I Am Lily

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: February 12, 2008

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Submitted: February 12, 2008




It was a much too good day to waste in school, I thought as I boarded the bus. The skies were a piercing blue, and all I’d do for the whole morning is sit in class, dulled away by the many voices of Falen Bush’s teachers.

“It’s a great day, don’t you think?” Dylan asked as I plopped down next to him.

“Exactly what I was thinking,” I replied. “There should be something better to do than school.”

He laughed. “Then you might like what I’ll suggest next.”


“Remember that beach I told you about?” he asked. “The one with the amazing sunset?”


“You want to go there now? This bus goes there.”

“Now?” I asked. “But if we want to watch the sunset, we should be going there late in the evening.”

“I know,” he said, his lips curling up into that mischievous smile of his. “But I think there’s much more to do on that beach besides watching the sunset. And besides, you just said you want something better than school.”

“So you’re saying we ditch school and go to the beach?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” he said. He impatiently shook his hair out of his eyes and waited for me to answer.

“Ok,” I said at last. “But this beach had better be good.”

He grinned. “It is. You’ll see.”

We rode the bus past both our schools, through many towns and neighborhoods, and the people slowly got off, one by one, until we were the only ones left.

As the bus pulled up onto the beach parking lot, Dylan took my hand. “C’mon, let’s go!”

The bus driver turned to face us. He looked a bit like a duck, I thought, with the long cap front bent like a duckbeak at the top of his long head. “I know what you kids are doing,” he said.

“Yeah?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah,” said the driver. He adjusted his cap. Then he lowered his voice to a whisper as though he was too afraid someone might hear. “You’re --- you’re skippin’ school.”

“That’s right,” said Dylan with a grin. “Anything else you’ve got to say?”

The bus driver scowled.

“Well then, we’ll be off,” said Dylan, heading down the bus steps. “Thanks for the ride.” Then before I could say anything, he pulled me off the bus.

The beach was completely deserted. It was a little one, but just as beautiful. No one was there, so we had it all to ourselves. The water was clear as crystal, and the white sand soft, like someone had just gone by to grind it up, nice and fresh. It was the most wonderful place I’d ever been to.

“So do you like it?” Dylan asked, walking me toward the water.

“I love it,” I said, smiling as a slight breeze took up my hair and swept it back.

“Knew you would,” he said, then started off into a run. “I’m getting to the water first!”

I ran, laughing, after him. He already had his cupped hands full of water when I reached the shore, and he splashed me, catching me full in the face. Yelling, I splashed him back, laughing when he fell back into the water.

“Ha,” I yelled, running through the water as fast as I could.

“I’m getting you!” I heard his voice coming from behind. “You can’t ever run faster than me!” And pretty soon a waterfall fell over my head, and I shut my eyes with a scream. Then I got up and splashed him as hard as I could, and he caught it full on his surprised face.

“Hey --- Lily,” he said, holding his face with one hand and shaking the other to stop my next blow. “Stop --- stop! Stop it, you just got me in the eye.”

Alarmed, I waded to him. “Sorry. You alright?” He was still holding his eye with his hand. I peered into his face and gulped. He looked pretty angry. I tried to take away his hand and examine the eye myself, but suddenly he broke into a laugh and splashed me with a wave of water until I was soaked through my uniform to the skin.

Laughing, he took off, yelling, “Can’t believe you bought that!”

I started after him, my wet hair sticking to my face.

We spent the whole day there, and unusually, not a single other person came. It was as if Dylan had reserved the entire beach for only our use.

When the sky started to grow dark we dragged ourselves out of the water, our skins soaked, our uniforms ruined, but our hearts joyful. I’d never had so much fun or laughed so much in one day, ever since I woke up in the hospital over two months ago. It felt good to laugh, to smile, to not care about anything else or pretend to be having a good time.

We ran out onto the shore and sat down in the soft sand, tired but happy. Soon the sky began to change, as if someone had done of wash of watercolor on it: first came the yellows, then the pinks blurring in here and there…and the bright color of orange swimming out into the middle of it. It was beautiful, magical, even. As if curtains of light were being hung up, one by one, and through it all the sun slowly fell, down beyond the horizon and into the shimmering sea.

I turned my head to look at Dylan. His blonde hair mixed with streaks of brown was wet and clinging to his face, and his eyes were shining with sunset reflections, the greys and the greens standing out perfectly in the light of the sun. There was a slight smile placed on his lips, as though he was lost in a sea of dreams, and in that moment, something in my heart triggered.

“Thanks for bringing me here,” I said.

“I knew I had to,” he answered, the beautiful smile never leaving his lips. “And I’ve always been looking for someone to share this with.”

I continued to stare at him like that, the sunset billowing about overhead, the sea humming silently in the distance. It was a moment I never wanted to forget.

Dylan turned his head with an amused smile. “What are you looking at?”

“Oh, nothing,” I said, facing forward. I could feel his eyes on me then, watching, like I just did to him.

“Lily,” I heard his voice say.


“I…I really like you.”

My heart froze in mid-beat. A smile was beginning to form on my face already. “I like you too.”

“Really?” he asked.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw him smile, and soon I felt a hand take mine. It was a gentle hand, unlike that of Brian. Why did I have to think of Brian right now? I hastily pushed the thought of him out of my mind.

We sat like that until it became too dark to see each other’s faces. Then we slowly got up, to head back to each of our homes where everything else and the lives we normally led were waiting for us. The perfect day and perfect moment was over, and it was time to trudge back to reality.

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