The Magician's Apprentice

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Magician's Apprentice

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



Dr. John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s personal spy, magician, and right-hand man. He was also an alchemist, scientist, mathematician, magician, necromancer, and teacher.

While working on his next alchemy, a young man about in this twenty’s entered in his office.

“May I help you?” Dr. Dee asked looking up from his work.

Placing his hat and cloak on the hanger, the young man didn’t say anything until he seated himself down on an empty chair. It was the only chair not covered with papers and stuff, plus The Dr.’s.

“May I help you?” The Dr. asked again getting tried that the man wouldn’t answer his question.

“I’m Gabriel Harker, are you the man called Dr. John Dee?” Gabriel asked leaning forward.

Taken aback, Dr. Dee nods his head. “Yes, I am. Although it has been a while since anyone has called me John. It usually either Dr. or Dr. Dee.” Dr. Dee explains getting up to get some beverages.

“Would you like one?” Dee asked as Gabriel nods his head.

Giving the drink to Gabriel, Dee sits back down and asks what he needs him for.

“You are a magician right?” Gabriel asked taking a sip of the beverage.

“Yes I am. What do you want?” He asked placing his cup on the table.

Placing his cup down on the like what the Dr. did, Gabriel leans back and explained, “I am looking for a magician, preferably you Dr.”

“But why me? There must the tons of magicians not including me.” Dr. Dee explained eyes looking pretty tired.

“I only want you and here is the reason. You also know necromancy correct?” Gabriel asked as Dr. Dee’s eyes widen in surprise. No one has ever guessed that he knows necromancy, it’s usually a secret.

“I want you to teach me necromancy.” Gabriel explained grabbing his cup and drinking it until there is no liquid left inside.

Clearing his throat, Dr. Dee gets up to face the only window in his office.

“I cannot, I couldn’t.” He murmured to himself as Gabriel raises an eyebrow in confusion.

Sighing Dr. Dee turns around and asks, “Pray tell, why you need me to teach necromancy?”

Getting up to face the window, his eyes moving towards the graveyard, Gabriel explains that he wants to bring his older brother back to life.

Taken aback again, Dr. Dee faces Gabriel’s side face but says nothing.

Gulping, the Dr. agrees to teach Gabriel necromancy.

Shaking each others’ hand, Gabriel puts his hat and cloak back on and walks to the grave where his older brother lies but not anymore.

‘He must really miss his brother.’ The Dr. thought getting back to his work.

He hasn’t seen his brother in a long time either. No, he isn’t dead nor missing. They had an argument and it ended badly. So now they haven’t talked in what feels like a millennium.

As night falls, The Dr.’s son, Arthur Dee, comes inside his office with school work.

“How was school?” Dee asked putting his work away.

“Tough, people are making fun of me just because you’re my father.” Arthur explained sobbing a little.

Taking a hold of his son’s shoulder, Dee guides him into his room. Sitting down on the bed, Dee hugs his only son like almost all fathers do until they both fell asleep.

They were woken up by a loud bang on the door.

“Who’s that father?” Arthur asked rubbing his eyes while getting up to get dressed to see the Queen.

Opening the door, Dee realizes its Harker, only he wasn’t wearing what he had on yesterday evening, in fact, he was wearing some nice clothes. Really nice clothes, like what a duke or some of higher rank than the Queen would wear.

“Good morning my good Dr. who was your night?” Gabriel asked bowing.

Bowing back and shaking his hand Dee didn’t answer his question but did say good-morning.

As soon as his son finished getting dressed, they walk outside and were stopped by a blond haired girl, Harker’s cousin, Adelaide.

As Dee and Adelaide shook hands, Arthur remained paralyzed. She was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his lifetime.

Blinking out of his daze, Arthur takes a hold of Adelaide’s hand and kisses the top of her palm making her giggle with pleasure.

Two carriages arrive, Adelaide and Arthur rode in one while Dee and Harker in the other.

“I will teach you necromancy after we meet the Queen.” Dee promised as they ride in silence until they carriages stop in front of the castle where four footmen await to open the doors to both the carriage and the castle.

Bowing to the Queen before them. Dee noticed that his son couldn’t take his eyes off of Harker’s cousin and grins.

“Rise lady and gentlemen.” Queen Elizabeth says as they rose from their bows.

“My Queen you’re looking more and more beautiful each time I see you.” Dee comments as the Queen’s face turn red with delight.

“Why thank you good sir and who are these?” She asked gesturing her hand to Harker and Adelaide.

“Pardon my rudeness your majesty; allow me to introduce to you, Gabriel Harker and his cousin Adelaide…”  Dee started but couldn’t finish the sentence because he doesn’t know Adelaide’s last name.

“Harker, Adelaide Harker your highness.” She explained curtsying again this time with a bright smile that warmed everyone in the whole palace.

After dining with the Queen and some of her friends, they said their good-byes and depart.

Telling the coachman to drive his cousin home, Harker then follows Dee to the graveyard.

Once they got to the grave, Dee gave a tip to the coachman then waits until he is out of sight.

“Alright Gabriel Harker, I will now teach you all the things you need to know about necromancy.” Dee explained spreading his arms out wide as a strong wind came surrounding only them and nothing else.

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