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The story is about JESSICA SAMUEL who is a lawyer in India from Anglo-Indian community who lead her lonely life. Her lost love and its memories made her to love loneliness. The story rolls around her flourishing tomorrows.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - TO THE SUNSET

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012




It was a beautiful evening covered with moisture. The cold wind ushered my hair. I stood beneath the banyan tree and was waiting for someone. I looked to the nearby restaurant. Everyone seemed busy there. My mind is travelling to the past, roughly in March, 3 years before.

What is that noise? Shaking from the seat, I walked to the window. The fat lady living next door was shouting at her son. Most probably he would have eaten the dog feed as always. The boy was wearing a stupid looking pajama and the lady was pulling it holding him tightly...

 My eyes were running into the minds of both of them. At that second, a funny thought came to me. Last night he had offered me a packet dog feed in exchange of my perfume. He is only nine. But he has better planning of his future, unlikely to other boys of his age. He wants to be a dog trainer.

The clock moved its limbs proudly to step the 9 written hour line. It’s a misery that I am supposed to be in the office 30 minutes before. Nothing special! I had some pending works to finish.

Before sweeping the pages of the story, I want my readers to know who I am. I never tried to explain myself clearly to anyone till now. Only living in the present and moving on with the rage of fate over humanity. Oh whatever... I joined as councilor days before in a private law firm. I had several expectations about my life till then. But I never found anyone owing me a path for my exact destinations. So straight away I landed to a shore framed by my beloved fate. I am not a perfectionist rather a sadist. I know both terms differ. It’s a bit crazy, right? And I believe in the God, Creator of the universe. But I want to say something that I don’t like. Someone’s saying that “believe in your heart. Do whatever that makes you happy”.  The life is full of choices. The above said lines are very easy to be followed, because it does not tell us to lose anything. It teaches us how to live for ourselves. But we shall think of the other side. Life gets value whenever it is intended for other’s happiness. So I may suggest a little change. “Believe in your heart. Do whatever that makes others happy, in turn you will be happy.” Great prophets and philosophers preach this in some gleaming and glimmering lexis. But I quoted here in my own words. But no matter what it is. I just told!

The tea kettle was on the stove. I looked down in search of sugar pot. I wondered how the sugar pot could vanish from the ward robe. I clearly remember. It was there. Maybe that idiot has replaced it. I shouted. “Sally... where is the sugar?” no response! I repeated. “Sally..., where is the sugar pot?” then I listened a feeble voice. “Sorry jess. I was spraying the mite killer in garden.”  I turned back. There, a tall lady wearing hanging outfits stood. “Oh come on sally... where are you keeping all the sugar? And what the shit you keep inside your ears?”  She stared at me and whispered. “In the ward robe. It is there.” I looked the tea was getting over boiled and it seemed to rise up. I hurried. “Get it, you looser!”

Somehow I managed to get ready. I gave the closet keys to sally before I leave home. Her silence troubled me a little bit. I had looked in her eyes. I wonder why I felt a sea in each of them. I was stricken with remorse. While I was pursuing myself to an idea of apology she gave me my car keys and told me, “Jess, I’ll be taking my son to Alappy today. He failed in his internals.” I got startled. “What? Sally, its okay he got failed. But why are you taking him there?” she replied. “That is the lone way. You don’t know. Army is recruiting under graduate boys. They’ll make him sincere and worthy at least!” I reckoned her anxiety and grief on her son. I simply gave a nod. I asked. “Two days are enough, right?”

Sally has been living with me since my childhood. I don’t remember those days obviously. I was brought up in a boarding school in the country side as my parents were busy in family business. They employed Sally to look after me.

I started my Maruti 800. While driving my mind was again forcing me to go under that banyan tree. Let me think. How much time I had spent there? I had been carrying a handbag which gave me a feel of not being lonely. I thanked that moment at which I had took it on my way. After nearly half an hour he came. My heavenly gratitude to all the Gods I pray flowed through the air. Now he is standing nearby me. Serenity was only disturbed by the moving vehicles and pedestrians. We both didn’t talk. Suddenly I got an idea. I handed over the documents from my bag to him. He asked. “Are you tired of waiting?”  I was pretty confused. I told. “It’s okay Sidharth.”

Phoooooong.... I braked the car precipitously. Somebody abused me. I looked around. “Wow! I’m alive?” I smiled at the van driver who just passed without killing me. He was looking me through the rear glass with a sense of revulsion. Oh, He is really a superb driver. I noticed. I was covered in sweat. “Nice turn.” I wanted to appreciate that man.

The security guard saluted me at the gate. I slid down the window and asked “Joseph came?” he nodded negatively. I got relaxed. I entered my cabin.  My possessions were messed up there. I gave a shunned look at them. I started working on my pending dilemma.

I always love to be in my dilapidated office. It is nothing more than a two storied household building which has been catastrophically transformed into a legal firm with distressing fashioned stuffs. My boss is a rich but mean human who rebukes at every topic he comes through. I have caught him a couple of times snooping in my cabin. I always paid a good attention on keeping Joseph away.

Seconds passed. Hours elapsed. The day was dipped in sorrow and was shedding tears. I recalled about my lost umbrella at the mall that day. Big dotted Paris made stuff. It belonged to my father. It went away from me just like him! Tringggggg…… My personal cell phone rang.


to be continued...


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