Life For Fantasy

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - And So The World Goes On

Submitted: May 16, 2009

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Submitted: May 16, 2009



“Time to get up, sweetie, come on, breakfast is ready,” A soft cooing voice rang as a warm hand brushed through my hair. Smiling, I lifted my hand to hers thinking it was my moms, which was really weird considering that my mom lived across the country from myself. Not to mention that my mom didn’t just sit there and run her fingers through my hair to wake me up in the morning. But it was comforting, warm, and calming as I turned over onto my side so she could better lace her fingers in my locks.

“Mmm…” I sighed, keeping my eyes closed and wishing that the woman sitting beside me was in fact, the blonde thirty six year old. She ran her hand through my hair again, gently brushing my temples with her fingers as she once again spoke softly to wake me.

“It’s pancakes, bacon, and eggs, homemade” she responded and I merely pulled the sheets up to my forehead. “It’s home made, I promise, not store bought.” She continued, and I groaned, not wanting to get up at all. “I know you’re awake, come on,” She laughed lightly, shaking me gently and urging me to rise. With another groan I finally opened my eyes, thinking that it was my mom pushing me softly against my arm.

“Alright, alright, I’m up,” I looked at her and sighed, her brown hair several shades darker than the woman’s who raised me, and her eyes blue instead of that amber color that often changed to grayish hazel green. Thinking about how long it’d been since I’d seen my mom, my throat started to clutch up again. Spring break, March, was the last time I’d hugged her. Sure, a few days ago I’d told her I loved her, but still, did she really know? Did anyone I was related to know that I loved them? I shook the thought out as I looked around, eyes making it to the vanity mirror. “Oh god, is that me?” I asked, wide eyed as I stared at my reflection. Short hair was all puffed up, mixed in blonde swimming in the brown waves, that looked all too dry to be mine. With a deep breath I looked at Penny once again. “Do you have a brush I can borrow?” I asked her, trying to give a weak smile as I pulled myself out of the yellow sheets. She smiled broadly and jumped up from the bed and grabbed the comb on the vanity as I approached it. She handed it to me with a smile and I stared at my reflection. I looked dead inside with swollen eye lids from crying, and chapped lips. I quickly wiped away all the remains of those horrid tears, and wiped all the nasty stuff off of my lips, licking and biting them softly to give color and health to them. Next was my hair. Taking the brush from her I pulled it through the messy mane and tried to smooth it down. All of a sudden Penny let out a little laugh.

“There’s no need to get all gussied up right now, it’s only going to be you, me and Jeff today,” She smiled and I turned to her, not exactly sure what to say. Making myself pretty gave me some sort of control over my life, and I did it out of habit, not because people were going to see me and taunt me, no. I did it because I felt that if I didn’t, I’d lose my sanity. Sure, it was strange, but then again it was me, and that explained it all. I smiled back and nodded, reluctantly sliding the brush back onto the table as I did so.

“Homemade?” I asked her, referring to the breakfast she said she’d made, smiling as best as I could. She piped up and smiled brightly, nodding and ushering me out of my room and to the kitchen where Jeffery sat, munching away at a pile of bacon on his plate. He also smiled brightly, and I got a feeling like these two were the weirdest people in the world as he patted the seat next to him.

“Good morning, Sunshine! Come and sit down and eat! Pen made us an amazing breakfast!” He looked over at his young wife and she positively glowed. I nodded and sat down, thanking her a bit before grabbing a pancake, some eggs, and a piece of bacon. “So do you remember anything?” He asked me and I shook my head.

“Unfortunately. I mean, I know the basics, like math, English, and all that other stuff, but family, friends, names, faces, all are just a cloud to me.” The lie easily slid off my tongue, and I did feel bad for lying to them, but unless I wanted to be shipped off to an insane asylum, I really had no choice.

“Not even your name?” Penny asked me from where she sat along the round table, and I shook my head once again before taking a sip of water.

“No…” I said softly, and took a sip of water, not making eye contact with them.

