house. But we can still go to your father's house if you say so. You are kind of my boss."

Aileen couldn't help but laugh athis commentbut then a frown settled in, "Safe house only, my father's home was attacked a few moments ago when I arrived at the bar. I tried tracking my father to see if I can tell where he is, I got nothing. I don't know where he is". It was true, the empire of The Ace of Diamonds were under attack causing her and her father to evacuate separatly.

Blackjack couldn't help but feel sorry for her, he made a mental promise to himself that he would help her find her father. "Alright. I need to get word to the other Aces. I think it's safe to say that we're at war right now." He spoke, forcing the bike to speed up. "Don't worry, we'll find him. You can't hide a crime lord like the Duke without turning a few heads." He gave her a reassuring smile, unable to look at her for longer than a moment or two.

The duchess nodded knowing it was very much true. She felt the urge to hug him, thank him but she knew this wasn't the time nor place to do so. Not even in the future.


Sarah/Death Star went out and got in the drivers seat and looked out the front shuild window and thought, 'okay, I got to get us all home well, maybe we all can go to the same spot after all she had a lot to think about and she did not want to be alone'. She watched as the other came and got into her car. She put some gum in her mouth and said, "okay sarah this time no driving crazy";.

Stacey/Dark Knight got into the passenger side of the car with a smile and said, "I brought the booze if all want to have some fun later tonight if not all the same to me". She put the alchol down on the floor board so that no cops would see it.

Along the road, away from the bar, Samuel/Death Bringer gently tapped on Sarah's/Death Star's shoulder, to grabbed her full attention. A red light beamed and she pushed on the breaks.

Looking over her shoulder, her facial impression questioned and her lips turned to speak, "Yes Sam?"

"If we can, can we go by a nearby bank? I have some money I need to pick up." Samuel/Death Bringer said, leaning back against the seat again.

Xavier/Shadow Rider shook his head in annoyance while rubbing his temples as if he had a massive headache, "aren't you rich enough already Samuel"?

Death Bringer/Samuel shrug his shoulders in reply. "Hey, one cannot be too rich". 'One cannot be too rich' was his motto he uses when robbing a bank of various kinds.

The lights beamed green and the cars ahead of them took off. Sarah/Death Star looked at him though her mirror on the windshield and said, "alright then but make it snappy I'm not sure what go on Blackjack's nerves tonight but he seemed quick to wisk away Aileen and pull that hood off so we got to be on our guard okay". She then looked over at Stacey/Dark Knight and said, "hey, hand me a stick of gum got to chew a piece while Idrive."

Stacey/Dark Knight picked up a peace of gum and handed it over to Sarah/Death Star. Sarah/Death Star took the gum and put it into her mouth and pulling out but going the speed limit she headed out to the bank. She then saw head lights of a car as it drove by her nerves all shot but so far so good.


They rode for a while longer in silence so Aileen could think by herself. Blackjack made his way towards the safe house in this part of town and was glad to find it vacant. He stopped the bike and dismounted, putting his hands on Aileen's waist, he lifted her off of the bike and onto her feet. It was at that point that he noticed the bullet holes along the body of the bike.

"Xavier isn't going to like that one bit." He said to himself.

He dismissed the thought for later and went to the door of the safe house. It had a keypad on the side and the only way to unlock it was to obviously type in the code. He took out his phone and searched for the code according to the location of the safe house and then tapped the keys. He waited for a few seconds and then held the front door open for Aileen to enter into the house before him.

Aileen tried to ignore the tingle she felt when Blackjack helped her out of the bike. She shook her head at the bullet marks and scratcheson the bike and thought the same thing he said. When the door to the safehouse opened, she thanked him and entered.

She preceded him into the house and he followed, locking the door behind him. He then began flipping on lights and closing the curtains so no one could see that they were inside. He put his other gun on a nearby coffee table and took out his phone from his his pocket, looking through the contacts. At the moment, he didn't really need to contact anyone, just stay alive long enough until morning.

