The Mad Man's Woods

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



On the floor, no defense and giving up hope, Mike watched as his death was approaching. The man they had seen at the diner was walking toward him with the same axe that had already caused Mike so much damage. He rolled over and pushed himself to his feet. He was attempting a getaway, but before he knew it he was back on the floor, this time face down. The axe swung down just by his face and delved into the flooring giving him warning to move. He watched closely as the axe was torn from the floor and spun his body over to set his eyes on a sight more shocking than any other; the man wielding the axe this time was Jack!

Mike looked into his brother’s eyes and could see they weren’t the same as though something had taken them over. They were cloudy and white, no sign of pupils and no sign of feeling inside anymore. He looked at his brother once more and could see blood trickling down from the back of his head onto his shoulders, the wounds on his ribs and his knuckles had gone a dark yellow and his face was vacant.

Mike stood once more and was this time face to face with Jack, pleading,

“Jacky I know you’re in there somewhere. Please fight this.”

As this sentence came to an end the axe was lifted up, and swung toward Mike once more as he rolled out of the destruction path. Mike’s eyes were welling up with tears at the thought of him losing everyone he held dear. His father’s death in the tunnel, his niece lost a long time ago and now his brother had turned into some sort of psycho demon. Mike carried on pleading with his would be executioner,

“PLEASE JACK! You can fight this.” His voice was becoming more and more desperate as he backed away from his impending doom.

A man walked from the room behind and started to laugh. This time it was the man from the diner window and he began to speak in a taunting voice,

“Do you like what I have done with your dearest brother Michael?”

Mike was shocked at this man’s front.

“How are you doing this and how do you know my name?”

The man laughed once more before responding,

“Michael” there was a pause of thought “or should I call you Josh?” This was followed by a sickening laughter. “My name is Alan, and I am your older brother you see.” A smile seemed to force it’s way onto his face.

Mike tried to deny it straight away, but it was no use, he couldn’t move his lips.

“You were my baby brother many moons ago young Michael. Until our parents cast me into the cold so that you didn’t end up like me. I trust you enjoyed my letters and photos. Just to put your little mind at ease, no children were harmed in the making of this reunion.” His speech ended with a foolish laughter that seemed uncontrollable.

He carried on, “OUR parents didn’t want you to end up like me, so they got rid of me. It wasn’t long until you started to scare them, with my help of course. They didn’t know I was controlling you, I wanted them to suffer for what they did to me.” This time the speech ended with a sad sigh and Mike seemed able to move his lips again asking,

“Are you fucking crazy?” His voice seemed uncertain as though he believed the story.

Alan carried on, “I was born with a power to make people do things. I don’t know why, but I was. I chose to use it to inflict pain and to my amusement of course. You were easy to control and so I poisoned the relationship between you and them. You were given away and ended up with that useless sap in that tunnel.” He paused just to breath, “For so long I wanted to be with you again, brothers on a mission. YOU had your own plan and had a brother to go with that.”

Mike ran down the stairs and through the front door. At this point he had given up hope that he could save Jack and Hayley and was more concerned that he must live on.

He reached the pathway out of these deranged woods and began to sprint with everything he had. He couldn’t help but look behind to see if he was being followed; the paranoia was setting in. Tears were uncontrollably running down his face as he thought of what he had lost on this night. It was then that he fell to the floor. It seemed to take forever for his face to collide with the floor as he was thinking about what was putting him there. He noticed blood exploding from his shoulder, and how it seemed to be following him to the ground. He had been shot and Jack was the man holding the gun.

For one moment as Mike laid bleeding and writhing in pain, he looked up to see Jack approaching. His eyes were going back to the sky blue they had been before, and his face went from vacant to confused. Jack looked down at his brother and started to cry whispering, “I’m sorry, I love you” before he dropped down to his knees, allowing Mike to see the axe sticking out of his back. Mike sat up to embrace his brother for the last time, whispering back, “I love you too Jacky. I always will.” Jack’s face hit the dirt and there was no movement after this.

For some reason, this sparked Mike to go back. He knew he had lost his brother no matter what before, but he hadn’t had to watch him die. He was angry and this was going to fuel his assault. He reached the house and saw Alan standing at the front door. He began to charge at him shouting,

“I will kill you for what you’ve done to my family.” Alan stopped him in his tracks, mocking him,

“Just how are you planning to do this JOSH?”


Mike burst through whatever power was holding him and continued his charge on the enemy. Alan at this point began to charge back. Both men were on a collision course, and the only result was Death was going to strike again.

Mike’s fist was out-reached in an attempt to get the first hit… it worked. Alan fell back wiping the blood from under his nose. He flew at Mike in an attempt to take him by surprise that was unsuccessful. Mike began to furiously strike his real brother, punching, kicking, butting and screaming all in one timely combo. Alan fell to the floor clutching his face and ribs; there was a poignant look to him. Mike began to feel a shred of sympathy for a man never cared for, a man never liked and a man who knew nothing but pain. The sympathy disappeared and the anger returned but it was too late. Mike had heard a gunshot and he seemed unable to breathe. He looked down at Alan as he scurried away and then gave himself a swift look. He had blood pouring out from his chest and his energy was quickly diminishing. He looked up to see the sun rising, it had never seemed more beautiful to him. Then, just as quickly, the sun disappeared and his life was no more.

Everything he had done that night was to save one little girl by the name of Elizabeth Jonah; he had done this. It had cost Mike more than he ever thought it would. He lost his father, his brother and his life at the hands of a mad man. Alan had made innocent people like the man in the tunnel his puppet and it was all to get the attention of his long lost brother. After all was done, and the madness was over, one thing was sure. No one will go to the Mad Man’s Woods no more!

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