The New Era Season 3

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Carl's Idea

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



Vermillion City

"So Carl, what are we going to exactly?" Ace asked. Carl told Ace they would go to where he can battle to his heart's content. With a catch. "It's the Vermillion Pro-Am Beach Bash." Carl responded. Ace immediately froze. If this was going to go the way he thought it would, the paparazzi would have plenty of ammo to chop down his reputation. That would hurt a lot since he gathered a huge following after finishing in the Top 4 of his first league. "Carl, I have to know. Will every participant be battling in their swimsuit?" He asked. Carl simply answered "Yeah. I don't see a problem with that." I've wanted to see it with my own eyes ever since I turned 10." Ace understood Carl's excitement with seeing it, but he didn't want to participate. He was afraid that if he faced a hot girl, he would focus more on her body than the battle. He didn't want his Top 4 finish to seem like a fluke. If he did focus more on the girl, that could very well be the outcome.

Pallet Town, Oak residence 

"Another day, another shock." Candice said. Ash had called Gary to tell him about Skylar's "job." Instead, he had to tell Candice. Although Candice did overreact to things when she was younger, she had gotten much better at taking things in stride. Still, the news about Skylar sickened her. Gary was just as sickened when she told him. They couldn't believe that the wife of one of their friends would "put herself out there." It just didnt seem like the kind of thing Paul would like or approve of. Greg still didnt know (thank goodness), but Erica did and she promised her parents that she wouldn't tell Greg unless she needed to or he asked. She knew him asking wouldn't happen. Her being unable to keep it under wraps was questionable. She never was good at keeping secrets, especially one as...crazy as this one. She was going to try her best, but it wouldn't be easy.

A/N: My brain is almost fried. Anyway, Chapter 20 is the finale of this series. So enjoy the final chapters. Will Ace compete? Will Greg find out about Skylar? Will Erica spill the beans? Find out, as the final season of The New Era continues! 

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