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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Crucifier: Shanna

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



Getting up, I got dressed and head down. Grabbing myself some OJ I noticed that mom, dad, and sister were gone to work leaving me alone. I like being alone though, but dad has hidden the keys again. ‘Crud! I hate it when he does that!’ I thought to myself frustrated as I look for my keys.

I finally find my keys, between the cushions on the couch, clever. ‘I’m already four minutes late!’ I thought as I drive to the school.

When I got there I notice that everyone is admiring Shanna’s new jewelry. “Yea, cute isn’t it. The new girl gave it to me, symbolizing that she knows who’s higher.” Shanna explains with pride. I wanted to throw up for the smells of sweaty jocks are suffocating me. They don’t usually go out until after lunch.

When the bell rang, we rushed over to class; the girls kept on shouting out to one another, “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” I uses they want to see Mr. Quinn.

None of us could open the door when we got there. “Locked.” A boy explains after he jiggles the door. The classroom is soundproof so shouting out wouldn’t work; we will have to wait until Mr. Quinn notices us which could be a problem for it looks like he’s too involved in talking to his niece.

“You remember what you are going to do?” He asks as Dakota smiles. “Yes,” She replies. “I know exactly what to do, I can’t wait!” “Patience niece, we need her alone, and unharmed.” He explains. “Oh, I can’t wait,” Dakota says happily then turns around. “They’re here.” Looking to his left, he notices his class. “Looks like class has begun.” He says as Dakota went ahead to unlock the door, letting us in.

Panting, I am starting to regret about me going to track right after I finishing eating and not letting the food digest. “Kendall!” My coach yells. “Yes sir?” I ask trying to stop panting. “Did you let your stomach digest?” He asks as I shook my head no. He let me sit out for a while until I felt better. I only felt worse; I got up and ran as fast as I could to the restroom. I didn’t care which restroom as long as I can vomit.

Even with my mind dizzy, I make it to the men’s room and I start to vomit in the sink. ‘That’s better.’ I thought in relief. Washing my mouth and hands, I head out to do one more run before heading off to my other classes then home.

No one’s home, sweet, so I make myself some dinner and watch some sports until I get tired then I go up my room to sleep, I’m a dead sleeper and I love it. No loud noise can wake me.

Shanna and her friends decided to get hook up with some boys. Wearing the best sluttish clothes she has, she goes on to seduce and flirt with boys.

“Isn’t this fun?” She asks as they all agree. “Who’s that?” Jordan, Shanna’s friend asks. They turn to look and a girl, in a mask, walks up. “Who has the cross?” She asks. “Me, who are you?” Shanna commands. “You will soon know me but right now there is a hunk who wants to see you.” She explains as the girls giggle with delight. “Show me.” Shanna commands. “I will but your friends will have to go home, he is very… shy around other girls without his special cross necklace.” She explains as Shanna tells them to go home or hook up with some guys.

Finally alone, the girl leads Shanna to the warehouse where the Crucifier is waiting for them. “Odd place.” Shanna says now a little scared. “Yes, it is also soundproof, so if anyone hears, it won’t sound like someone’s raping you.” The girl explains as they reach the center of the warehouse and wait.

“Look who I brought.” She calls out. “Excellent, good work.” The man in the shadows says as the girl walks away. “Do you know why you’re here?” The man asks slowly stepping out of the shadows. “I here because I’m a girl who wants my virginity taken.” Shanna replies. Chuckling evilly, the girl comes back and knocks Shanna out. “No, you’re here as a victim, my victim.” The man explains now laughing.

Shanna wakes up nailed to a large cross. ‘What the?’ She thought as she sees blood dripping down from her hands. Her feet thank goodness, are tied with a rope but it’s tight and it burns her legs and feet. Struggling to free herself she thought of screaming but remembered that the place is soundproof unless you’re inside. The man and the girl walks up to her slowly, their faces hidden but there mouths and eyes visible. Their eyes look terrifying. “Now, why are you here?” The man asks the same question. This time Shanna replies that she doesn’t know.

“May I?” The girl asks looking like she’s getting impatient. “Go ahead.” The man says as the girl approaches Shanna with a knife. “What are you doing?” Shanna asks frightened and shaken. When he girl got close enough she raises the knife and stabs Shanna’s right arm deep. Screaming in agony as the girl torches her by stabbing every single part of her body, the girl in the mask started smiling evilly and her eyes are now filled with lust. The man’s as well, he stops the girl and Shanna thanks him. Big mistake.

Walking up he unsheathes his knife and does the killing blow. Shanna did a final scream and died. Blood dripped down from her body, both smiling, they removed their mask. “Good work dear.” The man says looking at the girl. “You’re not bad yourself, that killing blow was awesome.” She comments as they remove Shanna’s body and hide it where they keep their former victims, dead, and bloodied.

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