Aileen looked around the house, admiring it then headed towards the kitchen. She was hungry, hasn't eaten since breakfast.Rumaging through the fridge, she asked if he wan't anything to eat or drink.

Blackjack dropped his phone onto the table and put his gun in the front end of his jeans. He looked up when she called from the kitchen.

"Oh, don't worry about me princess, you eat." He said, walking towards the kitchen. "Like I said, it doesn't matter what happens to me." He leaned against the door frame and watched her.

Aileen nodded her head as she took out whatever was leftover. She took a bitbutleft a little uneasy eating in front of him. "Uh, are you kind of the leader of the small gang your involved in with the rest or is one of the others the leader?"

Blackjack watched her eat her fill, reassuring to himself that she was getting what she needed. Honestly, his own health was the least of his worries.

"I work with anyone who I know and trust who were also present at the bar. But my loyalty lies with the Four Aces, including your father." He explained to her, crossing his arms over his chest.

She nodded in understandment then bowed her head and dared ask the question she was told not to ask by her father and a few of his most trusted men. "H-how much am I worth?" She had always wanted to know how much she is worth if captured, she asked her father and one of his men but neither of them told her, but they refused.

Blackjack paused upon hearing her question and understood why her father hadn't told her. But she'd eventually have to find out, Blackjack suddenly didn't want to be the person to tell her. But since she asked him and since she was in charge of him, he'd have to give her answer.

"With you..." He hesitated before answering so he could form his sentences right."With you, they could trade the whole empire belonging to your father. Just for you, they could have everything he has and there's no guarantee they'd let you go back to him either."

Her eyes started to widen at the awnser given to her. She now knew why her father and his men refused to give her the answer she asked for many years. Now she regretted ever asking Blackjack and wished she never asked but kept silent until if such a time happened.

She stopped eating and Blackjack took that as a bad sign.

"He doesn't care about what's easier for him. He only cares about you and he'll do anything to make you safe. And that means so will I." He said, still standing by the door. "So please, princess, eat."

Aileen could only nod, she knew her father would do anything to protect her but she still felt that if she changed her identity and looks and go far away even he would be safe as well. Slowly she started to eat while scheming a scheme.

"And please stop calling me 'princess' call me Aileen".

Blackjackhad to do what she said and so he made a mental note to not call her princess anymore. He continued to watch her while she ate and not just to make sure she was eating but to make sure she was fine health-wise. He still cared despite being a trigger-happy grunt.


Sarah had the car going the normal speed and soon got to where they needed to go and pulled over and said to him, "alright we are hereSamuel." She gripped the wheel again, she could not fight this feeling that something big was going to come down and its going to put all them into a fight for their very lifes. She finally clamed down when Stacey gave her one of her looks and patted a top of one of the bottles of booze.

With a smirk Samuel got out of the car and into the bank. Inside, he strolled along like any customer. With his soft babyface figure no one would suspect he was a criminal, An Ace. "How may I help you sir?" A banker asked when Samuel was in the front of the line.

"Oh I need every single ounce of your money" after that was said ge shot the banker which caused a commotion. Men and women screamed in terror as they ran for their lives and the policeforce came trying to shoot him down.

Samuel always kept a smoke bomb for cases like this. He took it out and pulled out the wire with his teeth before throwing it on the ground. It exploded and smoke filled the air giving him time to collect as much money as he could. When he came back and into the car he said, "you may wanna go and step on it".

Sarah looked back at him and said with a smirk,"you just put me in my element ". She put her foot on the petel hardand speed away. She manged to out run a few police cars andthe onesmanaged to keep up she pushed them out of the way with her car. She was going all over the place getting them to safty but at the same time losing the cops. Stacey grabbed the booze and craddled it close to her saying, "got to keep these babies safe".


Aileen decided that once she was safetly returned with her father, she would create a fake passport, dye her hair wear, diffrent colored contacts and wear diffrent clothing and set off, far from the states. It was a long shot but she had to try. As soon as she was finished eating, she threw the paperplate away.

