Modern Mage

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Kaden had always been diffrent from the rest of sociaty. Only his sister and his master know who he is, what he is, and the dangers that consume around him. Near and Far.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Modern Mage: Secrets must be kept a secret

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



Flipping my cellphone open, I Kidan, call my master, "Master. I'm here, in hell." Looking at my new high school, I had to shudder. "Well done. Find your sister, Kaisha and tell her." Master orders. "She knows who I am." I reply. "Oh, my bad. I mean she will tell you." Master said then hangs up before I get a chance to ask him "what"? The inside looked nice but it was crowded! I couldn't see my sister anywhere! "Hey! Kaden!" a girl shouts, I turn to see who was that and long behold it was my sister's friend, Michelle. "Hello. Sister you have something to tell me?" I ask my sisterin a matter of fact way. "Yes. But not here." She answers not taking her eyes off of Ike. Ike, I hate him! I don't see what my sister sees in him! He's a nineteen year old college drop out! After the the bell rang we went to Science class.

After school we head home. "What is it?" I ask while driving. "Master told me to tell you. We are Modern Mages right?" she asks. "Yes." I reply. "Well...Should I tell you the good news or the bad news?" Kaisha asks. "Bad news." I reply knowing I would probally regret it. "The bad news is," She starts then stops to breathe. "You're in grave danger. These poeple whom me and our master don't know is capturing all Modern Mages. Who knows, you or me could be next." Kaisha explains frightened alittle. "Don't worry. If they come for you. I'll tell them to take me." I offered. "Brother. I can make a clean get away by flying-" She says. 'Flying. I hate flying!' I thought to myself. "And my wings not only look like a birds', insects' angels' or succubuses' they are iron. I can smash and cut these with them." She finishes. My sister has a watch on her wrist as her "wand" she just says what wings she wants and poof! They're on her back. My "wand" is a cellphone. The way it works is like this: dial 3, and you get fire. Dial 412, and you get light. Dial 5, you get air. Well you get the idea.

"Why would someone capture all of the Mages?" I ask pacing my room, which was forbidden. I only let my sister enter. No one else. "A better question is who. Who is capturing them?" She said, feet dangling off the corner of my bed. I nod knowing her question was right. Who? But the why is a good one as well. 'Who is capturing them? And why do they want them?' I thought and thought.

"How many do we have?" a silhouette man asks. "Thirteen sir. There are seven more. Total of ninteen Modern Mages." he replies still bowing. "Get the other seven quickily!" The man orders. Without another word, the servant left. "What did master ordered?" another servant asks. "The seven." He said and the other servant knew what he meant and went to tell the rest.

During dinner we have "family talk" which is difficult becasue we are tempted to tell our parents we are Modern Mages. But the code says we can't tell a living mortal. "So children. Any news from school?" father asks taking a bite of his borcollie. "Well I think Kaisha has falen for Ike!" I accuse. "WHAT! No I'm not! I like Aidan! And you all know that!" she shouts trying to defend herself, which isn't working. "Daughter! You know very well we don't like Ike. Stay away from him." mom orders in a warning voice. My sister mutters a yes in reply. After dinner me and my sister get an urgent call from my master. "Master?" I asks concerned. "I was just inform that thirteen Mages were kidnapped." Master said. "What?" My sister whispers hands to her heart. "Then they'll be looking for the other seven." I said. "Correct. Make sure you find all the other five mages and tell them. Kepp yourselves a secret as long as you can." Master orders. "Yes sir." I said haning up. Boy, are we in danger. But I had many dangerous things come at me but this might be the worst one yet. Maybe.

"I can't belive we got captured!" Tertius, one of the mages said. "Well we just did!" Septimus, the seventhmage of the seventh mage says clearly angry. "We can't let them know where the other seven are hiding!" Diane, the only girl here so far says quietly as everyone nods in agreement. Tertius, Septimus, Primus, Secondus, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Diane, Brett, Troy, Alex, Hunter, and Xavier are all in the prison: Incarceron, the most dreadful prison ever. Home of the most feared man.

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