The diary of a criminal

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Bryant comes to visit

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012




Day 2

“You never really got rid of your drinking problem, did you?” my friend, Bryant teased me.

“Huh,” I muttered and took another sip of my wine.

Bryant stood up smiling. His face showed more wrinkles as he smiled.

“I’m the one with the drinking problem,” I said “Yet you’re the one who’s growing weak, doc.”

Bryant sighed in reply.

“What can I say?” he said. He walked up to a life-size mirror attached to the wall of my living room and examined himself.  “I have been working too hard. Maybe that’s why I came over to visit you, Evan. I needed a break.”

I nodded and walked up to the mirror too. I compared my body with Bryant’s and a smile spread across my face.

My hair were still pure black while Bryant’s had turned into a dark grey color. My body was still in shape too whereas I could see that Bryant’s shoulders were starting to droop a little. I also looked more active and stronger than him.

“We’re growing old, Evan,” Bryant murmured “We’re growing old and yet we never accomplished anything in life.”

I took another sip of my wine.

“Sometimes I think I’m useless.” I replied honestly.

“I think you should start a family,” Bryant said, turning to me “When I first saw you this morning, I couldn’t believe it’s you. You’re showing signs of stress.”

“I am stressed.”

“Start a family.”

“At this age? At this reputation?”

“Oh come on, Evan. You’re starting to look sick.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, you look sicker than me.”

“At least I’m happy. I look old from the outside but you’re old from the inside!”

I didn’t reply. I pressed my lips together, walked back to the couch and sat down.

Bryant stared at me. Then he lowered his eyes.

“So,” he said changing the topic “I heard there was a bank robbery a few days ago.”

“They failed,” I said.


“I need power. This is outrageous. I am a billionaire terrorist yet I can’t do anything.”

“I also heard you killed their leader…..”

“He was useless. He actually thought that holding a hostage could get me more power.”

“Well,” Bryant scratched his head “I think he’s right.”


“Well, I don't really know anything about this terrorist thing but you could kidnap someone.”

“I tried once but…..”

“But what?”

I gulped. “You know that famous spy, Klear? He defeated me.”

Bryant chuckled “Well it just wasn’t just him. Actually, the funny thing is that there was also another-”

“I don’t care who it was! I’m just......defeated.”

Bryant sat down beside me. He placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Evan,” he whispered “You need emotional control. You’re holding back your emotions. If you had kids of your own, you’d understand what real power that spy holds. Kids can really….I dunno….change you.”

I didn’t reply. I leaned back and closed my eyes.

“Anyway,” Bryant said “You should calm down. Enjoy!”

It wasn’t long that he said that, there was a knock on the living room door.

“Come in,” I called out.

A servant, whose name I didn’t know, came in.

“Uh…sir,” she said “I have a message.”

“What message?” I replied.

“The men who tried to rob the bank for you…”


“They….would like to talk to you….”

“Tell them I’m not paying.”

“No, sir. They say they want to show you something.”


“I don’t know. They said they wanted to meet you and show you themselves.”

“I bet you they want to kill me.”

“I don’t think so, sir. They had….a bag.”

“Of drugs? Of wine? Of money?”

“I don’t know.”

“Huh. Tell them I’m with a friend. I’ll meet them tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir. Very good, sir.”

She left the room and Bryant smiled.

“They’re gonna kill you. Don’t meet them.” He said.

“Like I’m afraid,” I muttered “Let’s see what they have for me.”


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