Calling All Assassins Book 1: The Call

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Calling All Assassins Book 1: The Call

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Chapter 2: Demetrius

‘This must the place. Why in the world would this old man send me this letter and not tell me I have to be in a team?!’ Demetrius thought glaring at the letter. Putting it in his pocket he then puts both his hands in those pockets and walks up to the main entrance of the Assassin headquarters.

The Assassin Circle, that’s what his invitation said when he received it from Xander but he didn’t know yet. Nor did he care all he cared about is that the other assassins better not get in his way.

Taking his left hand out, he gets ready to open the door but it already opened for him. The doors open to only those who are assassins, no matter what kind. It knows whether you are an assassin or not.

As he walks in, he notices that he is not alone, there is another. Demetrius thought he was alone, he was wrong. Sticking his hand back into his pocket, he can see that this man had his eyes closed but he wasn’t fully asleep.

‘Who the freakin’ heck!?’ Demetrius thought as he looks around for a seat that is not too close and not too far from that guy. Glaring at the sleeping guy, Demetrius begins thinking of “things” that might be true.

After twenty minutes, he hears someone yelling, that made both he and the guy jump out of their seats. Demetrius then turned his gaze to the older man and starts glaring at him.

“Iain! Where the devil are you at!?” The man yells out while looking for him. ‘So his name’s Iain.’ Demetrius thought as he straightens his clothes glaring at them both still.

“There you are, were you slacking off?” The man asked clearly mad. Iain nods his head as the guy smacks it. “You boy, why I…” The man starts but he stopped when he sees Demetrius who was growling a little in frustration. He doesn’t have time to listen or witness a family feud, no!

“Forgive me and my son. I’m Harailt and that is my son, Iain. He is usually mature but I guess this is one of those days.” Harailt explains as the three men shook hands and Demetrius introduces himself as well.

Following Harailt and Iain, he was lead to the room where all assassins will gather. “In here is where we assassins gather until further notice. Won’t you go in?” Harailt asks gesturing inside. While Demetrius was busy looking around, Harailt whispers a scold to his son. “Okay, okay I got it.” Iain says putting his hands up in defense.

“Who’s he?” Kaito stops punching the air to look at Demetrius who was looking at Thatcher as if he had a long history with him and didn’t like him at all.

“Who are you?” Kaito asks back crossing his arms against his chest. “You didn’t answer my question. Now who is he?!” Demetrius asks the same question nearly shouting this time.

That’s Thatcher, one of our boss’s henchmen. We only know a little about him.” Uruvion explains as Demetrius shakes his head in disapproval as he went to get himself a cup of coffee. ‘This is going to be a long day.’ Demetrius thought watching everyone like a hawk and drinking at the same time.


Not looking behind him, Xander knew who was going to enter his room. “Are the others coming?” Xander asks as Harailt closes the door behind him without saying a word while he did.

“Well sir from what I heard, Yassen Knight is on his way.” Harailt explains placing his hands behind his back and waited to see if Xander would reply. Almost everyone who really knew Xander knows that he doesn’t always reply to everything. Once in a while he did.

‘Hm Yassen Knight huh? He’s one mysterious man.’ Xander thought then turned to Harailt and asked about the man.

“He is a retired assassin sir and yes like you’ve said, mysterious.” Harailt explains as Xander thought why would a retired assassin be coming here? If this Yassen is retired then shouldn’t he be doing something else?

“I’ll be waiting anxiously for his arrival. Now, I wish to be alone now, I have business to take care of.” Xander explains as Harailt excuses himself out of his boss’s office without a word.


Everyone thought Demetrius was cocky, and he had shown that he doesn’t like working with other people every well at all. For when the other assassins arrive, their boss told them they must work as a team. Are there any others who are like Demetrius? “A Lone Wolf” and ‘Cocky’?

After finishing his coffee, Demetrius started looking to where he could place it and Hall pointed to where he could set it. Growling, he placed the cup down, Demetrius then looks up to see Leighton getting up and taking out two knives. ‘What the heck is she doing?’ He thought as he sees Kaito walk with her, Braze Knuckles at the ready.

That’s when he knew, they are going to fight, train, without their guns. ‘This should be interesting.’ Demetrius thought crossing his arms, waiting to see the show.

As the two started fighting, Demetrius realizes that they take their fighting seriously, like him. He also noticed that Kaito used martial arts movement. ‘Hm must be a ninja assassin… lame.’ Demetrius thought secretly glaring as the two stop for a break.

“Hey where are you going?” Uruvion asks after Leighton places her knives back and walks towards Xander’s office. “We’re not allowed to go in there.” Hall explains but Leighton paid no attention to them.

“What the heck is she doing?” Demetrius asks not moving form his spot and not relaxing his glare. Hall shook his head not knowing as Hall glances at Demetrius before he could catch him watching.


“Leighton, what are you doing here?” Xander asks as he watches Leighton close the door behind her. Not saying a word she went to embrace him and he embraced back. Xander asked again what she was doing in her so she told him.

Smiling, Leighton excuses herself back to her fellow assassins. When she came back, they said nothing to each other but continued on to whatever it is they’re doing.


Outside and a few blocks away, Yassen Knight, a retired assassin opened his umbrella and placed it above his head before any rain fell on him. The weather said that today was going to rain heavily so Yassen had to get to the building fast.

‘Well Yassen, its time again. Time to do another assassination.’ Yassen thought as he starts walking down the street, rain pouring down on his umbrella and making splashes with his feet with every step he took towards to The Assassin Circle.

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