Chapter 5:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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*Four years earlier*


“Lisa, do you need anything from the store? I’m going to get some smokes.” I waited for a response for ages, then out of nowhere she snapped,


“I told you to quit those things Ollie. You promised if I moved in with you, you’d quit.”

“I know Lisa, I know. Okay I’m not gonna go, but you need to keep me distracted.”


I had moved in with Lisa a couple of days ago… well she had moved into my home. I have been with her for two years now and I’m thinking about asking her to marry me. I don’t know why I feel the need to write all of this down in this old journal. My mother always taught me to write every memory so that one day my journal will be found and used in history. I always told her that it was ridiculous as nothing is going to happen to me worth reading.


Lisa was in the kitchen cooking us a romantic dinner while I set the table. I had brought some really nice flowers and these really posh candle holders. I wanted this to be perfect as it was our first proper meal together in our new home. I waited an hour or so before Lisa emerged from the kitchen with two plates. She carefully placed them on the table and gasped at how intimate the scene was.


“I love you” she whispered across the table with the gooiest smile on her face. I’d never seen someone so beautiful with just their simple expressions. I was thinking like this for a good minute or so before I realised she was waiting,


“I love you too!” It came out snapped and panicked. She looked a little perplexed by my behaviour, but she moved on swiftly. It was at this point I looked down at the table and noticed my plate. I asked,


“Lisa. What took so long about this? It’s just beans on toast.” Her reply made me fall in love even more,


“I burnt the first dinner so I thought a romantic snack would be great.” She went on to say something else,


“Ollie, I really need to speak to you about something. I know we have only just gotten serious and everything but…” I interrupted by dropping down to my knee,


“Lisa, will you marry me?” I produced a ring of course.


“YES! This makes what I was going to say much easier. Ollie, I am pregnant.”


My face didn’t know what to do. I had never been so happy before in my life. I have just gained a family in approximately forty seconds.



Well, it has been almost a year since I last wrote in this journal. My mum would kill me if she knew. I’m 22 years old and still worried what my mum would do to me if I disobey her.  Well I guess there is a lot to catch up on. I married Lisa three months ago and a couple of weeks later she gave birth to our beautiful little twins.


Things were changing in the world though. There was this scientist called Pavel Pogren who was from Eastern Europe somewhere. He has been saying that he has a cure for cancer. He has been developing it and it has to be transmitted through the air. It was just yesterday that he released them into the world. It was quite fun to watch from the house. All these little missile type things that whiz up into the air and explode like a firework leaving this cure to rain down on anyone who wanted it. Of course the streets were packed full of cancer patients hoping that this man truly was a genius.


The cure was a success and people were filling the hospitals trying to find out if they had been cleared of their horrible fate. Pavel Pogren would go down in history as a man who changed the world.


Six months since I have written in this diary. Things have been hectic with the twins and stuff. I’m writing in this in such a calm demeanour as things outside have gone to hell. As I write this, there is a disgusting noise of rotting heads smashing against our front door. I haven’t even mentioned this yet! I feel ridiculous writing this down. The cure worked, but it only worked because it killed the cancerous cells. It also killed the brain cells, which allowed parasites to take over. These things are now called patient zeros. To regular joes like me and you, zombies.


Lisa spends most of her time out of the house, but never tells me where she is going. I’m scared that she is cheating on me, but I don’t want our family to be destroyed. What do I do? I saw her getting into a car the other day. I recognise the car, but I’m unsure and I’m probably just being paranoid.


The infected are getting worse. They are hungry for flesh and no one can explain it. There is no going back and this is the world we live in. It is now perfectly normal to carry a gun with you just in case one of them attacks. It hasn’t affected the day to day running of things; everything is pretty much normal. There are reports saying that the infected numbers are rising and within a year we will be looking at an apocalypse. But that’s just all talk right.


The newspaper says that governing bodies from around the world are looking at the concept of starting anew on another planet and destroying this planet. That can’t be true right?

Submitted: June 26, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Ashley I Read. All rights reserved.


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Oh my sooo a cure for cancer created zombies and the goverment know this is going to cause an apocolapse and want to destroy (and have) the planet and start over. Woooooooow what a fricking awesome storyline - I love it!
This was a great chapter well done!! Remember to kmu!!!

Wed, June 26th, 2013 8:13pm


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and glad you are enjoying it. The storyline is abit all over the place at the moment, but I'm trying to tie it in nicely in the end.

Fri, July 5th, 2013 11:12am

Daisy Ink

Wow, I love the flash back int othe past. His journal entries just gave me this deep insight to what was happening on the planet. I can't even believe that the scientist's attempt to help humanity actaully harmed it. I really love this story so please KMU :):)

Mon, July 1st, 2013 4:14am


Yeah, and they harmed alot more than they know. Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it :)

Fri, July 5th, 2013 11:10am

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