Life For Fantasy

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Late Night Escapade

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Submitted: August 24, 2009



I ran out of the apartment, my heels clicking upon the stairs as I rushed down them. I was free of anything except the clothes on my back, the fire poker, and nothing besides them could catch on the railing as I made my decent. “Devin! Devin. Get. Back. Up. Here!” I could hear Jeffery scream from above me, his own steps rattling upon the metal staircase as we ran in squares around and around. I made it to the first story, with him one above me, and without thinking I grabbed the rail and leapt to the ground floor. My ankle twisted, but I ignored the pain as I knew if he caught up with me it would be more than the area above my foot that would be in agony. I made it to the door before he even got close to the bottom story, and without thinking I pulled the doors closed, shoving the metal rod in the pull handles so that when he tried to open them, it’d prove harder. He suddenly appeared behind the closed doors, slamming his hands against the doors as his face peered furiously at me. I screamed as he banged on the heavy metal doors, and turned heel and ran. I never looked back as sped off down the street, heart racing as I did. I wouldn’t stop, and I didn’t stop until I was well past a mile and a half from the apartment complex. With a gasping breath I came across a light post and I leaned against it, trying to breath as my throat felt like it was on fire. I’d never run that fast that far before, and my body wasn’t used to it. My dad always told me when it came to running, that if you didn’t puke when you were done, you didn’t push yourself hard enough. I, according to his standards, pushed myself to the max this night as I curled over and hurled next to the metal post. Unintentional tears rolled down my face as the feeling of nausea swept over me. I wiped them away quickly, breath still heavy but feeling a tad bit better.

“Bambina have too much to drink?” An Italian accent asked me humorously, and I stood up straight, glaring at the familiar form.

“For your information, I just ran about a mile and a half at full speed on nothing but adrenaline to get away from a guy who I’m pretty sure was about to kill me, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t give me any of your shit right now!” I screamed, grabbing the pole to keep myself from falling, chest still heaving. Stepping into the light, Alessandro furrowed his brow at me and grabbed my arm just as I was about to collapse from exhaustion. My body really truly couldn’t take it.

“Oddio! Bella Bambina!” He cried in Italian, wrapping one of my arms around his neck, and snaking his own about my waist to keep me up. “What happened? Who was trying to kill you?” He asked, and I shook my head, trying to keep my legs from going way.

“Jeff, I don’t think he’d kill me,” I said, taking more breaths. “I just think he’d beat me until I couldn’t stand anymore. Looks like I did that to myself though.” I half heartedly laughed, which was a bad idea because it made me cough horrendously. Alessandro cursed in Italian, and I pulled away from his grasp, thinking I could stand straight, but being ridiculously wrong. He caught me once again as my heel slipped from under me, and stood me straight. “I’m not going back though. I won’t live in a,” I coughed, rubbing my tender neck, “A place like that.” I said, and he shook his head.

“I won’t let you, come on,” With that he wrapped his arm under my knees, lifting bride-style and walking in the direction he had come from. With a gasp I clung to his shirt, shutting my eyes tightly and biting my lip. I knew he wasn’t going to drop me, but that fear of it still held hostage of my mind.

“Where’re we going?” I asked him, and he re-adjusted me before speaking.

“La mia famiglia owns a place not to far from here. You can stay there for now.” He stated, and I shook my head.

“I don’t want to bother you with my mess- you can put me down now, I think I can walk.” I looked up at him and he stopped, his arms almost feeling reluctant to release the bare area between my calves and thighs. His mind seemed to win the battle however as he set my feet gently to the sidewalk.

“It’s fine, Bambina,” He said, watching me as I straightened out my dress and looked up at him. “It’s not your fault men are cazzo’s.” He stated, then added in English as I looked at him confusingly “dicks.” Furrowing my brow I shrugged.

“Not all of them. Michel wasn’t,” The thought of my boyfriend made my heart clutch up, and my lips seemed to glue together as I followed him down the street. Just as he stopped however and he pulled out his keys, I spoke again. “You’re not,” He stopped for a moment and looked over at me, smiling sadly all the while.

“And how would you know that?” He asked.

“If you were, I’d still be back at that lamp post puking my guts out or you’d be feeling me up and down, and since I’m not and you’re not, you’ve proved my point.” I stated matter-of-factly and he rolled his eyes with a smile before opening the door. A little bell sounded as he held it open for me, and I climbed through just before he flicked the lights on. It was a cute little place, red walls, gold carpet, paintings up and a piano sitting in one corner while the kitchen sat across from it, hidden by wooden doors that had big glass holes for windows. Definitely an Italian restaurant. I laughed internally at the stereotypicalness of it all as I looked around.

