The Mad Man's Woods

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



The hatch was opened and nothing seemed to come at them. Jack put his hands out to boost Mike up so there was no struggle in the climb. Mike seemingly leapt into the cabin above rolling into cover like a scene in a James Bond film. He peered around the cabin and was shocked with what his eyes saw. It was nothing like the other cabins; well for one it didn’t seem to be a cabin. He looked round once more scanning the surroundings.

“Jack, you better come up here and see this” he informed as he hoisted Jack into the room.

“What the fuck is this place?” Jack was confused and somehow disgusted. It was a normal room, all decorated with yellow wallpaper and luxury red carpet.

They looked onto the mantelpiece to see if there were any clues; there was nothing there. There was only one exit from this room, and it was a dark wooden door. It had a golden handle that had tints of red; red from the blood brought through here. It was such a normal room; how could it be linked into all of this. Jack approached the door and placed his sleeve covered hand on the handle to twist it. Pulling it open crack by crack to see if any danger was imminent. There was none in sight. Both men left the room they were in and ventured to a corridor.

They were in a long dark corridor which was starting to look and smell like the cabins had done. They knew they were in the right place, but couldn’t understand what this was. It was of course the house of whoever was behind all of this. Mike was creeping through the house as though he was an intruder in someone innocents house. He almost felt guilty asking Jack, “Are we in the right place?”

Jack of course responded with a nod, and kept walking.

They reached a red door with a white door handle. It was the most unusual door they had ever seen. It had engravings on it that seemed to be in Latin. Both men thought nothing of it. They went through the door and it lead them to a hall; a great hall. There was a portrait of a family; a mother and father with two young boys. One of the boys didn’t look particularly pleased to be in the portrait. He didn’t look like he fitted with the family he was with. On closer inspection, there was a name scrawled under both boys. One was Josh and the other Alan.

Mike’s face screwed up almost as though he was growing a lime tree in the pockets of his tongue. “This is the house Jack! This is the house where that psycho grew up” Mike whispered in disgust with a hint of fear. He looked round at the rest of the hall and wondered how there could have been killings here. He then remembered the letter saying that Alan had been made homeless by his family. It didn’t seem important at first, but it was hitting Mike’s mind hard; Alan’s family were probably his first victims.

There was another door covered in Latin symbols. Mike was starting to worry about these symbols, they didn’t seem normal to him, and no matter what he thought he couldn’t stop thinking about them. The door lead to the main entrance which was located opposite a large staircase. Mike and Jack walked toward the stairs weary of the upstairs more than they had been the downstairs.

Each step creaked and cracked beneath their feet, it filled both men with a sense of horror movie feelings. They were expected someone to jump out or a phone to ring, but neither of those things happened. Something worse happened as there was a bang unlike no other. It was as though the whole house shook and was about to come down.

Mike ran up the rest of the stairs and ran to a nearby room. The room was empty, or so it seemed to Mike. Jack ran in after him and froze right away; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Right in front of him and behind Mike’s back, was a white figure. The figure was unlike any Jack had seen before. He rubbed his eyes in the roughest manner possible then looked back at the space he’d just been staring at. When his eyes returned to the spot the figure was gone and he was in a clear state of confusion. Mike looked at Jack and mocked, “You look like you just seen a ghost.” This was finished with a little laugh which discredited the joke. Jack attempted to speak, but could just about bring out, “I did!” Mike looked at him once more and noticed just how pale he had gone and how his lip was quivering.

“Jacky are you being serious here?” Mike probed his brother’s mind. Jack just nodded in response while Mike was sighing away to himself.

“There’s no such thing as ghosts Jack. We used to tell you this every time you screamed you’d seen one.” Mike was trying to comfort him about what he had seen.

Jack had always claimed to see ghosts, right from a young age. This is what had tarnished his relationship with his dad in the first place. Jack had claimed that he saw some sort of ghost on the night his mother had died; his dad never forgave him for making up stories. Jack had always maintained his version of events was the truth, and he blamed the paranormal when Hayley went missing. This is why he pushed everyone away, because he wouldn’t accept that there was another explanation.

“I swear to you Mike… I saw one right behind you.” Jack quivered.

“Shut up Jack! I’ve had enough of this now! Why can’t you just forget what we saw that night!” As soon as this came out of Mike’s mouth he seemed to regret it and for good reason. Everything came back to Jack as he stood listening to Mike’s outburst.

“You saw it too?” Jack seemed hurt as he was asking this.

