The Light of Emeronir

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 21, 2010

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Submitted: April 21, 2010



The Light of Emeronir
Chapter 2

The existence of Area 51 was officially confirmed by the U.S. Government in 1994. So Chris had no idea where exactly he was.
He only knew that he was on a military base somewhere in the desert, in an elevator that continually drove down, while they were watched by a curious surveillance camera. Although Chris had no claustrophobia, he didn't feel particularly well.
He looked over at Agent Marlowe out of the corner of his eye.
He looks young, damn young. Single. Graduated very early from the academy, so either a genius or his parents assisted financially. But rather a genius ... I doubt that they would employ unqualified people...

Chris shook his head. He had to stop to analyze people. That had become a habit in his old job. For criminals, it was very convenient, but in workday life it could pretty much backfire. Most people didn't like, when you found out too much about them, without their knowledge.

"How deep down is that going?" He asked, a little insecure.

"The bunker is around 400 feet deep, and is divided into 25 levels. Now we're on the way to level 14, which is about 210 feet deep ..." Freddy said casually, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. But he seemed to notice Chris' unease.

"Don't worry. The elevator only goes so slow because it often transports very sensitive cargo ... We're there soon."

************************************************** **********

"Who's that ..?" George Kelley asked and pointed to the display of the surveillance camera. It showed Chris and Freddy in the elevator. George's colleague Henry Falk, who was just pouring a new coffee, stopped and looked at the screen.

"That must be the cop from New York..." he said not very excited and looked at his watch, "10 minutes too late," he muttered disparagingly.
Falk didn't like the idea that an outsider would be introduced into this top secret and important project. It wouldn't bother him so much, when Agent Lucas - the leader of Project X - wasn't so close to his retirement. Someone would have to succeed him soon ... and that was Falk's job. For years he had worked hard for this project. He deserved that job.
But just right now this cop came up here ...

"Cool! Then we should welcome him!" George said, happy to get out of the small control room, where never something exciting happened anyway. But Falk put a hand on his shoulder and pushed the burly man back into the chair.

"You stay here," he said, inspecting the monitoring screen suspiciously. Then he sighed and left.

************************************************** ***********

The gray-silver doors of the elevator opened and revealed a long, wide hallway. Wires ran along on the concrete walls and countless cameras monitored every inch. There was a lot of activity. Men and women in white lab coats, everyday clothes, red radiation suits and gas masks ran through the numerous corridors.

A slender man, also in shirt and tie, was already awaiting them. He held a briefcase under his arm and shook hands with Chris.

"Mr. Miller! Nice to have you aboard. My name is Henry Falk. "

Chris couldn't help but make an analysis.
Slim, no regular meals, red eyes, no sign of fatigue, excessive coffee consumption. Probably a workaholic... and one thing is clear: he doesn't seem so pleased to see me...

"Agent Lucas has no time at the moment, so I'll take care of the formalities" Falk said, then he gave Freddy a stern look, "Mr. Marlowe has other things to do"

"Huh...? Oh yes! Important, very important things need my... my presence! Excuse me please!" cried the young agent, slightly exaggerated and went. Chris grinned.

"Follow me," Falk said, and went in another direction along one of the corridors. Down here it was almost like a maze.
Many people, FBI agents and scientists came across their way, they passed windows, that allowed a view into many laboratories, wherein doctors, biochemists and engineers worked. Chris felt completely out of place!

"Sorry about the chaos down here .... We had a little trouble in the recent days" Falk said meaningfully. He probably thought that Chris would be curious and ask him about the things that were going on here, but he was disappointed. Chris knew he would find out everything he needed to know sooner or later... although right now he wasn't so sure if he wanted to know anything at all ...

Finally, they reached a door; behind it was a small lounge with three black leather sofas, a coffee table and a desk.

"So, before you start working you have to sign this here," Falk said, handing Chris a document with from his briefcase. That surprised Chris, finally, he had already signed his contract.

"What is it?"