“Just because I’ve helped you once doesn’t mean I’m not a cazzo.” Alessandro responded, locking the door, and I turned to face him, one brow raised.

“Prove me wrong, then.” That might have been the wrong thing to say, but I hadn’t thought about it at that point, and he just looked at me before approaching. His steps were long and quick and soon my back was pressed against a table on which his hands rested on, and he leaned down so that his face was just an inch or so from mine. His breath was heavy as he spoke, seducing.

“I could take advantage of you, Miss Devin,” He whispered, “You’ve followed a guy who you’ve hardly known for less than three weeks into a place he knows front and back, his territory. Behind locked doors, where no one can hear you or care if you scream if I chose to ravage you right here.” My heart raced in my chest as he said those words with a breathy, slightly accented voice. But this time it wasn’t out of fear, but out of the sheer closeness of our bodies, how his chest, if moved forward even a centimeter, could be touching mine. His lips, touching mine. My eyes stayed at the area between his bottom lip and chin, focusing on that slight curve before I looked up as he awaited my response.

“But you won’t.” I said, whispering it slightly as my hazel eyes met his own brown pair.

“How do you know?”

“Because you’re wasting your time talking instead of trying to remove my clothes.” My statement was clear as day, and he laughed, standing up straight and taking a few steps back.

“You’re something else, Bambina” He replied, shaking his head, his eyes filled with amusement as he looked at me. Slightly relieved that he’d backed away, not because I was scared he was going to do something, more frightened of the fact that I just might have had to grab that shirt of his and kiss those beckoning lips that rested so softly against his tan skin. Shaking the thought I pulled myself up onto the table, examining my companion.

“Is that a good thing?” I asked him, tilting my head to the side and knocking my hair in front of my face. He laughed again as he leaned against the wall.

“It’s a great thing.” He looked behind me at the kitchen, then turned his attention back to the short girl in front of him. “You can stay in my room tonight, I’ll talk to my parents in the morning. I’ll come and get you afterward. Don’t come out before then, ok?” He asked, and I nodded, completely seeing where he was coming from. I looked around as he stood up straight, gazing at the room, soaking in it all. It was, for some reason or another, really homey, and quite comfortable to be in. He walked past me to the large kitchen doors and stood at them, not that I noticed as I continued to stare around the room, and just looked at me. Feeling his gaze I turned to look at him, smiling. “You coming, Bambina?” He asked and I nodded, hopping off the table and walking past him, dragging a fingernail over his chest with a playful smirk as he held the doors open to me. “You’re just looking for trouble, aren’t you?” He asked me, shaking his head and I laughed.

“Of course I am! Haven’t you been paying attention since I started school?” I smirked and he laughed again.

“You shouldn’t have slapped white boy in the face, he’s dangerous,” I turned to him and smirked, letting him lead me up the stair case and into a small room at the end of the hall.

“If he’s so dangerous why did you punch him?” I asked him, walking forward and sitting on the bed. It was a small twin bed, covered in home made quilts, and the room was painted light yellow with pictures of the family, Italy, and soccer. I tilted my head at them, knowing about Francesco Totti , and knowing that this guy wouldn’t hear about him until he was far older than the eighteen, nineteen year old standing against the wall.

“Because I can back it up,” A mischievous smile crept over his face “And I’ve been waiting for an excuse to hit him since the day I started at that high school.” I laughed at this last statement and sighed, looking around once again. He looked back at me as his gaze had wandered to the window, and tilted his head. “You’re not tired?” He asked, knowing that it was a rhetorical question I shook my head anyway.

“No, most people get tired from all this excitement but my blood’s rushing too much to really fall asleep. Got too much on my mind.” My response was slow and sighing, and he nodded.

“Know what you mean. You want to go out to the back?” He asked me, and I nodded.

“Sure, sounds good to me, lead the way?” I smiled, hopping up and beaming at him. He nodded and led me back down the stairs and through the back door, where there sat a little fenced in area with chairs, lights, and hanging clothes. It was so cute and I couldn’t help but smile warmly at it all. Walking past me he fell into one of the seats, nodding over at the higher one, meaning for me to sit and I did. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. I couldn’t tell what type they were as he did, but I didn’t really care as he placed the stick between those delicate lips of his. I couldn’t help but examine him the entire time. His hair was slightly curly when it wasn’t slicked back at school, and ended at his shoulders, a bit longer than mine in soft waves. Those soft locks were a dark brown, almost black color, and my hand wanted to reach out and run my fingers through them. To see if they were as silky as they appeared. Resisting the urge I continued to watch as he lit the cigarette between his full lips. His dark brown eyes focused on the head of the tobacco, but flicked up to me as he noticed my gaze was upon him. He smiled at me before lowering his hands and shoving his items in his pockets. He took a drag, relaxing and sighing before letting the silver smoke escape from him. I watched the smoke. It swam around in the air like waves, beautiful silver waves.

