Memories of Blood

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is a sophmore college student whos been having weird dreams about death. It turns out these dreams are actually memories from his ancestors trying to give him a warning of some sort. Blood love and betrayl are literally tied into the life of Drake and his supernatural lineage.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Memories of Blood

Submitted: January 14, 2010

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Submitted: January 14, 2010



I was having that dream again. Since they began about several months ago, they have slowly grown more intense, more vivid to the point where they seem real. I'm making my way through an old town theres blood everywhere.People are running past me trampling others,I can barley see everything is distorted. My body feels like stone. There's something else a song or a chant being sung inside a catherdreal in the center of the town.Some nightsI try to stop the people to catch their attention, to get some info but it never happens. Im just a ghost in their hell.

It was my alarm clock that pulled me from the dream world. My eyes slowly opened seing the time 7:30 am a half hour till my first class and of course my sister proably already left, or is still dead asleep.

I moaned asI pulled my arm up from under the warmth of my covers hitting my alarm button. I layed in bed for another half hour before getting up and taking a shower, my head was pounding.I dressed in a white-t black button up with the cuffs rolled up to my elbows black pants with black and whites.I didnt bother doing my hair I never did, my tousled shaggy brown hair pratically styled itself and when wet it would stick to close to my forehead covering my bronze colored eyes. Headingout of my room I grabbed my ring and necklace, the ones my mother left for me in her will, off the dresser and my backpack by my door.

It took me a while to get to the kitchen even though itwas right downstairs I could barley move. When I finally did reach the kitchen I found my sister passed out on the couch in the next room with her boyfriend a movie playing on the television.I thought about waking them up but didnt feel see the point. Popping two tylenolI I grabbed my zune hd and a smores poptart and left my aparptment room.I arrived at the college around 8:15 I lived off campus only because my family owned a huge house and I didnt want to pay room and board. I slipped into my interperting literature class where my teacher was giving a lecture (again).

My body felt a little better the tylenol was kicking in now but I was still tired. A quarter of the way through the lecture(I think) my cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

It was a txt msg "Hey" from Kyla Bechford a freshman that just transfered here a month ago. She was cute darkblack hair that that reached to the middle of her back, chocolate hazel eyes , caramel skin, nice lips and body too.

I txtd back "Sup" it took a couple seconds before I got a reply

Kyla- "Did you come to class today"


Kyla-"O I missed you in italian today nobody showed Klariio up". Klarrio was our Italian teacher who tried to make his student look stupid, not me though. I would curse him out in italian and he wouldnt even know.

Me-" Lol sorry my bed was to comftorable to get out of"

Kyla-"Man I wish I could be in your bed"

Me-"You want to be in bed with me, sweet" I imagined her eyes opend wide right now.


Me-"Would it be so bad to be in bed with me :?"

Kyla-"OMG I didnt say that" I couldnt help but let out a sniker in class.

Me-"Relax Kyla i knw wat you mean, i was just kidding"

Kyla-" =p "

Me-"come on you know your not mad at me"

Kyla-"........." I always get her mad for some reason. Even when im trying to be niceI always end up saying something stupid, but luckily im a quick thinker so ive been told.

Me-"If i help you study for your calc test will you speak to me again =( " several minutes passed without a txt, she was making me sweat.

Kyla-"fine talk '

Me-"dont have anything to talk about"

Kyla-" fine........" Kyla didnt txt me back after that which sucked plus the tylenol started to wear off and my head started killing me again.

Throughout the day the sluggishness and throbbing headaches came and went. I thought about going back to my house but was afraid of passing out on the way back there crashing into a tree or something. I toughed it out through the rest of the day dealing with the pounding headaches wasn't an east task, but I got used to it. I went to a sandwich shop getting two sandwiches hoping to finish making up with Kyla. I payed for my food and headed to the dorm rooms people usually arent usually allowed in after curfew but the dorm president Ingrid loved my charm.

I knocked on her room door around 8 pm and her roomate Laura answerd the door in red short shorts and a red tanktop.

"Oh hey Ethean" she moved aside "come on in"I walked in trying to behave and look at her face and not her body."Are you here to see Kyla"

"Yea"I held up the sandwich bag.

"ill go get her" she tucked her hair behind her left ear and shot me a smile then turned around and ran up the stairs thats whenI saw the lettering on her shorts ' B4rd4rdOUNCE' . Heading into the kitchen I helped myself to a bottle of water.Turning around seing Kyla behind me her arms crossed in cloud pajama pants and a white tank .

I gulped hard " Hey Ky-Ky" I used that in desperate situations. She grabbed the sandwich bag and took out a sandwich the one which was mine but I didnt complain.

"Dont call me that Ethean" she headed over to her kitchen table where her calc books were,I had forgotten that I promised to help her study for her calc test.We studied for about thirty min in the kitchen then headed over to the living room and studied for an hour or three,snacking on oreos.

"So"I started to untwist the oreo "Am I forgiven"

"Hmmmmmmmm" she stared to tap her pencil which made my whole body pulse. "Yea I geauss so, im going to go get a sandwich bag to put these oreos in" as she got up and headed into the kitchen everything started to slow down. I started to hear voices speaking a differen language. I could faintly hear her in the background ' do you want something else to drink 'I forced out a no .

Kyla came back and bent down next to me the voices got louder "Hey are you okay Ethean you look a little pale" she put her hand on my forhead " Oh my god Ethean your freezing" I moved her hand away from me and managed to stand up.

"Yea im fine im just not feeling too hot" i was actually burning up.

"We have to get you to the doctors" she stood up , I could hear the voices even more now, then everything went blank...

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