Kidnapped by a teacher

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Mr. Keith Daniels is the new chemistry teacher at Alicia's school. He's handsome but strict. He secerty takes a liking to Alicia and then kidnapps her!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kidnapped by a teacher

Submitted: August 20, 2011

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Submitted: August 20, 2011



"Okay class, this is your new teacher, Mr. Keith Daniels." Mrs. York introduces the new teacher. The man was a handsome man, tall, muscular, and blond shaggy hair. Everyone muttered around the room discussing how handsome their new teacher is. "Well, I had a lot of fun teaching y'all. Good bye and listen to your teacher." Mrs. York commands as she leaves. "Welcome to our school Mr. Daniels." Sally, a preppy, cheerleader says trying to seduce the new guy. "Yeah, yeah, on with chemistry." Mr. Daniels says ignoring Sally's seductions. Their new teacher all of a sudden starting writing things that they aren't supposed to learn until next semester! "Excuse me Mr. Daniels. We aren't supposed to do that until next semester." Alicia explains. "Who says?" He asks not looking at her. "Mrs. York." She replies back. "Well, Mrs. York isn't your teacher anymore. I am! Now turn your chemistry book at 402!" He nearly yells as the students turn the pages. Everyone thought how can a handsome teacher be so strict?

"That guy's crazy!" Darcy said meaning that she was talking about Mr. Daniels. "Oh, he can't be that bad. Can he?" Alicia asks hopefully that isn't true. In the cafeteria most of the girls, preppy, cheerleading ones, only got the vegetables. Mr. Daniels walked by Alicia's table and looks at her square in the eye. "Did he just look at you in the eye?" Olive asks leaning over. "I think so." Alicia replied as she continues eating her lunch. "Hey look everyone it's the nerd squad!" Sally teases Alicia and her friends and Sally's crew laughs with her. "Hey! She maybe smart but she really athletic!" Liam, a jock and Alicia's and Sally's crush shouts out. "Whatever!" Sally says as she and her crew struck their stuff.

Math was probably the worst and best subject ever because... the worst part-math was hard-pre calculation and the best part- most of the time the teacher falls asleep! Yay! Alicia had no problem with the subjects in school of any kind. An A straight student and athletic. After math, the teacher didn't fall asleep this time, everyone got ready to go home. "Yes mom? Y-You won't? You’re taking Sterling to the airport now? No, they already went home. Okay, bye." Alicia says hanging up her cell phone then Mr. Daniels walks up and says. "Need a ride home?" "Oh, no I'll walk." I said but he grabs my upper left arm. "I'm afraid I can't do that. There are perverts out there." He said as he leads her to his car. "Thank you." She said as she got in. On the road Mr. Daniels makes a turn. "Uh, Mr. Daniels. My house is the other way." Alicia said pointing the other direction. "I said need a ride home? Right? Well I didn't say your house didn't I?" He said grinning. 'What's with this man?' She thought as she becomes afraid of where he is taking her.

"We're here." He says as he is getting out. Alicia does the same. The house looked like a mansion! "This is my house, feel free the explore." He says opening the front door. When they stepped inside Alicia felt paralyzed. She had never seen a house like this in her entire life. Servants were everywhere, antiques, glasses, pictures, statues; even a fountain with Aphrodite on it was in the middle of the room! "Dang Mr. Daniels, you got quite a house." Alicia compliments. "Thank you." He thanks as he got himself some Scotch on the rocks. "Would you like anything to drink?" He asks after taking a couple of sips. "Got Cherry Coke?" Alicia asks knowing she's still underage to drink. Mr. Daniels snaps his figures and a maid came in with Cherry Coke. "Thank you." Alicia told the maid as she bows then leaves. "You can have anything you want" He said placing his glass down. "Anything?" She asks eyes widening. "Everything, on one condition." He said placing his glass down. "What?" She asks nervously. Walking up to her, he lifts her chin up so her eyes were facing his. "The condition is... you stay here and be mine."

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