“You want a drag?” He asked, pulling it from his lips and extending it to me. I looked at it oddly at first, not sure if I should, then shrugged. I had nothing to lose. Slowly I took it in my hands, and placed the end in my mouth, breathing in the toxins. Most people said that it burned horribly your first time, but for me it felt more like spices going down my throat and I merely pulled it away, taking a breath then looking at it and breathing out the same silver smoke. “Have you smoked before?” he asked, and I shook my head.

“Nope,” I replied, taking another drag before handing it back to him.

“You’re lying. What did I say about lying to me?” he asked, lifting his brow.

“I’m not lying. My parents used to like a lot of spicy food, and that’s all it felt like, honestly.” I said, shrugging and laying back.

“Oddio.” He said, shaking his head and laughing. “Do you get any better?” He asked and I laughed too, blushing a bit.

“Yeah, but that’s something for another time,” I winked, not sure it would ever happen, but still blushing furiously. His brow rose, however.

“Oh?“ I looked down as he spoke. He leaned forward in his seat, smirking broadly before scooting his seat closer to mine so that our knees were almost touching. I looked up at him, eyes wide as his face sat about a foot from mine. “And what would that consist of, Bambina?” He asked and I shook my head.

“N…Nothing” I tried to smile, blushing once again and looking down.

“Have you ever heard of a shot-gun?” He asked me, and I nodded my head, looking up at him. “Have you ever had anyone give you one before?” His second question made me blush even redder as I shook my head.

“No.” Another bright smirk crossed his face.

“Well then…” He pulled the cigarette close to his lips again, staring into my eyes the entire time while I sat there, my own wide. He slowly took it from his lips, then with his free hand he quickly grabbed the back of my head and pulled me onto him. My hands rested on his knees to keep myself from falling onto his lap and my lips parted. I knew exactly how to do this without ever learning. He pulled me closer to his lips, my heart racing a million miles an hour as they almost touched, just before he gently blew his breath into mine. His hand tightened up on the back of my head, gently pulling at my hair as if he were fighting another internal battle. I took a ragged breath as he did so, and let it out, smoke filing from my mouth and brushing against both of our noses. Neither of us moved until yelling and screaming came from the place next door. I would have stood up as he leaned back against his seat, but I didn’t trust myself to stand. I just took my hands off of his thighs and crossed them on mine, looking down all the while. Neither of us spoke for about ten minutes, until another cigarette found its way between his lips as the other one had disintegrated into ash by his feet. I needed to end the silence.

“So um, who else lives here with you?” I asked him, and he took drag before replying, counting the family on his fingers.

“My brother, Giovanni, and our mom.” He said, letting the smoke drift out. “We’re a pretty tight family. Vanni is usually off doing something this late though. I don’t know where he is, don’t know when he’ll be back either.” He said, the Italian nick name for Giovanni surprising me slightly. Most people would just call him Gio. I shrugged it off though.

“What do you mean? Like, partying or something?” I asked, and Alessandro nodded.

“Or playing soccer with his friends. He was the best in the high school league, and is actually accepted into a college for it, although they really didn’t want to involve any of us in it.” He said, looking down. I knew what he meant. I gently placed a hand on his, squeezing it lightly and making his eyes meet mine.

“I know I can’t apologize for everyone of the white race, considering I’m not full myself,” I laughed lightly, “But I can at least say that I’m sorry for the ones that I am related to.” I held his hand for a brief moment. “I know they wouldn’t care.” He laughed lightly and shook his head, long black curls going this way and that as he cupped my face.

“Oh Bambina, you’re too cute. Don’t worry about it,” He smiled, bright white teeth sparkling as he turned and smirked. “Vanni can take care…” Suddenly the back gate opened, and we stared at it. Now, I'd never formally met Giovanni, nor had I ever taken a real look at him, but what I saw was startling. He must have been about six feet tall, one hundred and eighty-five pounds, and could probably bench about four of me, no problem. His hair was a long, but still just like a normal guys cut. He was loud and frivolous, and my eyes grew wide as they made contact with his. Good god, he was gorgeous, just as beautiful as his brother, and here I was, sitting there with both of them in the same place.

“Ah! Look what little Ale brought in! A piccola ragazza!” He laughed, his voice booming as he approached us.

