Life For Fantasy

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Disconnecting Connections

Submitted: April 18, 2009

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Submitted: April 18, 2009



The numbers that decorated my Geometry teachers voice and the sound of zippers being opened and closed filled my mind as I slowly stirred from my slight slumber. I peered up at the Hispanic educator. He looked tired and worn from the loud teenage students whose desks sat in neat rows at the beginning of the class period, but now laid in disarray around the entire classroom. Their owners were crowded by the front door, loud and frivolous as always, and I slowly raised myself up from my desk, looking drearily around at my classmates. Our teacher spoke directly to one of the students as I packed up my bag, but I didn’t care. It was none of my business. As I finished zipping up my pack the loud bell, horn rather, rang and I pulled myself out of my seat, nonchalantly taking my iPod out of my pocket and sticking the ear buds in as I flipped through the song list. Black Mamba by The Academy Is… was the first thing that came to my mind as I scrolled through them all, and I pressed the ‘Play’ button, letting the drums soak me in and wake me up as I turned up the volume and climbed out of the portable. Waving a goodbye to Mr. Geraldo, I continued down the ramp, my short, yet decently proportioned body swaying this way and that through the maze of multiple ethnic students who all stood towering over me.

“Hey,” A familiar voice rang, carrying on the ‘eey’ a bit longer than necessary, from behind me, and I turned to a large Hispanic boy who walked quickly up to me. I smiled at him, his overly thick body making up just about two and a half, perhaps three of me. His hair was cut short, and his glasses glared slightly as he turned his head in the Florida sunlight. The rosary that hung around his neck with the Mother Mary on it made a sense of irony climb up inside me as my hazel eyes met it. Juan holy? I laughed internally as I smiled at him.

“What’s up? You skippin’ today?” I asked him as I pulled out an earphone so I could actually hear him. I brushed a piece of light brown hair with bright blonde highlights away from my face as I talked to him, scratching my neck ever so lightly with my fingernails as the newly cut hair irritated the back of it. After almost two weeks I still wasn’t used to the no-longer-long locks. It used to be so long, but here it was, curling an inch and a half or so below my jaw line. A drastic change compared to the breast length waves I had before.

“Nah, just walkin’ with you until I find my other friends,” He stated as we walked before looking at me with big brown eyes “Why, you want me to?” At his smile I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It don’t matter to me. ‘though I think you’d get better grades if you went to class.” I replied, emphasizing the words “better grades” so that he caught the meaning. See, I’m one of those friends that try to help her friends make better grades. Not that it works but hey, can’t say I didn’t try. He re-adjusted himself as we slowly approached the edge of the parking lot closest to the cafeteria and he rolled his eyes and looked down at my four feet eleven inches body.

“Stop looking at me like that!” He cried and I furrowed my brow.

“Like what?” I asked him, stopping and fixing my back pack.

“You’re giving me the ‘eye’” He boldly stated and I just looked at him like he was crazy.

“I honestly have no idea what you’re talkin’ about.” I replied and he shook his head before looking up and seeing a group of guys who he greeted full heartedly. I shook my head and waved goodbye to the crazy Junior as I continued under the awning that attached to the gym. As I did I placed the missing headphone in my ear, noting that Send Her My Love by Journey was playing and I stopped dead in the middle of the shaded area to change it. I loved the song, but I really wasn’t in the mood to listen to that kind of music. When You Love a Woman by Journey started blasting in my ears and I groaned. What? Did my Nano 4th addition adore Journey’s love songs or something? I pressed the ‘next’ button, still planted, and the next was, of course You’re the One. This time though it was by the Oak Ridge Boys. But it was still a love song, and frankly if it wasn’t loud, up-beat, and slightly angry, I didn’t want to listen to it! In frustration I shook the black portable music player, and as it shuffled it ended up on Error Operator by Taking Back Sunday. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Whatever, I could hardly hear the lyrics over the music anyway, so I let it play, slowly getting lost in the steel guitar as I lifted my tan, heart shaped, face. My eyes went wide as I did. There he was. Dario Cervantes. Man, and he was looking just as beautiful today as always. Dario was, in my opinion, a Colombian god. Broad shoulders, slightly on the larger side giving him the appearance of a football player, dark brown and feathered hair that just barely missed his shoulders by about an inch, and a soft face that I had memorized in my mind. He smiled at me, and I gave him a small smile back, trying not to melt or freak out about that smile as he’d been obviously avoiding me for the past three weeks. We’d had this whole on-off sort of thing since August, and I’d had a pretty crazy life since then. Just this past month, about a week before spring break I’d sent him an email, around three weeks or so after me and my boyfriend, Michel Henley, started dating, telling him how I felt about him. Yes, I was crazy for the kid, I was spoken for, but I mean, the guy was perfect. His grades were perfect, he was sporty, very focused, family oriented, sweet, polite, a bit of a masochist, and a very passionate kisser. This whole on-off thing was seriously driving me insane though, and I needed to send him that letter or else my friends would have to lock me in a straight jacket and send me off the funny farm. I told him if he wanted to avoid me, he could, if he didn’t want to talk to talk to me, he didn’t have to, if he didn’t want to reply to the email, he didn’t have to. And he didn’t. It was heart breaking, but I was specifically ordered by my best friend, Edie, not to think about it while I was on Spring break in California with my mom and other family. So I didn’t, and honestly, him avoiding me was really helping with the whole ‘get over you’ ordeal. Of course when he felt like being bi-polar and throwing me those smiles that could send even the hardest girl melting to the floor, I was screwed. He walked past me, tapping my arm with his own soft one, and my heart skipped a beat. “Damn it…” I thought to myself as I clenched my jaw and took a breath. “Don’t look back, don’t look back. Remember Michel” I repeated over and over to myself as I approached the cafeteria and the outside tables. My normal group of people sat down on each of the four sides, well, their bags did at least. Three of our group were actually physically there, surprisingly, Ashleigh, Erin, and Starlet. Kaylin stood in line, chatting it up with Fillip as they waited to get lunch from the outside window, and I waved at them as I walked over to my side of the table, next to Kaylin’s stuff.

