A Warrior's Peace Novel

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Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




The air is muggy with the stench of fallen men, men who slashed and cried out in battle the corpses of fallen warriors lay across the land. Grass plain fields laden with blood. The smoke from the fire lit torches permeated the air. As Soldiers from the Opfren Tribe walk and lay waste to any man who had a breath still to draw from. A tall muscular man with auburn brown hair stands over a blood ridden man as he stabs downward in to the solider with his sword as the blood trickles down to the tip of the sword with the red stain of victory. He wore a all-black armor with silver gauntlets, black tainted helm and a black faceplate.

Many in the Tribe of Opfren wore face plates all ranking warriors wore the war mask of the Azuik demon, each rank differentiating between color codes, codes in which depict ferocity, valor, and status. Red for the foot soldiers whose only purpose is to fight to kill and clear the way for the Blue face plated horseback spear men. Green for the archers who stayed usually perched in higher grounds silently decimating all who stealthy run flanks on the war party and as well anyone who made it past the foot soldiers and Horseback Spearmen. Black for the toughest and harshest of warriors, men who clawed and fought their ways through many battles who showed time and time again the bloodlust and destruction they wreaked upon the earth. Finally White the Nobles, Kings, Princes, Generals the finest of warriors trained by the high priests, usually one blow from their great swords or battle axes wrung thunder upon the battle field they were last to fight and only ones to lay waste to the strongest warriors of different lands. In Opfren all men fought no one was above war even the king tarnished his blade with the blood of an enemy it was custom it was law it is the way of honor.

Standing in awe of another battle won Gisei ponders to himself in self-reflection about all his life has come to mean “Three years on this campaign and all I know is death is there nothing more”. This he thought as suddenly a hand clasps behind him, Gisei turns immediately to face the unknown presence. To his surprise it’s his comrade Omoiyari “ahh my friend you look troubled, why so worried we won and we the victors return home and reap the spoils” The blond haired man brandishing a long sword with a gold hilt. Gisei sullen in features lowers his sword into the ground , kneels down to the fallen body that he just took the last breaths of its life looks up to his comrade “ I’m not worried, just contemplating, this man that lays dead by my feet does he not have a family a wife, a child, how they shall never see him. Hahaha Omoiyari chuckles specks of spit fly from his mouth “Do not trouble yourself with such trivial thought, you live you prosper” Gisei stands up holding the hilt of the grounded sword looks outward at a dog licking the open gash of a nameless body ,Gisei’s face turns to a frown in disgust at the sight “What is prosperous about all of this” Omoiyari in gleeful retort stands near his friend “Honor, Courage, The Opfren will praise you, maybe even worship you, and you may have any women you like”. In excitement Gisei responds with a melancholy tune “To breed to make more soldiers, more killers, but you do not have to worry about that” Omoiyari frowns as the last of the words seeps from Gisei mouth “You are right my wife cannot bear children it’s hard but she has her values”. Seeing that he had hurt his friend without thinking lifts his sword from the ground as he stands returns it to its scabbard looks toward his comrade “Is there more than Value”

The two warriors advance through the blood stained field and make their way to the garrison and depart on horses Omoiyari mounts a beautiful white stead its reins where embosomed with glimmering diamonds and exotic jewels this being mark of a fierce Noble Warrior stead. Gisei Mounts a black stead simple cloth saddle and leather reins. The two Catching up to the main assault platoon of the Garrison, the war party leaves the Battlefield, heads held high riding in triumph.