“Yes Jack, I saw it too! I never said anything because it was tearing Dad apart.”

Jack was furious at this point asking, “You let me lose everything, and everyone. You told me I was crazy Michael.” It had been a very long time since Jack had called him Michael. In fact it was just before they had fallen out two years ago.

Jack had spent a few moments trying to calm down and stop the tears that were breaking out of his eyes. He brushed himself off and started to leave the room. Mike placed a hand on his shoulder to try to apologise but it was no good this soon after learning the truth; Jack shrugged it off and carried on leaving the room. Mike followed on in silence hoping that this whole thing would come to an end soon.

There was just three more doors on the wing they were situated on. Mike went for the nearest one, while Jack went to the furthest. Mike watched as his brother walked to the last room, wondering if they could fix what was broken between them. Mike went into the room to search it, and was startled by hearing the other door slam shut. He assumed it was Jack slamming it in a mood; how wrong he was.

Jack had walked into the furthest room cautiously after what he had seen. People could call him crazy, but he knew what he could see. The door slammed shut behind him and he turned expected to see someone there. There was no one, and he started to panic slightly. He was thinking about the man in the tunnel, perhaps that was the only person involved and he had killed him. He still knew he had to keep searching, to find any other clues or people. He noticed there was a door on the opposite side of the room that he couldn’t remember seeing as he walked in. He approached it, taking small step by small step toward it. He opened the door scared of what he might find. The room was dark, but there was a pull-chord for a light. He yanked at it until the light came on and he was shocked at what it uncovered. He let out a scream of terror.

Mike ran to the door he had watched his brother walk through and burst straight through it. There was no one in there, and he was confused at this sight. He quietly said to himself, “He must have gone to another room.” The door that appeared to Jack, appeared no more. Mike left the room wondering where he would find his brother, and what had happened to make him scream.

Mike walked down the corridor approaching the opposite wing. As he was passing the staircase, he noticed a figure at the bottom staring at the front door; it looked like a young girl. He cautiously called out, “Hello? I’m a detective. I’m here to help.” He skipped down the stairs lightly and placed his hand on the young girl’s shoulder saying, “Hello? You don’t need to worry.” He was trying to reassure her that she was now safe. She turned toward him crying tears made of blood and water. Mike jumped back at the sight. He looked past the streams of watery blood, and noticed that the girl he was staring at was familiar to him. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the tears from her face. “Oh my god!” he exclaimed. “Liza? Is that you?” The girl could only nod in response. Mike had found the girl he was searching for. An enormous feeling of joy and emotion took hold of his insides.

Mike knew his mission was far from over, but at least the Jonah family would get their daughter back. He called Kanya, and told him the position. Kanya knew it straight away, and made a point of collecting the girl himself. She was terrified but not in a normal way. She didn’t seem scared for her life, but scared of something that she had seen. Kanya got her into the car and asked Mike to be careful, “Mike, you need to get yourself out of there you know. The rest of those kids are long gone. Find Jack and get yourselves out of here!”

Mike closed the door to the house and turned back toward the stairs. He stopped dead as he saw another girl standing on the stairs. He approached carefully, as this one didn’t seem the same as Liza. He got closer and closer getting a bit more worried with every step. His lips opened wide in disbelief as he called out, “Hayley?” He seemed so uncertain with himself, but was sure of what he was seeing. Had she really been alive for this whole time; it had been two years since her disappearance. He asked once more, “Hayley is that you?” The girl turned her head toward him, and there was no mistaking her. She was older but still looked the same, although she was rough, her hair greasy black and skin discoloured by lack of day light.

“It’s okay Hayley, I’m here for you. Your Dad is here somewhere. He came for you.” Mike was trying to reassure her, but nothing seemed to be working. She responded with a twisted smile, “I know Daddy is here somewhere but you don’t know where.” This sentence finished with a spurt of laughter as she ran up the stairs.

Mike didn’t know what to do at this point. He was scared at what had just happened, but had to fight for his brother. He knew what he’d seen that night of his mother’s death but he had always blocked it out. He walked up the stair case and saw the door at the end slam shut once more. He crossed his arms over his chest in a symbol of faith, walking toward the door. He didn’t know what he was going to find behind that door this time. His own niece seemed to be crazy and he hadn’t seen Jack in over an hour. His bravery was slipping away with every step he took toward that room. The house started to shake and there was an almighty bang. Mike fell to the floor and saw the door swing open. He let out a scream and what could be seen. Could this be his end?

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