“Baby!” Ash cried, jumping out of her seat and pouncing on me, and my eyes went wide as she did. Her dark brown, layered hair bounced around her as her bright green and brown eyes lit up with excitement. She was slender and tall, not too tall, but still noticeably taller than myself. Her skin was a shade lighter than mine, and her face was a bit sharper. She called me her ‘baby sister’ and it’s kind of over bearing sometimes, but hey, I should know by now. My best friend, Edie, didn’t like her one bit, and Ash shared the same feelings, and I’d just stand there going “uh… What do I do now?” Lucky for me though she had fourth lunch, and this was sixth.

“Hey, Ash,” I laughed awkwardly, hugging her back but also pushing her off a bit as I slid my bag off of my shoulders. Immediately it felt like twenty pounds had been lifted off of my back. I cant tell you how good it felt to be free of that heavy bag. I had not only my main big binder, but my math binder, my history binder, my geometry book, and my jacket. It was a lot heavier than it sounds. I looked over at Starlet who was once again talking about another guy who was trying to get to her and everything, and I rolled my eyes without her seeing. I loved the girlie to death, but she was wild. I didn’t let the thought get to me as the five foot three blonde smiled at me and I smiled back. “Y’all want to go inside and get something to eat?” I asked them, and they nodded with a loud “yeah!” in unison, which got them into a fit of hysterics along with myself, and we stumbled into the lunch room to the ‘A La Carte’ line that was just at the entrance.

Not thinking about food, I looked around the cement room that was set up to be used as a storm shelter in bad weather, when my eyes caught site of a familiar head or light red hair. A smile crossed my lips and I looked at the girls “I’ll be right back,” I said, tapping their arms and looking back at Michel. My face must have gotten a bit of a glow in it as I saw him, because Ash rolled her eyes and Starlet started making bow chika wow wow noises. I shoved them both before sneakily jogging over to him. Of course though, the skinny five feet seven inches soccer player saw me just as I did. I stopped, made a mocking pout and he tilted his head with a smirk and a “really now?” kind of look. I laughed lightly, smirking, and giving him a hug. “Hey you,” I smiled looking up “I didn’t see you earlier,” He shrugged in response.

“I went to the truck with Tanner and Justin.” Said the freckled sixteen year old, and I rolled my eyes with a small laugh. Of course, the infamous truck. It was like those boys spent their entire lives in there. It was pretty old, but painted a shiny gold color, so it looked alright. It was definitely a big sign on the road that screamed “this is my first car!” What they did in that car was none of my business, meaning I didn’t want to know what they did. It was something I didn’t need to know. I shook my head and looked up at him, smiling at him and looking at his blue eyes. I had to admit, he had the some of the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. They were all one color, a very soft blue that reminded me of this flower from India that my step-mom tried to grow in our lawn, I think it was called a Blue Barleria or something else with two ‘B’s.

“Of course you did,” I laughed, moving a piece of shoulder length red hair from his nose as he watched it swing into disarray. “I’m going to go get some food and sit outside, I’ll come in when I’m done,” I smiled, and he nodded giving me an ‘ok’ before softening his eyes and leaning down to give me a peck on the lips. I smiled as he did so and jogged off to meet up with the girls. They were still two people behind, so I stood next to the line, telling them to dial in my account number to buy me some breadsticks and marinara sauce when the doors across from us opened. I looked up, not really caring just having a short attention span when my eyes grew wide. In walked my ex boyfriend, Stephen. Not that I’d call him a boyfriend, we dated for about week my Freshman year, just before summer break, but we both realized that the only thing we really did was make out before sixth period so we ended it the day after our one week anniversary. I didn’t honestly care, I wasn’t too attached to him. He was decently attractive, a football player last year but not good enough or too lazy to sign up to play again this year, but actually really skinny and tall. He stood at about six feet three inches, maybe four, I honestly didn’t know, and he somewhat reminded me of the jolly green giant. His skin was a light peach with light brown eyes, and dark brown buzz cut hair. He was so nice last year, very polite, a bit of a romantic, and very forward, but he’d changed over the summer. He’d started hanging out with my next door neighbor and become this mean wannabe gangster. He could be nice sometimes, but all in all he’d turned into a jerk those two months since I’d seen him. Right next to him, I realized in horror, was his polar opposite, Dario.

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