"A confidentiality agreement" Falk replied soberly, "You guarantee total discretion about everything they see or hear at this base. Your signature on the document is required to ensure that your employment will come into force ... "

"That means... if I don't sign, I can leave again?" Chris asked, hopefully. He was a bit scared that he considered that possibility at all. Falk, however began to smile.

"Exactly ... You should think carefully about this" he began, "Just take your time! "

Then he left the lounge and left Chris alone.

Chris really thought about it, while he read through the document. Very strict punishments, from fines to several years in prison threatened him if he would break the confidentiality agreement.
Now he still had the choice, he still could return with Judy ...
He smiled as he imagined the trip back home with her... Judy would certainly complain the whole trip, she was always complaining, about everything ... but women probably had to be so complicated.
On the other hand they couldn't afford a house from the salary of a regular policeman... and Judy had always dreamed of a big house.
He tapped the pen on the table, undecided.
His employment contract was limited to three years ... then he could leave, and they would have the money for the house.
... In good times and bad, till death you depart they had sworn to each other two years ago...
Well, then it would be difficult for the next three years, but they would work it out! Afterwards it would become even better.
So Chris signed.

Falk stood in the hallway and talked to a doctor. The name badge showed that she was Dr. Michelle Nichols. When Chris came towards them, the two fell silent. Chris handed Falk the singed confidentiality agreement. Falk gloated.

"Fine. Then it's time to familiarize you with the project ... "

"Have fun ..." Dr. Nichols said sarcastically, glancing Chris over the edges of her glasses. Chris was too confused to respond to anything.
He followed Falk back to the elevator. They drove up a few floors, and reached a wing, which was guarded by two agents. Behind several thick fire doors was a completely overloaded archive. It smelled like dust and old paper. The shelves bent from the load of all the files.
Falk led Chris to a table, on which numerous files were piled up.

"So, Mr. Miller ..." Falk began with an almost sadistic pleasure, "Here you got all the files about our research from the past 45 years," he grinned mischievously, and blew dust off one of the files, "Well, you should be busy for a while."
And yet, without saying another word he left alone Chris in the dusky archive.
Chris groaned aghast. So this was his first day at work ...

At first he thought it was a joke. A really bad one ...
An UFO crash? All these stupid Roswell rumors should be true?
Maybe that was kind of a greeting joke for the newbie. But after a while Chris began to doubt. These were old documents, with authentic stamps, seals and signatures ... and the entire archive was full of them!
Slowly, he started to feel strange...
When he read, all science fiction movies he had ever seen came to his mind.
But this was the truth! It was no movie - it was real!
Mankind had contact with beings from another world. This fact shocked him the most. He had always believed that there was life outside Earth, but it was a massive difference between belief and really knowing it. Extraterrestrial live existed! And it was on the earth! Not only that! People held them captive and even made horrid experiments with them! Here, in this place!
THAT was his new job?!

He worked his way through the stack of files, from images of the incident in the autumn 1947, when the two aliens had almost succeeded to escape, to plans of new drive units for rockets that could be developed based on the spaceship technology, until test results of the surrogate mothers of the clones.
Chris was horrified, shocked and yet so captivated, that he forgot the time. When he again looked at his watch, it was eight in the evening!
He wanted to get upset about the fact that he had been sitting all day in this hole, but that faded in the light of the new facts he knew now. Everything seemed to lose its significance in the light of it...

On the way to the elevator, he again met Dr. Nichols.

"Oh, Agent Miller, you are still here?" she asked, surprised.
'Agent' ... that sounded so unfamilar.

"Reading the documents, I must have forget the time," He admitted.

"Oh ... What time is it?" asked Michelle a little spacy.

"Almost half past eight..."

"In the morning?"

"Uhm, no... It's evening ... "

"Hmm ... And what day ...?" Michelle asked, suddenly looking very tired.

"Monday..." Chris answered hesitantly.

"Monday...? Then I'm down here for a whole week already ..." she said, and yawned, "Wait a minute... You have read the files?"

"Not all, but most of them ..." he replied, a little bewildered.
"Feels like eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, right?" She said with a wink.

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