Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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My head was swarmed with thoughts of the Earth and my wife. I was tossing and turning so much that I was getting what seemed to be friction burns from the coarse blankets. Despite all of my problems, I was thinking more about Mona’s family. How could she be supporting me when she had these issues herself; she actually had to watch her husband fall to his death. I was constantly finding myself asking about her children but couldn’t bring it to my lips. How can you ask about something that delicate?

The whole night passed and I slept less than an hour in total. My head was in bits, and I felt as though my heart should be. It wasn’t though, not in the way it should be. I knew I had lost my wife, and I knew that should have broken my heart, but again the answer was that it hadn’t. I found myself feeling so empty that I wasn’t even that bothered about my kids. Is that bad?


I could see a little bit of light shining through a little window at the top of the room. The light narrowed as it got closer to the shiny tiled floor. It was definitely morning but Mona hadn’t arrived yet. I found myself worrying about her more than I was my children. She was beautiful from top to bottom. Her hair was an orangey colour with a slight curl at the ends. Blue eyes that could instantly end any thought in its tracks. This is wrong; I should not be thinking like this. I feel guilty as though I’m cheating on Lisa even though she’s dead. This thought sobered me slightly. My wife was dead and I had moved on instantly. That’s just sick right. I’m a mess inside but I can’t seem to collate this to the outside.


It hit me that I had no idea how long I had been in this room without leaving or even going near the door. I started to pull myself to my feet and realise my new goal of seeing a new environment. I found it hard at first, but walking became easy once I had re-programmed my legs. The ship seemed to be shaking unusually and I could hear quite a bit of shouting coming from a room a few doors down. I began to panic slightly, what with this being my first time on a space craft. I slowly crept toward the door and found that it was left open slightly. I had no idea why I was creeping around and I even pushed the door closed slowly to make sure that sound was minimal.


I could see that the door I was seeking was slightly open also. It was a big metal door with a golden handle. There were engravings above the door on a plaque. The engravings were a dedication “to those who lost their lives in the incident”. This stopped me in my tracks. “The incident” This was to me a joke. It was no incident what they did to the Earth. I know exactly what they did. I won’t let them pull the wool over my eyes… Just as this thought crossed my mind the whole ship darkened. Red lights were flashing and there was some sort of alarm going off. Was the ship under attack? Was there a fire? I was definitely out of my element, and there was no sign of Mona anywhere.


I ran into the room through the big metal doors and found myself witnessing escape shuttles setting off on the far side of the room. The bastards are going to leave me here to die. I can’t believe that anyone would do that; actually yes I could. After seeing everything I saw on Earth toward the end, I would never question the ability of man to do evil. Before I could even bring myself to shout at the escapees, I found myself running toward them with my arms and legs flailing behind me. I looked behind me to see if anyone else was in the same position as me, but there was no one. It was only me being left behind; perhaps I had no value to them. Just as this thought crossed my mind I hit something, or someone. My face went crashing to the steel flooring as my body followed the course… then darkness.


When I awoke, the sirens were gone, and the lighting was back to normal. I scanned the room through blurry eyes to see any signs of people. There were none… in fact this wasn’t even the same room I had fallen in. Where was I? Someone must have taken pity on me and carried me to a shuttle. Thank God! I looked around once more to see if there was anyone… still no one there. I couldn’t possibly be alone surely. Someone must be in here with me. I felt as lonely as I ever had, and this was the worst feeling I’d had since the collapse. I found myself missing Mona, even though I was fairly sure she had abandoned me on the ship.


I thought about making a move toward a nearby door, but remembered the consequences of that thought on the other ship. So instead, I sat firm on the bed I was positioned on. I still felt groggy, and was asking twice as many questions than before. Part of me was thinking I had actually died in the collapse and this was some kind of strange afterlife where it keeps resetting. That’s when the shock really kicked in, when Mona walked through the door and smiled at me as though nothing had happened.


“Excuse me Mona, would you like to explain what the fuck just happened?” I asked in a slightly more conserved tone than would be expected.


“I didn’t wish to alarm you if you had forgotten.” was her reply.


She didn’t wish to ‘alarm me’. I was fucking left alone in a room while every other fucker escaped. My apologies for the language, but you can see my frustration.


“Mona, there really is no need to show so much care toward my feelings, I can cope with the truth.” This was accompanied by a faked smile, and a reassuring look featured from my eyes. I could tell she didn’t believe this.


“The ship was under attack.”


