The New Era Season 3

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - An Unexpected Night

Submitted: May 03, 2014

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Submitted: May 03, 2014



Pokéjam Club

"Nice seeing you again Big G." Ash said. Big G was a huge bouncer at the club who was friends with the Ketchums, Oaks, and Harrisons. "Nice seeing you again too Ash." He grumbled. "Tonight is Tight Suit Tuesday. So be prepared for some major "green rain" if you get my drift." He said, winking. Dawn didnt say it, but she knew that he meant money would be showered on the stage. After walking in, Ash ordered a Bud Light while Dawn got a Heineken. She figure she would need something to keep her together. "Okay guys of all ages, here are the bitches. I mean the ladies!!" The announcer said. "Tina, Buffy, Carly, Dana, J.T., and Skylar!" Ash immediately spit out his drink after the last name was called. He turned to Dawn and said "You don't think it's-" Dawn immediately cut Ash off with the comment "Dear Arceus, it is!" Ash turned and saw Skylar showing off her impressive flexibility to a group of boys who looked to be no older than 18. Did Paul know about this? He did. Even at 31, Ash couldn't believe what he was seeing.


"I need to wash my eyes out when we get home." Dawn said. Ash just continued to drive without saying a word. He was still shocked about Paul's wife being a pole dancer, and he knew about it! If ANYTHING about that got out, Paul would lose his job, Skylar would lose her job, Paul would be ridiculed, Skylar would be disgraced, and Reggie would be embarassed. Ash and Paul may be rivals, but Ash didn't want Paul to have a disastrous reputation. Same with Skylar. Sky knew about her mother's "job" as well. She kept her mouth shut though, because she was afraid of what people would say if they found out.

A/N: I would say I made up for the previous pathetic chapter. I warned you in the summary that this season would feature surprises. SURPRISE!!

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