The New Era Season 3

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Drew's Confession

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Submitted: May 04, 2014



Shinji Residence

"May. I have something really important to tell you." Drew said. May, who was reading Pokéfashion, put down the magazine and asked "What is it?" Drake, who was pretending to watch TV was also listening. "I've decided to become a priest at the Taoist Church." May was shocked, Drew was nervous, and Drake was surprised. "But Drew, I thought priests are supposed to be single." May said, her voice cracking. Drew had completely forgotten about that. 16 years they had been together, and now it might end because of a common lapse in judgement by Drew. He didn't know what to say. He did know he was a complete idiot though. At that moment, Max walked in with an announcement. "The Pokémon Trainer playing cards are finally out! Drew is on one of them." The card was the Jack (???? think about it). Drew took all 4 Jacks and tore them in half. "Good thing I bought an extra pack and left that one at home." Max said. Drake just walked upstairs without saying a word. He flopped onto his bed, then started to sob.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Drew was waiting for May's next reaction to the news. "Why?" She asked. "Why did you do something so stupid?" Drew twiddled his thumbs and mumbled "It pays good money." May just frowned and banged her fists on the table. "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HOW MUCH IT PAYS!" She yelled angrily. "You will have to leave me and my son! Do you have any idea how stressful and emotionally taxing that will be for me & him?! Well?! Do you?!?!" Drew hung his head in shame. He was so ashamed, he didn't speak or move. Instead, his shoulders started to shake and his eyes started to tear up. May immediately lost her hostility. In all her years of knowing Drew, she had never seen him look so...vulnerable. She decided to apologize. "Drew, I'm sorry for losing my temper." She said softly. "You know, I didn't accept that job yet. I still have my current one." Drew replied. Now that he knew how much May & Drake would be affected by him leaving, he decide to turn down the offer and keep his current job, so he could stay with his wife & son.

A/N: Phew! Remember when I said Carl had an idea that could cheer Ace up? You'll find out what it is in the next chapter!

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