“Yes Mona, I can tell that much for myself. I need to know the details.” By this I meant, tell me why I was fucking left there.


“Okay, I was getting you some food when I had heard a lot of shouting coming from the conference room. I went to see what was going on, and snuck into the room. The arguing was coming from a lot of the Elites about who would be sharing the escape pods.”


It was at this point that I asked myself who the ‘Elites’ were. She carried on.


“They had just been in conference with their boss. He was telling them that they were to remove themselves from the ship, leave everyone else on there and watch as the ship was destroyed. I heard him describe the rest of us as ‘dead weight’.”


I could tell this wasn’t a lie, as Mona let a solitary tear drop as she said that last bit. I watched as she tried desperately to fight back the rest of the tears. I approached my next question carefully.


“So where are we now Mona?” This was a question met by horror.

“You have the cheek to accuse me?” She questioned violently. “After everything I have done for you!”


I had no idea how to react to this and for that reason… I didn’t react. I merely put my arms around her shoulders and tightened my grip until she let the tears out and sobbed onto my shoulder. The pressure was building up and she was ready to blow. I could see her features changing as every word left her mouth.


“I wasn’t accusing you of anything. I just wanted to understand what has happened.” I trailed off with this as she started to sit up.


“I know. I’m sorry I snapped. When the alarms went off, I panicked. I knew you were in that room alone and knew I couldn’t leave you there. I began to run across the conference room in hope of reaching you in time. Someone shouted my name and I turned to look for my caller. It was then I ran into someone.”


My face dropped as I realised the thing that had knocked me flying to the ground was the woman I was staring at. I’m unsure of whether she knows it or not but she is unable to make eye contact.


“Did you know that you were going to knock me over?” I asked hesitantly, remembering her outburst before. Her response came a lot quieter than she usually speaks.


“I knew that you were the person I had run into. That’s how I got you into the escape shuttle.”


I was sat wondering why she would have to knock me out to convince me to get off of a death ship. I’m not normally the kind of guy who needs persuading to get into an escape shuttle… not that I have had to do that before. She began to cry again and started to mumble ‘sorry’ over and over again. I decided, I can either hate her or I can forget about it, because she didn’t kill me at the end of the day.


“I don’t need your apologies Mona. The worst thing you did was not give me any painkillers for this headache you caused.” I ended this with a chuckle; not an ordinary chuckle mind you, a nervous chuckle. She just watched as I sat there twiddling my thumbs like a shy, pre-pubescent teen. She took hold of my face and kissed me once again. The feeling I got was one I hadn’t experienced in years. After this she left just as she did before and I was left with a taste of what I wanted, but no questions answered yet again.  

Submitted: May 13, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Ashley I Read. All rights reserved.


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M K Brown

I am just as frustrated as he is about the lack of answers lol. This was really good, great tension and confusion throughout but my god, when are you going to give at least some answers as to what is going on? I'd be careful about keeping the reader confused for too long as they might get bored.

Well written, it could do with a tweek here and there but nothing major. The structure needs a little work, mostly at the places where you've joined direct speech and narrative in to the same paragraph.

Other than that, loved it. Looking forward to more

Mon, May 13th, 2013 2:20pm


Ahh the answers are coming. Its a grueling journey he is about to take to find the answers to his own hidden past. Thanks fornyour comment

Mon, May 13th, 2013 7:23am


When I read this chapter, I felt a sense of confusion from your characters which is cool. It makes the whole thing more exciting when something bad is happening - like the Elites escaping on the shuttles and your main character getting knocked out lol.

This was great, I'm looking forward to reading more =)

Tue, May 14th, 2013 8:53am


This chapter is the final info chapter. From the next chapter, ollie is going to find the answers, but at a cost.
Thanks for reading

Tue, May 14th, 2013 2:07am

Daisy Ink

I really like how you wrote the internal struggle he faced over wether or not to move on to be with Mona or to remain loyal to his wife. In my opinion, he should wait, I mean, how can he move on to someone else so quickly.

As for the ship being under attack, that was kind of freaky. It makes me wonder what's going to happen next and how he possibly going to adapt to this new life. KMU :):)

Thu, May 16th, 2013 7:03am


Yeah it's all going to become apparant why he has these mixed emotions in the next chapter..
Thanks for taking the time to read :)

Wed, May 22nd, 2013 5:13am


Keep writing, this is good. I'm a little confused, but I'm sure my queries will be answered in latter chapters.

Thu, May 23rd, 2013 4:52am

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