Chapter 6: Chapter 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 170

Future - about 3 years later - October 29, 2013

In a box, in the corner, rested a pile of video tapes. Very few of these tapes had a label engraved on them. Actually, only one of the video tapes had any type of label on it. The rest of them were a plain, solid black color. The one with the label stood out the most from the others. That is why, the boy who came by the corner, noticed it first out of the others that were there.

The boy crouched down in front of the box. He studied its contents before slowly extending his hands, and closing his fingers on a certain tape. He grinned as he pulled the tape out of the box, as if he had just gotten the best thing in the world that no one else has ever seen. While the term best could not quite describe what images the tape contained, it was certainly an object that no human had dared to touch. He jumped up from his current position, and swiftly turned to make his way to the entertainment room.

After minutes of searching for a device to play the tape and coming up with nothing, he went to his father(officer Wes), a man who had probably seen more in his young days, for help.

“Father?” asked the boy.

The older man glanced up from his book, “Yes, Ron?” he asked.

Holding up the tape, Ron said “Can I watch this?”

Eyes on the book, and not on the tape, the man whispered “Yeah, yeah. Sure, Ron.”

“But father…where do I play a…video tape?” asked Ron, using the term video tape for the first time in his short life.

Still not looking forward, the father answered “In my room, I have a VCR. Pop that tape in there, press play, and then you’re good to go.”

“Alright. Thanks father.” responded Ron, walking off. Before he had disappeared completely, he said “Oh, I just know this movie On that Silent Night is going to be the best one I’ve seen so far!”

“That’s nice…” whispered the father, the name of the tape taking a while to sink in. When the words clicked in his mind, he looked up, but saw that his son was gone with that tape. “How did he even manage to get his hands on that tape, it was locked up, so it would never be seen again…” he paused, the idea of what coming to him, “Oh, no.” he whispered sadly, for the curse of that one awful silent night was back.

In the room, door shut with a lock, Ron popped in the mysterious tape. Doing as his father had instructed, he pressed play. He slowly backed away from the screen, before taking a seat upon the bed. He smiled, in excitement for the next thing to come. To his surprise, this film did not begin with previews, like all the other films that he had witnessed. It went straight to the movie, or at least what he thought was a movie.

There on the screen, was an image of two men, one young and the other quite old. As things are said, the name Pablo is heard being addressed to the young lad, but the old man does not have a name addressed to him so far. Ron watches intensely as the scene progressed. He grabbed at a pillow to cover his eyes, as Pablo became limp, and fell down on the floor besides the old man’s feet. Braving up a little bit, Ron dares to open his eyes. Now the old man is alone outside, and the young man is no where to be seen. The focus in the film, zooms in on the old man, who stood there in front of the house, waiting for something.

In the room where Ron is watching the tape, a knock is heard on the door. Giving a mere glance to the door, and the screen, Ron paused it.

“Ron, are you in there?” called Wes, his father.

He didn’t know why he did what he did next, and he’d probably never know. He stayed quiet, willing his father to keep going, so he could see his film in peace.

Wes sighed, walking off. “I could have sworn that I heard voices…” he shook his head, his footsteps and voice fading.

Ron looked back at the screen, and smirked. He pressed play, and paid close attention to the next scenes.

The old man was talking, but there was nothing in front of him. A loud sound then comes from the speakers, the first loud sound in the film, “Whoa! What’s that!?”. Running is heard, and the video camera wobbles before resettling. Due to the closeness of the video camera, the voice from the old man is heard with more clarity, but in the background of his voice, there is a darker, more malevolent voice.

“This movie is so weird, but awesome.” whispered Ron to himself.

As if out of no where, a dark black shadow grew on the floor, before reaching the old man. The old man didn’t seem faze by the darkness that was beginning to consume him. He didn’t even flinch as the musical sound from the wind chimes echoed, and the wind blew strongly. He didn’t flinch. Then, almost as if the sun had been fighting a battle with the darkness, the sun appeared, the dark shadow disappearing. However, along with the disappearance of the shadow, the old man was no where to be seen.

Assuming that was the end, Ron moved to go paused the tape, but before he was even able to stand up, another scene began.

This new scene contained an image of children playing, dogs barking, grownups talking, and neighbors being neighborly. This scene was calm, seemingly safe, and most definitely different that the previous scenes.

Ron sighed, getting bored, before his eyes widened at the next part of the scene. “Whoa!” he exclaimed, watching a house being burnt down, along with the people there. He sat back in the bed, now interested.

That was how it went on; one by one, houses were put a flame, and people were killed. All of the burning and killing were done in silence. Even the after affects of the crime were silent. There were no screams of terror and pain. Just silence. Never once did the person who began the fire showed up in the screen. It was almost as if a disturbing curse of silence had been placed upon these houses, and slowly the silence itself was killing everyone in reach. As the last house in the scene was burnt down, the scene faded to black, before a creature appeared there.

The screen was all black, all for the red, creepy creature that was in the middle of the scene. The creature glared in the direction of where Ron was at. Ron smiled, assuming that it wasn’t really looking at him, he was just ironically sitting where the creature was to look. Although, when the creature started to talk, Ron’s theory wouldn’t be able to cover up the truth of what was to come next.

The creature pointed, right at Ron. “You?”

“Me?” whispered Ron.

The creature nodded, before speaking again. “Ron….”

Ron’s eyes widened. Surely he had heard wrong. He grabbed the remote, and attempted to rewind it, but nothing happened. He then attempted to stop the film all together, but no matter the times he pressed stop, nothing happened.

“Yeah?” he replied back, his voice cracking in fear.

The creature smirked, sniffing out Ron’s fear. “Your silent night begins tonight.”

“What?” questioned Ron, confused.

The creature held in his hands, the previous scenes. “This” he said, “is your destiny now.”

“What does that even mean?” Ron said in a whisper.

“On that night, this year…the things that happened in the beginning will happen in a similar way to you, and once that happens…you will work for me!” exclaimed the creature.

“Work for you?” asked Ron.

The creature nodded, before adding “The burning of these houses will be your job. The killing of these innocent people will be your job.”

“What” he exclaimed, “I won’t do it!”

Looking at him, the creature snapped, “You have no choice.”

“Yes, I do. The bill of rights says I have one.” responded Ron.

The creature crackled. “Oh, my boy. That little paper won’t help you here.”

“Want to bet?” asked Ron.

The creature frowned. “Now boy, calm down. You will do it. No paper will keep you from doing this task. The man before you was able to do it, after much protesting of course. You will do it.” he ordered, before the screen went blank.

The only sound in the room was the noise of the signal being lost, and it becoming fuzzy. Everything else in the room was silent. Very silent. A cry from the boy cut through the thick silence. His hands held his head as he sobbed in defeat.

“I won’t do it.” he mumbled, curling up on the bed. He closed his eyes, and before drifting asleep, he said one more time, “I won’t do it!”

However, at the moment that his eyes shut, a eerie voice said “You will.”

Submitted: December 08, 2010

© Copyright 2021 ashbee. All rights reserved.


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