Omoiyari stays back with his comrade to speak more “Value, humph you ask questions that need not asking she cooks and cleans and keeps good quarters she sates me and my desires she has her purposes despite her curse” Gisei perplexed by this response looks to his friend and replies “ What of Love". Omoiyari burst into laughter "what are you a Lieben Ha my friend” Gisei angry in response burst into a rage “Not Fierce Warriors as us you mock the Lieben, they are wealthy and cunning and they have a society that has lasted thousands of centuries and have also resisted any attack we have ever brought forth to their gates and we mock them for honoring life with women of equality and bearing of children who grow to be scholars and politicians as well as fine warriors”. Omoiyari witnessing the anger in his friend laughs and in a calmer tone “ Gisei I do not mock you but it’s our custom its ok to love a women but I feel love is a subjective topic, I love my wife in different ways on top, on bottom, ha ha” Gisei more in anger stops his stead and looks upon his comrades and the garrison.Omoiyari still riding stops and rides back to Gisei “Gisei I only jest you are not a husband and yet to be a father what you choose to do with your wife is your business My love is for my people and my brothers in arms, I cannot simple love one over the other although you are my favorite of comrades you make the bleakness of war so much more lighter, come ride with me and let’s talk of the fest I feel I can eat an entire pig.” “I bet you will my friend” Gisei response and the two man ride further to the Garrison.

Three days passed as the men rode and at night they would dismount and set camp in the dark forest. Young apprentices where tasked with hunting to gathering food for the Nobler of warriors as the lowly foot soldiers played games of strength and told stories of victories. A Large middle age man in black armor similar to Gisei with emerald gauntlets and a broad sword sat by a tree picking his teeth with the bones of the fowls he had caught plucked and cooked looked to Gisei as he sharpened his sword using a stone he acquired by his father who was a fierce warrior and specialty black smith. “GI how many men did you slaughter on the final day of battle” Gisei looking up for the first time since he started to sharpen his sword sets it aside and looks up into the night sky “ I believe fifty” “ Fifty” the larger man retorts “ Ha try seventy-five” Gisei not at all impressed starts to clasp his hands together in a mock clap “ Zerst you are a force most men will not want to trample with” Zerst in approval of the mock comment response “you are damn right three thousands souls I have sent to livet efter in my miserable life” “three thousand I hope half are not the women who dare lay under you”. Zerst stands up and walks over to Gisei he has the same determined killer look in his eye as he sits next to Gisei. Gisei not intimidated by his comrade sits still not moving hand ever closer to the hilt of the sword ready to strike if need. Zerst kneels next to the auburn hair man and whispers into his ear” If that was true they would of died happy wenches ha ha ha ha ha” Gisei pushes the large behemoth of a man over as the men watch in humorous delight.

As the night wanes on Gisei hears the sounds of wolves howling ever ready he wakes up his comrades “Zerst, Gordid, Max wolves are on the approach, Gordid in alert response “ where are the patrol boys” Zerst excited to kill his next meal grabs his broad sword “ Who cares less weaklings to partake in our dining: “I do not know” Gisei said “Me and Max will Scout ahead Zerst you and Gordid stay in the back of the flank in order to warn the garrison if its more than a nightly pack searching for a quick meal’. Gisei quick to the step runs out in to danger of the night as he makes his way towards the sound of the howling he starts to hear footsteps, stopping immediately he kneels in the brushes and signals to Max to follow suite.

“Foot prints from the look its small thin and narrow its most likely a women and she is bare foot” Gisei puts his fingers in the prints and licks the the tip of his fingers “ she is bleeding” Gisei continued “ we should help her” Max scoffed at the request “Gi you are too kind if we find these animals we will slay them and bring them to camp as morrow night’s dinner if the women is alive its best she stay far away for her own sake” Gisei all too familiar with the way of his war party knew that the soldiers would devour the meat and in a drunken state devour her body as well he knew all too well men on a war campaign longed for the soft touch of women and this one if alive bleeding or not would be food to their insatiable lusts leaving her after to rot where she laid. As soon as the thought left his mind Gisei noticed red glaring eyes from afar in the adjacent brushes soon to his surprise red eyes appeared all around. Keeping his hand close to the hilt of his long sword Gisei signals to Max to be ready, as he slowly draws his sword from the scabbard one silver wolf lunges after Gi in a ferocious pounce. Gisei ready for the attack rolls back and in a flash sword and scabbard detached and a pool of blood flows down on Gisei’s face, catching his footing he leaps in the air to come down upon the brown wolf on his left slicing its head clean off.

