The New Era Season 3

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - The Finale

Submitted: May 07, 2014

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Submitted: May 07, 2014



Pallet Town

"Give it to me like we're 18 again!" Dawn yelled. "Ask and you shall receive my love!" Ash responded

"Don't stop until I beg for mercy babe." Gary said. "I won't stop no matter how much you beg." Candice replied

"Tell me Delia. Do you prefer the Arbok or the Lillipup?" Wallace asked. Delia responded "The Arbok!!"

Straiton City

"It's great to be together again Cilan." Lauren said. Cilan smiled and replied "I agree. I can't remember being this thrilled before 7 PM before! It's all because of you and your idea of playing with the men." Lauren just grinned and said "I hope you're ready for Level 3. If you're not, it's game over." Cilan responded "Bring it."

Petalburg City

"3 deaths, an odd Rotom, and an argument about your body. It's impossible to escape the madness." May thought. "But," she thought, looking at Drew, "I wouldn't want to face the madness with anyone else if I had the opprotunity to."

Cerulean City

"MC, next time you lend someone a gun, warn us okay?" Daisy pleaded????. "I promise I will, Miss Waterflower." He vowed while bowing.

Lumiose City

"I don't know if you're responsible enough Bonnie." Clemont teased. Bonnie scowled. "I'm an adult now, Mr. Hotshot." Clemont relented "Okay then. I pronounce you the co-leader of Lumiose City Gym!"????

Pewter City

"Slate and Bouldore are great sons aren't they Brock?" Brock was silent for a second (for no reason.) Then he said "You bet. Want to have Hiller too?" "Bang me you animal!" Lucy yelled. "As you wish." Brock bellowed. "Holy shit." Bouldore thought. "Why did Brock have to yell?" Slate wondered. "Damn you to straight hell Brock!" A guy who heard his exclamation outside yelled.

A/N: wow???? well, I have a special treat. I'm sure there are multiple things in this and other fanfics that you just don't get. Well don't worry. I'm going to do side stories to explain them. Keep an eye out for the first one!

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