The New Era Season 3

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In this chapter, Ace gives his decision on competing in the Pro-Am

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Ace's Choice

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



"I'm not doing it Carl." Ace said. "Why?! It's a great opprotunity! You'll get to battle." Carl replied. Ace didn't say it, but his honest opinion was if he had a choice between that and facing John Cena, he would face Cena. He didn't want to spend time battling in swimming trunks. He saw that as simply being 100% impractical. He had a reputation to keep, and battling on a beach in nothing but trunks wouldn't help him with that. He knew Carl was trying to help him out, but he honestly thought that his idea couldn't be any suckier. He's a proud trainer who wants respect. Carl's idea would only succeed at bringing down his respect. Although, in retrospect, Greg Oak didn't always have the best ideas either. He figured he would just have to find another way to sate his desire for battling.

Petalburg City

"So, you're saying that our cousin may visit?" May was talking to her brother Max on the phone, and was just told that their extremely successful cousin, April was likely going to visit. May, Max, & April got along okay, but looking at their accomplishments from a Spongebob perspective had May & Max as Squidward and April as Squilum Fancyson, Squidward's rival. She accomplished so much, while the best accomplishment by May was winning 1 out of the 6 Grand Festivals she competed in, and Max's only noteworthy accomplishment was finishing in the Top 8 of the Hoenn League. It seems like Ace, May, & Max all had a problem, and none of them had a firm plan on how to solve their respective issues. 

A/N: Too bad for them. Well, life isn't fair. Let's just hope things get better for them. I know this chapter was pretty short, but that's because, like I said, my creativity is starting to dry up. I'll keep soldiering on however. I need to do Chapters 16-20 to finish this fanfic!

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