“What the hell, Vanni?” Alessandro demanded, standing up and coming stepping in front of me, almost nose to nose with his older brother. He was about a few inches taller than Alessandro, who stood at about five nine, five ten, but like, they were still pretty close. “Keep it down before Mama wakes up!”

“Awe, does little Ale wanna keep his lady a secret?” Giovanni asked, and suddenly he snuck around his younger brother and ended up behind my seat, his face next to my ear. “And what might your name be? Is it la Belle?” He suddenly grabbed my hand and lifted it to his lips. My eyes went wide. Oh god. This guy was a romantic. My heart started racing.

“Uh… D… Devin,” I tried to say as I tripped over my words. Oh god, his accent was stronger than his brothers. “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!” I cried out in my mind. I looked at my hand in his, it was so much larger than my own. Everything about him seemed to be so much larger than me, and my face burned as his dark brown eyes looked in my hazel pair.

“I… I’m fine, honest,” I said, pulling away from Alessandro, who was glaring hatefully at his older brother.

“What sort of night have you had, bella?” He asked me, and I turned to look at him. “Come, sit on papa’s lap and tell me just what horrors have passed through you tonight,” He winked, and patted his knee. My eyes grew wide as he did so, and his hand was suddenly upon mine, pulling me down so that my face was next to his. “Or what horrors you’d like to have upon you,” His smile was devilish, and I swear he could hear my heart pounding, as it and his voice were the only two things I could hear at the moment.

“Leave her alone, Giovanni!” Alessandro growled, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me up against his rock hard body, and I realized, being with these two was just going to turn me into a human tug-a-war rope. “Come on, Bambina, let’s get you upstairs…” He said through clenched teeth, trying to pull me back inside. Giovanni began to come closer, but Alessandro turned back and looked at him. “No! She doesn’t want you in the room with her!”

“Why don’t you let her decide, Alessa?” Giovanni replied, changing his brothers nickname for the time being. He smiled that devilish smile at me again, and my body felt like melting butter. Oh damn, this guy was good. “So what’s it going to be, bella? Would you like some company in the bed tonight?” My eyes once again grew wide as I blushed a deep scarlet from head to toe.

“I… uh… uhm…” Hell, I couldn’t talk straight, and damn me if I couldn’t walk correctly either. But can anyone blame me? I had two Italian princes arguing over me, who wouldn’t be like this in my position?

“Oh well,” Gio sighed, “Buona notte, bella! Goodnight, beautiful!” He winked again and I nearly tripped as his brother pulled me inside the kitchen.

“He’s drunk,” Alessandro whispered in my ear. “Just ignore him. He’s only doing this to piss me off. The cazzo.” He hissed and I looked at him angrily.

“What? You’re saying that a guy like him wouldn’t just flirt with me? That he’s got to be drunk and in the mood to tick off his brother to even talk to me?” I asked him, and he looked down at me seriously.

“He eats little girls like you for breakfast, Bambina, and right now, by the way you’re acting, I can tell you wouldn’t last very long being alone in a room with him.” I was about to oppose, but he was right. I would just about die. I sighed and lifted a hand to my head, it was throbbing horribly.

“Ugh… my head hurts.” I groaned, and he nodded.

“That’s what usually happens when people first meet Giovanni.” I laughed at his response and shoved him. “Uhm… I’ve got some clothes you can sleep in, if you don’t want to um, sleep in that,” He said as we walked up the stairs and to his room. “Some clean shirts in the drawers and some sweats. I know they won’t fit you but um, they’ll work.” Suddenly Alessandro was all red and embarrassed and shy. It was cute.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine,” I said, looking at his small room and turning back to him.

“Well um, if you need anything, I’ll um, be downstairs, so um, good night.” He said, and began to turn around to walk out. With a sudden burst of confidence I grabbed his arm to stop and turn him around.

“Alessandro!” I stood on my toes and kissed him softly on the cheek, smiling all the while. When I pulled away, his eyes were staring at me, wide with shock, and one large brown hand was clasped over where I’d just pecked him. “Thank you, again.” I smiled, and he turned bright red.

“You’re uh, welcome…” He stuttered, “So good uh… good night,” He closed the door and I giggled before rummaging through his drawers for something clean to sleep in.

“Vanni, will you stop it?” Alessandro hissed, taking my wrist and pulling me out of the trance that I knew I was falling into, as every American girl would if she were to run into someone who was their type with an added bonus of an accent. I fell into his chest and looked up at Alessandro, a complete dreamy look in my eyes. “She’s had a long night and doesn’t need any of your crap right now!”

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