The Blood Of The Slayer's Daughter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



I looked up from the enevolpe at Daniel, his eyebrows were merged together in thought. He inclind his head in a way that suggested i should say something to break the silence. I relpied with a look that told him I just couldn't say anything right now. Understanding, he nodded and looked to my Grandfather.

\"Wait until the morning, get some rest. You'll need your strength if you are to make it to Dracula's region.\" Grandfather's voice was far away, like he a here physically but in his mind he was far away. Staring into the fire Grandfather stood, \"I'm off to bed, leave a note before you leave in the morning and feel free to take the horses.\" Granfather made his way over to the stairs and up them slowly.

\"I think it would be a good idea for me to stay the night.\" There was a small but nagging silence. When didn't reply Daniel continued by saying, \"Incase anyone else makes as rude an entry as I did... but with worse intentions.\"

I gave a weak smile at him then went to kneel by the fire. \"Your perfectly welcome to stay. I'll be staying down here for the night anyway.\" I stoked the fire gently with the long fire stoker that sat on the floor infront of the fire place.

\"Then I'll keep you company,\" Daniel had clearly ignored my hint that he could use my room for the night.

I sighed, \"Would you like some supper?\"

\"If you made it, I don't have the pallet nor the stomach for your Mother's cooking.\" And with that sentence Daniel was my favourite person in that instant because for the first time since I got that strange feeling of aloneness (realising my Father had been captured), I laughed. It was a small, natural sound. I wanted to hug him, so much that I couldn't bare it. I placed the stoker quickly back on the stone floor and leapt towards him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hid my face in the base of his throat. Daniel reacted by wrapping his arms tightly around my waist and resting the side of his face on the top of my head.

I was happy; safe and happy

A single tear ran down my face slowly. It was both a happy and a sad tear. I felt awful for feeling happy but glad that I was happy.

Daniel leaned back into the old leather chair. He turned to look at me and wiped the tear from my face and smiled softly at me. \"I'm just glad you're safe. Promise me something?\" He sighed deeply.

I nodded, playing with the cuff of his coat.

\"When we come back, I'm going to ask your Father for your hand. Will you accept? Please?\" I could here the hopeful smile in his voice as I stared at his hand.

I smiled mischievously. \"Hmm, maybe.\" I looked up at him to see his eyes remain soft, knowing I'm just toying with him.

\"That was very heavy blow to my self-confidence; I just asked you to marry me and you say 'maybe'.\" He stroked my cheek bone and jaw with his thumb gently.

\"Surely maybe is better than no? I'll consider it in my spare time when and if I have any,\" I teased, getting up from his lap to walk towards the kitchen. \"Would you bread with your stew?\"

\"Yes, please.\" Daniel sat up and narrowed his bright blue eyes at me.

The kitchen was small but not cramped. The large old stove and the oak cabinets dominated one wall and the sink sat next to the door that lead to the living room that was also a library where Daniel sat; at the other end was the door to the pantry. The smell of cooked beef, bread and onion filled the room from my cooking previously that day. The stone floor was fairly clean, I liked the stone floors, they were easily kept clean and couldn't really be stained beyond restoration like a carpet.

I placed a pot on the top cooker and turned it on then went to retrieve the very large pot of stew and a loaf of bread from the pantry. I poured some of the beef and onion stew into the smaller pot I had placed on the hob of the cooker. I then placed the lid on the pot and waited for it to bubble.

When I was setting a couple of bowls on the work top, Daniel appeared at the doorway, leaning casually against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. I pushed myself up onto the work top and gazed put of the window appove the sink at the dark grey sky. The clouds rolled with the storm, the thunder roared, followed by a fork of bright lightening piercing the horizon.

I glanced over to Daniel and looked him up and down. My eyes paused at his black leather boots. They were dirty, they were always dirty, he never cleaned them, ever. \"Have you considered ever atleast giving your boots a wipe down?\"

\"I'll consider it in my spare time, when and if I have any.\" Daniel gave a side smile at me. He came towards me and removed his hat and placed it on the counter. He rested his hands on the work top at either sides of me. My face was level with his, he stroked my face and my hair. Daniel crossed his eyebrows, like he was thinking about something very hard, then relaxed and moved his face towards mine.

When his lips were less than three inches from mine I lifted my hand and pressed two of my fingers to his lips. \"The stews ready,\" I teased with a small smile on my face.

Daniel took my hand from his face gently and played with my fingers. \"I think that I'm becoming a masochistic.\" I gave him a confused look. Daniel kissed my wrist lightly, I felt like sparks were flying up my arm to heart. \"I love it when tell me no and tease me, pushing away and I come back stronger. Keeping me guessing, your like an impossible challenge for me.\"

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