The Magician's Apprentice

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Jonathan Dee Butler has always wanted to be an illusionist except he has one problem, his tourette syndrome; it prevents him from concentrating when he practices his illusion. Now that master illusionist Gabriel Harker comes along in Las Vegas, both Jonathan and Gabriel will soon realize that Jonathan is not only a mere illusionist in training but a mighty sorcerer possibly either a descendent or a reincarnation of Dr. John Dee, a magician for Queen Elizabeth I or something dreadful.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Magician's Apprentice

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



“Dang it!” Jonathan shouts out dropping a glass filled with water on the ground breaking it. ‘Stupid, I’m so stupid!’ Jonathan thought as he knees down to pick up the broken pieces. “What was that entire ruckus about?” Melissa, Jonathan’s elder sister asks glaring at him. “Sorry, tried to practice my magic but then my Tourette comes and bites me in the butt.” Jonathan explains as Melissa helps him with the broken glasses. “You know mom’s gonna be mad when she finds out you used one of her glasses for magic practice.” Melissa explains secretly smiling.

Melissa has always got a thing to get her younger brother into trouble, gives her great pleasure. “I asked permission, she said yes as long as it’s not one of those special glasses that she uses for the holidays.” Jonathan explains as he wipes the floor with a dry clothe. “Thanks for helping me sis.” Jonathan thanks as the two hug. “No problem and be careful next time when handling glass and our disease.” Melissa explains as she runs back upstairs.

Tourette, Jonathan’s father has tourettes; both Jonathan and Melissa weren’t nearly born because his father nearly went crazy when trying to make love with his wife. Melissa wasn’t infected by the Tourette syndrome but Jonathan was. ‘I curse the day I had tourettes!’ Jonathan curses at himself as he goes up to his room and onto his laptop. His parents don’t trust him to be home along yet but they trust him with a laptop. Reading through an article about magicians, Jonathan comes across this: Gabriel Harker, illusionist, will be performing next Friday night at Las Vegas. ‘Las Vegas? He’s coming to my hometown?’ Jonathan wonders taken aback. Gabriel is his hero in magic, although there are other great magicians, Jonathan thought Gabriel is the best.

Jonathan printed out the article and directions to the Hooters Casino Hotel where Gabriel will be performing.


Meanwhile on a limo towards Las Vegas, Gabriel Harker is practicing his levitation; no one on the bus knows why he needs to practice since he is an expert magician. “Harker sir, is it really necessary that you practice, I mean, you are an expert.” A butler explains as Harker drops the ball into his hand. “Yes, but even master magicians need practice.” Harker explains as he continues to levitate his ball.


Jonathan shows his sister the article and asks if their parents will let them go. Melissa is twenty-one so she can drive as much people as she pleases. “Well maybe.” She says. “You’re an adult now! You can make the choice can you?” Jonathan asks. “Yes, yes I can, and do you know what I say?” Melissa asks as Jonathan shrugs his shoulders. “We are going to the Hooters Casino Hotel!” Melissa exclaims as Jonathan thanks her and kisses her cheek.

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