Max alert slashing up as two wolves topple upon him blades and claws clash. Max ever vigilant stabs the smaller wolf with a dagger through its jaw up in to the temple of its head and rolls almost instantly as the claw of the other narrowly misses him, Gisei in the middle of the forest circled as the larger of the wolves black in color and larger than its pack mates square off in a stare the wolf attacks while parries the move with his sword the wolf catching its footing quickly turns and lunges again tripping over a twig Gisei falls over sword in front in defense as the wolf comes down with a thud. Gisei confused looks at the beast still alive gnawing at his crotch. A large bow sticking out of the wolfs face straight through his eyes, When Gisei retakes his balance and stands he sees in the distance Gordid lowering his Bow. Gisei lifts the long sword and Swack hacks at the neck of the large beast still squirming the beast lets out a giant yelp Swack He cleans the wolf from body clean Arrow still darting out of the head of the monster. “You looked like you needed my help” Gordid retorted. “Yes thank you for that but I had it covered” Gi replied “Sure you did” Zerst saying as he hacked at two wolves in the middle of the dark woods. “Kill me” a faint voice said behind Gisei “Kill ME” it became louder but still fading

Gisei shocked looked down to see a pale body lying bloody and tattered. “Kill ME” it said again “I must of fell over her” Gisei said as he kneeled down to cup the head. “who are you “ Gisei said to the pale body “kill me” it replied as soon as she utter the words she fell faint. “ Leave her “ Zerst yelled We have what we came for” Max looking around puzzled pointed in to the distance “ there’s more” the other three men turn to look in to the direction, What laid in the distance where strews of bodies bones sticking out of some weapons thrown asunder all over. “Patrol boys” Zerst scoffed while spitting in the distance. They all covered their noses in order to stop the stench of the bodies. Gisei looking down at the beautiful body picks her up and carries her on his shoulder. “Have you lost your mind” Gordid saying

“Why bring that thing with us she is already dead” he continued “you got your spoils I got mine" Gisei smiling as he responds.

At the camp the men where on high alert waiting for the quartet to return Omoiyari walking towards them serious faced “Patrol boys” Omoiyari asking in concern “ dead” Gisei responding. “Why do we use mere children to protect our party” Max saying in complete disapproval. “They need to learn to be tough” said a slender man in light armor gold and silver with a long pointy nose with jet black hair. Many of the men detested this man not a warrior but an advisor who stayed near the nobles to help scribe the events and give advice on military campaigns. “There can be better uses for them other than food for beast Alund” Zerst said to the man as he sat down on a rock laying the sacks of wolf carcass he carried on his shoulders. “It’s unfortunate but they died in honor not a battle of valor but in duty” Omoiyari says as he looks his friend GI up and down. “What is that” he continued referring to the lifeless body over Gisei’s shoulders “ she was hurt” Gisei replied Gordid walking over to Omoiyari “this thing brings bad omen to the war party she is a foot in the evermore and he walks around with it as what you say GI spoils” Omoiyari displeased with the action of his friend looks to him “ leave her in the wilderness she has no hope of survival” GI in defiance stands his ground shoulders strong face stern “ Omoiyari my friend and comrade I would never go against my duty and never dishonor my people but this women needs tending to” “and what do you accomplish if you succeed in healing her, her only purpose would be to satisfy the men and teach young men about women. Gisei angered at the remark set the women down and stands attentive in front of the men in the twilight of the night. “Omoiyari she will belong to me my responsibilities and if she doesn’t survive the way home then at least I tried but I cannot in good conscience leave her to die, You said i can have any women i want i chose her” Gisei saying with great determination. All the men looked on at him in disbelieve and disgust. “Maybe you would of made a better Lieben” Omoiyari replying All the men burst in to insulting laughter shouts of “leave the Liebenen to his whore” and “foolish idiot”. Omoiyari looking in astonishment simply walks off "keep the damn thing but I nor anyman will clean up after it nor help you. Gisei in shock as well as relief bends down picks the women up and carries her to his resting spot at camp.

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