The Magician's Apprentice

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Magician's Apprentice

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Chapter 3: President's Day

No school, love that! I can’t hurt anyone and no one can hurt me! Besides only friends know where I live, plus teachers but enemies. Not a clue. Getting out of bed, I put my shirt back on. I sleep without a shirt on; it’s an unbreakable habit on my father’s side of the family.

“Did you have a nice sleep?” Joanna asks handing me a towel so I can shower. “Yes thank you.” I thank Joanna as I head towards the shower; Prosper comes out with only a towel around his waist. Joanna caught a glimpse and gasped in delight. ‘She is head over heels with him.’ I thought closing the bathroom door.

Turning the water on to hot, I get myself undress, went inside, and close the door.  ‘I wonder how everyone is doing.’ I thought thinking about my family. ‘Fine.’ I decide washing myself.

As soon as I washed myself, I grab the towel given to me and dry myself. Putting the towel around my waist, I step out of the shower to meet face to face with Gabriel. ‘Oh, crud!’ I thought as I quickly grab my clothes before Gabriel can do anything.

“What took you so long?” Prosper asks. Turning around, I see Gabriel in a white collar button shirt which on the left side had a sewing of a dragon. Torn faded jeans, biker gloves, and a long black coat. Oh and don’t forget the tennis shoes. He looks just the Gabriel put up on his webpage.

“I was taking a shower brother, what? You getting irritated? You could have started eating, I don’t mind.” Gabriel explains sitting himself down and helping himself to whatever is here on the table.

Gabriel decides to take me to the main area where he will do his performance. “This is really cool.” I explain looking around. “Yeah, it is… cool.” Gabriel says repeating what I said but I think he wanted to say something else but just couldn’t think of one.

“What’s that?” I ask pointing to a gigantic drill which is in the middle of the stage. I wonder if it’s going to be used for the performance. Seeing Gabriel smile, I find out I was right. “That, my boy is the Drill of Death. I go up there and get handcuffed and a board-paper like thing goes in front of me. Then the drill comes on, well I should say it like this the drill comes on but it’s out of control. As soon as the drill penetrates through me, I faint, and then the drill raises me up and spins me. But don’t worry, I’m okay but… the audience won’t think so.” Gabriel explains winking at me. I wink back.

While watching Harker practice his Drill of Death, I decide to practice my own trick, making a dog appear. I finally succeed, Gabriel is finished, and my Tourette didn’t appear! “Hey, where did you get that mutt?” Gabriel asks joking, I had to laugh again. I ask Gabriel if he needs to practice his trick but he said that he has done it before he came here so he just needed to practice this one time.

I call my parents telling them I’m going to be late. “Alright, but be home for dinner.” My mom calls. “Okay, I will.” I answer hanging up my cell. “Who was that?” Joanna asks. “My mom, she told me to be back before dinner.” I explain as Joanna nod her head understanding. After talking to her, I turn around to see Gabriel and Prosper talking, but what about?

“No brother! You are not going to show or tell him about your sorcery powers. I never wanted you to do illusion but you said you must. So I’ll give you that but I will not, I repeat me; let you tell the boy you are a sorcerer. Let alone a very, very, very, super old one.” Prosper argues. “Alright I won’t tell and second of all… thanks for telling me I’m super old.” Gabriel explains frowning by the fact his own brother called him super old.

When my sister arrives to pick me up, I said my good-byes to everyone and got myself into her car. “So did you have a nice time?” She asks after I close the door. “Yeah… did you mess up my room!?” I ask suspiciously. “No I didn’t!” Melissa yells as if dad asks if she has been out with that biker guy, Tony.

Around the dinner table, my parents ask how my time was at the Hooters Casino Hotel. I told them it was great and I got to see some of my future mentor’s performances.

Going to bed is tough. After that exciting day, I just couldn’t sleep but eventually I did. Way pass midnight for your information.

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