The New Era Season 3

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This is where a whole bunch of things occur: love, hate, reconciliation, rekindling rivalry, break-ups, & surprising secrets, among other things

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The New Era Season 3

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



Chapter 1: Maury's Pain

"Uhhhhh." A boy with brown hair was lying on his bed and moaning after facing a bout of food poisoning. Though it wasn't severe, it was still painful. "Are you in severe pain son?" His mother asked. His mother was Lyra Elser, one of Ash's friends from Johto. Maury answered weakly "Not exactly." He wasn't in severe pain, but his stomach cramps were TORTURE! He couldn't remember ever feeling that bad before. "Don't worry honey." Lyra said soothingly. "I'll get you some chicken soup. That will help your stomach." Maury smiled as his mother left the room. He was lucky to have such a great mother. Her husband (Barry) may be a screwball, but he was a great father with an even greater sense of determination & pride.

5:00 PM, Palmer residence

"Do you feel better?" Barry asked with clear concern in his voice. "A bit." Maury responded. The soup had settled his stomach and he hadn't vomited recently, but he was still dealing with some nausea. "Well, if you feel better tomorrow, you stay in bed." Barry said. "I don't want you to do anything even mildly strenuous until you're at 100% again." Maury frowned. He enjoyed spending time outside and training with Ace & Gio Ketchum. Sadly, training Pokémon is mildly strenuous, so he couldn't do that even if he felt better tomorrow. He knew his dad wasn't trying to ruin his fun, he was being the concerned parent. Though he understood that, he felt like he was going to be the equivalent of a caged Pokémon at the zoo until he was fully recovered.

A/N: there's the first chapter of Season 3. In the next chapter, 2 new characters enter the picture (literally) 

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