"So what are you to tell Xavier about his bike?" She asked, picturing how he would act when he found out his bike was damaged.

He smiled at the thought of seeinghis facewhen he notices the damage to his bike. It would be both scary and priceless. Bring out your camera folks.

"I'll get him a new one." Blackjack said, turning around to walk towards what appeared to be a bedroom.

He fluffed the pillows and folded the sheets so that it was ready when she wanted to sleep. When she does, he'd have to stay awake to keep watch for a few more hours before he got some sleep.

She followed Blackjack towardsthe bedroom and watches him get it ready. Her eyes scaled up and down his broad figure, she had that urge to just run up in his arms but again, not the time and place. "You should rest for a bit, I don't need any".

He turned once he was done and looked at her while she spoke to him.

"I'm fine, thanks." He smiled, looking at the floor. "So yeah, this is as fun as it gets around here." He said, walking to the door to the bedroom and checked the locking mechanism on it.

Satisfied, he removed his gun from his jeans and checked that safety was on otherwise he's risk shooting his balls off. "You're not going to get rid of that stuff?" He asked, pointing to her wig and contacts.

Aileen reached up and touched her wig. She blushed because she had forgotten all about it. "Oh, yeah thanks for reminding me." She took off the wig inone quickmotion and carefully removed the contacts.

Blackjack watched her remove the wig and set of contacts. He confessed in his mind that she looked a lot better without her disguise. He definitely couldn't get enough of her eyes, her eyes were pure golden, not hazel, not yellow but as gold as gold coins. Again, he probably wouldn't be allowed to say it out loud.

"It's getting late, are you sure you don't want to sleep yet?" He asked her, inquisitively. "It can get pretty boring around here."

Aileen looked up at him after she fluffed her hair out a bit. "Oh no I'm fine, I'll find ways to entertain myself". She gave him a reassuring smile.

"Alright." He spoke, slightly whispering. He strolled to the bed and sat down, holding his face in his hands. He tried to wipe his face with his dry fingers, hoping they'd help.

Aileen eyed Black one more time before closing the door so he could have a little privacy and headed towards the living area to go over her plan one last time. She whispered to herself, "where are you dad"?

Blackjack lifted his head to see Aileen close the door to the bedroom. He guessed that she thought he needed some time to himself and he wasn't sure whether she was wrong. Just to be certain, he went to the bathroom to splash water onto his face and after drying his skin with a towel, he walked back outside to see she was still there. He walked behind her, putting his hand on her shoulder comfortingly.

"Are you alright, Aileen?" He asked her, his tone concerned.

Aileen looked up and quickly whiped her tear and looked up at him. "Do you dad is alright?" She couldn't let him know she was crying let alone the plan she was planning for the safety of her father.

He could see the worry in her eyes, he had to feel sorry for the girl. He put his hand on her cheek, looking at her with a smile.

"There's no reason he wouldn't be." He said, pulling her into a hug. Blackjack let her rest her head against his chest, he gently stroked her hair in a comforting manner.

When he pulled her into a hug, she could feel herself blush and rested her head on his chest. She could his heart beat.

Blackjack moved his hand from her hair and started lightly running his thumb across her smooth cheek. He was pretty sure she could hear his heart beating, so she knew he was capable of being human at least when she needed him to be.

Shecould feelherself blush even moreat his touch but managed to keep her lips to herself. She knew of his personality and one would think of him diffrent but she knew him well. Aileen lifted her head up to look at Blackjack who whiped a tear that treathened to fall.

"John?" She asked, using Blackjack's real name this time.

After what seemed a very long time, Blackjack's attention perked up when he had heard her call him by his real name and he didn't even mind that she did. He forgotten that he hated it and for now, he accepted it. He looked down at her, her eyes drawing him in.

"Yes?" He muttered, feeling himself lean in closer to her. He waited for patiently for her to reply and since she was the duke's daughter, he had to wait, even if it was hours.

Aileen hesitated for a moment then she couldn't hold it any longer. She stepped in closer to him and leaned into kissed him.

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