The Magician's Apprentice

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Magician's Apprentice

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Chapter 2: Gabriel

As Jonathan walks to school, the school isn’t very far from his home so he can walk; Harker’s limo comes out from a turning point and hits the side of Jonathan’s body, knocking him out. “What was that!?” Harker asks surprised. The chauffeur, Toby, gets out of the limo along with the others in it and surrounds Jonathan. “He looks dead.” Prosper Harker; Gabriel’s older brother explains as the Toby checks Jonathan’s pulse. “He is still alive but blacked out. Where was he going?” Toby wonders out loud as they all hear Jonathan groan in pain.

Blinking a couple of times, Jonathan comes back and notices all these men surrounding him. “What the?” Jonathan asks as Gabriel helps him. Jonathan’s vision is still burly but once his eyes clear up, he notices that the man helping him is none other than Gabriel Harker himself. “Are you alright lad?” He asks as Jonathan nods his head not believing that Gabriel is helping and talking to him. “Where were you going?” He asks. “I was on my way to school when my stupid Tourette comes and bites me in the butt again.” Jonathan explains getting up. “Would you like a ride? It’s the least we can do after almost killing you.” Prosper asks and Jonathan nods.

While levitating his ball, Jonathan watches then does the same with a bracelet his mom gave him. “You do magic? I’m impressed.” Gabriel says smiling. “Some,” Jonathan says turning red. “When I try taking it to the next level, my Tourette comes and that prevents me from doing anything to the next level.” Gabriel notices the disappointing tone in Jonathan’s voice, so he leans over and asks, “How would you, lad, like to be my apprentice in magic.” “Really? But my Tourette…” Jonathan starts but is interrupted by Prosper. “We will help you ignore your syndrome.” Prosper explains as his brother nods. “We will.” Gabriel explains as Jonathan finally nods his head symbolizing that he will be his apprentice.

Getting out of the limo, Jonathan notices that the ‘bullies’ are looking at him with awestruck and jealousy. “Oh, before we go. What is your name lad?” Gabriel asks. “Jonathan, Jonathan Dee Butler.” Jonathan explains as they shake hands and then depart.

“Dude, you just made style. You actually rode in a limo! I officially hate you.” Luke, Jonathan’s best friend compliments. “That was amazing Jonathan!” Hanna, Jonathan’s crush explains smiling sweetly. “Well, maybe I can give you two a ride home. I have his number, he told me to cal anytime I want. Except at 9:00 at night, that’s when he performs.” Jonathan explains as Luke asks who and Jonathan explains that the man who gave him the number was Gabriel Harker, the illusionist.

After P.E. the football players and cheerleaders come back excited about the next game, they are going to win. “Hey Tourette kid! Did you have fun in that limo? Did those guys put up with your disease?”  Mike taunts Jonathan as his gang laughs. “Well at least I don’t smell like a skunk!” Jonathan taunts back but it’s not really him, it’s his Tourettes. “What did you say?” Mike asks growling. “You heard me! You smell like a… skunk! PU!” Jonathan explains pinching his nose. “Stop that right now Mr. Or so help me, I will punch your nose!” Mike threatens as Luke and Hanna laugh. “It’s his Tourette, he can’t help himself.” Hanna explains still laughing as Jonathan taunts him more about Mike’s smell. “I haven’t gotten a shower yet.” Mike explains now getting hurt. “Well you best before we all run away from your smells!” Jonathan taunts once more then his Tourettes disappear.

“What happened?” Jonathan asks seeing Luke snicker. “You should Mike a lesson about personal hygiene.” Luke explains chuckling. “Your Tourette, it should Mike a lesson and he bailed out screaming bloody murder.” Hanna explains smiling at sweet smile again that made Jonathan skip a heart beat. He is dying and waiting to go to Heaven with her.


Meanwhile at Harker’s resort at the Hooters Casino Hotel.

“Is this room comfortable for you sirs?” A worker at the hotel asks. “Yes, thank you.” Prosper thanks the worker while tipping him. As soon as the worker leaves, Prosper turns to his younger brother. “Are you out of your mind!?” Prosper asks nearly shouting out. “Mad about what?” Gabriel asks innocently. “You know what I mean! You asked that Jonathan boy to be an apprentice! We barely know the boy let along his plans.” Prosper explains. “Look,” Gabriel says leaning forward. “I see high potential in that boy, yes he does have Tourette but that doesn’t mean he can’t be my apprentice right?”  Turning away and heading towards the shower, Prosper mumbles, “I still think it’s a bad idea.”


“Jonathan, Jonathan! Wake up! JONATHAN!!!” The coach yells out and instantly, I get up, with a massive headache. “What happened?” I ask rubbing my head. “You were at it until your Tourette came and you got knocked out.” Luke explains. “You really hurt a lot of the cheerleaders’ feelings.” Hanna explains pointing at Sierra, the head cheerleader. I lean over to see what she means and I notice Sierra crying. “What did I say?” I ask feeling bad. “You said she was a fat-headed-no-good-for-nothing-bee-who-should-be-eating-more-food-and-not-be-Britany Spears. When she heard the fat part, she started crying, shouting out ‘I’m not fat!’” Hanna explains as I get up on my feet to go apologize to Sierra.

The apology, luckily, is accepted. Sierra understood that I didn’t mean it. She gave me a warning that if I did mean it. I would make a visit to hell aka I’ll be in skirts and make-up.

After school, I call Harker to see if he can give my friends a ride home. He said yes! “Awesome! We are going to be even more popular than those popular punkers!” Luke exclaims. He calls all popular kids “The Popular Punkers”.

As soon as the limo comes, everyone including the teachers comes out or look out the window to see the three of us get in the limo with either jealousy or admiration. “Check it out, even Mike is jealous. Or is he scared?” Luke asks in a mocking sort of way. I had to smile at that.

“So when do you think you have time to start training?” Gabriel asks as I sip some coke. “Oh um… maybe after your performance. I mean I have lots to learn but your show is in two weeks.” I explain sipping some more coke. “Understood, I do have a performance in a matter of weeks but you too have weeks to be trained as well.” Gabriel explains as a matter of fact. Leaning back, I look at the lovely view. That “view” would be Hanna who is talking to Prosper and his girlfriend, Joanna. I don’t know what they are talking about but I did get this: love, maybe, marriage, kids, lots, and… NO!

After we dropped off Hanna, who is the last person, I call my mother and tell her I’m with Gabriel Harker and we are going to his resort. She says that was fine as long as I am with someone. My mother can sometimes be over protective! Well, I am his sonny boy, as she calls it.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” Gabriel says as he opens his room door. My eyes start widening, almost everything here is magic! Well illusion. “I would do anything to have a room like this.” I compliment as I touch an Isaac Newton balls. “Neat huh?” Gabriel asks then he mumble which I couldn’t hear, “Met Isaac at some point, great man but man he had a temper.”

I had some dinner with him and he offered me a ride home so I can sleep for school tomorrow but I told him that it’s a day off from school, President’s day. So Harker offered if I wanted to stay here for the night, I called my father and asked, he said yes! I can’t believe I am staying for the night with my favorite illusionist!

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