Chapter 2: Chapter one

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 151

Past…December 10th 2009 -

Everything was out of order. Nothing was where it should have been. Garden Gnomes had been reported as stolen during the night. Was it merely a coincidence that all the Garden Gnomes on Silent street were slowly disappearing, house by house, or was it some sick diabolic plan? Whatever it was, the people of Silent street were all running around, causing mayhem to erupt.

The policemen had been busy in the station, answering frantic calls from Silent street citizens. Never had such a fear struck Silent street. Before true disasters began to occur, the only troubles the policemen had were misbehaving teenagers, who liked to egg houses.

“Help me!” came a hysterical voice from the other side of the telephone, “Please somebody!”

“Ma’am, state your problem.” the police captain said in a calm voice, hoping to ease the person on the other side of the call.

The lady took a deep breath, before speaking again. “I heard something moving downstairs…” she said in a hushed but scared whisper.

The captain jotted down notes, while asking some more questions. “What’s your street address, ma’am?”

“I live on…Silent street…the-the third house down from the old oak tree.” she answered, frantically.

“Alright.” the captain said, “Ma’am, are you listening to me?”

“Yes…” she replied in a whisper.

“Okay…I want you to do as I say.” he said, “Stay right where you are…I’m going to send three of my best men down there…ring if you fear you are in any more danger. Understand?”

The lady sniffled, responding, “Yes.”

“Alright. Take care.” the captain said before hanging up. He stood up from his desk and walked towards the other policemen, who were all sitting around a table, talking about the mysterious events occurring around the city.

“No kidding.” whispered one of the men sitting around the table. The others around the table nodded.

The captain loudly placed down the paper work on the table, catching the attention of the rest of the officers. When the policemen realized that their captain was there in their presence, they all sat up straighter.

“I have a job for three of you.” the captain informed them, while taking the empty seat for himself. “This is 613 down in…” he paused reading his notes, “Silent street.” The men gasped at the name.

“Silent street?” one of them whispered. The captain nodded. “Isn’t that place…haunted?”

“Haunted?” the captain replied, looking at the talking man.

The man nodded slowly. “I’ve heard things go there, and never come back.”

“Plus, things disappear there, yet reappear in the morning…but the wacky thing is…those things reappear in the wrong place!” another one added.

The captain looked at these two men like they had grown a second head, before shaking his own head. He rubbed his temple, before saying “Ghost story put aside…do I have any volunteers for this mission…or will I have to pick again?”

There was silence. No one wanted to be the one to go to Silent street. No one wanted to be the one that didn’t come back.

The captain sighed. “I guess I am picking again.” He stood up. “Alright, men. Line up from the least rank to greatest rank.”

Following orders, all the men lined up against the wall. One of the policemen raised his hand in question.

“Yes, officer Joe?” asked the captain.

“I was wondering…how lining us up will help you pick the three for this mission.” he replied.

The captain shrugged, answering “It doesn’t. It just helps make things more organized.” He paused. “Okay. This is how this is going to work, I am going to call out a quality or event, and if it involves you, I want you to sit down. The last three standing will be the men that go on this mission.” He looked around to see if any of the men were confused, “Ready?”

“Yes, sir!” they said in a unison shout.

“Alright.” the captain said, pausing in thought. “Sit, if you have any medical problem, such as asthma.”

At that, four of the men sat down on the floor.

“Sit, if you have duties to attend right after your working hour.” the captain said.

Six of the policemen took a seat down on the floor which they had stood on. Only four men were left standing.

“Hm” the captain said in thought. “I can’t do what we do previous to decide…So I want…Officers Pablo, Wes, and Angelo on this mission.”

Pablo pointed at himself. “Me?” he asked, “But, why me? Why not Earl?” he paused, “I mean, he has the highest rank out of all of us.”

The captain shook his head. “I know what I am doing, Pablo” he responded, “Besides, I need Earl for a bigger job.”

“You do?” Earl asked.

The captain nodded. “Congratulations, Earl.” he said with a smile, “You have been ranked up from police officer to detective.”

Earl smiled. “That’s great news!” he exclaimed, “Wait until Mrs. Collin hears about this one.”

The captain nodded before turning towards the three selected policemen. “Now, I want you three to go to this address…and pronto!”

On that command, the three selected policemen hurried out the doors of the station and into the silent night without another word.

Submitted: November 23, 2010

© Copyright 2021 ashbee. All rights reserved.


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