The diary of a criminal

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - I had to do it

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013




 Day 52

Bryant surprised me today when he showed me a photo of a house.

“What’s this?” I said, confused.

“My new house,” he announced, proudly “I’m moving today.”

“Today?” I cried, standing up “And you didn’t bother to tell me?”

He chuckled, nervously.

“I was here until I could get back on my own feet. And I’ve found a nice place to live now. I’ve found a job at a local hospital. I really should leave.” He replied, sadly.

I narrowed my eyes.

“Is there something I should know?” I said.

He shook his head in reply.

“Say,” he said, softly “How is Ash anyway?”


“Ash. Is she……”

I raised an eyebrow.

“She’s going to be alright, right?”

I made a face.

“Is that why you’re moving?” I asked.

He crossed his arms over his chest.

“Yeah,” he murmured. “I can’t….I can’t stand watching it.”

He took out a piece of paper from his jacket pocket.

“She gave this to me a few days ago. That’s when I decided to leave.” He explained.

My eyes scanned the paper a few times. There were only three words on that chit, yet they surprised me.

I frowned. Bryant stood up.

“I packed my bags. I’ll call when I get there,” Bryant said, not turning back to look at me. Saying that, he stood up and left.


As I sat on my bed, I read the piece of paper again. It was so simple; just three words. An urge inside me ordered me to do what those words said but I felt a slight sadness as I thought about it.

I had kidnapped the girl only so I could get power over the nuclear plant. Then I would have killed her anyway. That was my plan. But I wasn’t so sure I would be able to follow it anymore.

Maybe I should give her to Bryant on the final day, but then she’d be spotted and then questioned. I had to silence her. I had no other choice except to kill her. That way, it’d end my confusion.

I realized the more I stayed with her, the more my heart desired to keep her. I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t stop. I stood up and picked up a small knife from my drawer.

As I walked to the basement, I imagined what I would tell Bryant.

“I didn’t kill her,” I imagined myself lying to my only friend “She died. She killed herself.”

I climbed the stairs slowly.

“It’s not my fault,” I told myself “They refused to pay. I told them I would kill her if they didn’t pay. There are only eight days left. So what if I cheat? So what if I kill? That spy should have cooperated if he loved her.”

The stairs didn’t creak as I went downstairs. They had just been rebuilt a few days ago.

The girl heard my footsteps and looked up at me. She noticed the knife and gulped.

I could’ve used a gun to finish her. But I wanted to use the knife…just so it’d be messier.

I walked right up to her. She crawled back a bit.

I smiled took another step towards her. She retreated in a corner.

I sat down on the dirty ground beside her, just to scare her even more.

With no problem, I grabbed her arm and made a small cut on it.

“I saw that little message of yours,” I said, grinning “What was it again?”

By that time, the urge inside me so much that I no longer left that little sadness.

She gulped and touched the wound on her arm. Then she looked right into my eyes, confidently.

“Please kill me,” she said.

At once, I raised the knife to stab her. The girl didn’t even move.

I expected her to scream or attempt to escape, but she just sat there, waiting for her own death.

“If she wants to die,” I thought “Then kill her!”

 Killing is not a difficult task. A well-trained man can kill another man in just a few seconds. Compared to man, children and women are nothing; especially, that teenage girl. She was completely hopeless and yet I somehow couldn’t find the guts to kill her.

“Please kill me,” the girl’s voice repeated itself inside my head.

I gritted my teeth and started to bring the knife down when that sad feeling stopped me again.

I lowered the knife and took a deep breath.

“Don’t kill her” A feeling told me. I lowered my head.

From above me, the girl reached out with shaky hands and placed a hand on mine.

“Kill her!” My urge screamed.

I raised the knife again, and this time without stopping, brought it down as hard as I could.

Blood splattered all over my clothes.

The girl screamed.

“You’re a fool, Evan,” A voice told me.


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