“Hey, Sunshine, it’s ok,” Jeff put his hand on mine and I looked over at him. He was so friendly, but, there was something more about him, Penny too. They just seemed too happy. I shrugged it off though, they were kind to me, and I didn’t need to question that. “We’ll just have to find out a name for you,” He beamed and I looked over at him, tilting my head, then looking at Penny, who lit up.

“How about Marie? Or Margaret? Or Susan? Janine?” She asked me, looking like a very excited school girl. I stared at her, then suddenly she calmed down, looking down at her hands. My gaze turned to Jeff, who’d been looking at her as well before looking back at me smiling.

“You look to me as more as a Brenda more than anything.” He said, his voice cool and happy as I looked down at my hands, not wanting any of those names. Some people said that I looked like a Chelsea, but that name would bug me wherever I went. It wasn’t my favorite name, I had some friends with that name too, and even though they weren’t here, I didn’t want to sound like I dreamed to be them. A new name caught my mind however, and I stared at the glass of water in my hands, eyes wide. It was the name my parents would have called me if I’d been a boy, even though it could have been both a girl or a boys name. My dad didn’t want that though, he wanted me to have a typical girls name.

“Devin,” I looked up as if I were shocked. “Devin Marie.” I said as if that was my first and middle name. “I want that to be my name.” I looked over at them, and they just sat there, staring.

“Are you sure you’d rather not have Marie Devin?” Penny asked me, and I shook my head.

“No, Devin Marie, it sounds better, and for some reason or another it just sort of…” I let my voice drift off as my eyes got a slight dreamy look to them. I thought about my parents and I looked down at my hands, which now laid in my lap. “Feels right.” Marie was my middle name, along with my cousin, Courtney’s, so I still had my family in there somewhere. It was my mom’s dads choice to have my middle name be Marie, so there I sat, a bit of my mom, and a bit of my dad in both my first and middle names. My last name, however, would be whatever Jeff and Penny saw fit. I didn’t want to seem like I was too sure of anything at the moment.

“Devin’s a bit of a boys name-” Jeff began, and I looked at him with that ‘sad bunny face’ of mine, and he seemed to soften. “But that’s alright, we’ll go down to the court house to get everything sorted after we finish breakfast, alright?” He asked me, and I nodded with a smile.

“What about a last name?” Penny asked, and I shrugged.

“I don’t know,” Jeff’s face lit up with excitement as I replied depressingly.

“How about you share ours? It’s common, and we’ve always wanted a daughter of our own,” He smiled broadly, and I did too, even if it was a little creepy.

“Are you sure?” I asked, looking from him to his wife.

“Of course we’re sure!” Penny cried, wrapping me in a large and over bearing hug. I giggled lightly and hugged them back. We were going to be the creepily perfect family, I could already tell.

After breakfast, we went to the court house, and I was officially adopted by the couple. Jeff had to leave for work right afterward, so it was just Penny and I at the apartment until around six o’clock. Penny was thoroughly excited that I was her new daughter, and I couldn’t believe what happened in a matter of two days. “How were you guys able to adopt me so fast?” I asked her as she prepared some lunch.

“Jeff works for the state and has helped a lot of the orphanages, so when he called this morning they let him,” She laughed lightly “One less child there…” She looked over at me. “Well, teenager.” Her smile was loving and I returned it.

“So what’re our plans for the day?” I asked her as she handed me a ham sandwich and a glass of milk. I took a sip and watched her as she sat across from me, waiting for her response.

“Well… I was thinking that we should go shopping,” She smirked, and I lit up.

“Really?” I asked, eyes shining as I sat up straight.

“Yeah, I mean, we can’t have you only wearing that every day, and my clothes won’t fit you at all! They’re too small on the bust and hips, yet to big on the stomach and length! We’re going to have to get you sized,” She laughed. I laughed too, turning a deep shade of crimson. “Not to mention we have to get new things for your room! Like a new dresser, a desk, definitely more sheets,” She began to count out what I needed on her fingers and I just looked down, half listening to what she said and half getting lost in my own thoughts.

“Two days and I’m their daughter. Am I never going to get home? Perhaps this is a good thing though… I can start over, after all, how hard can that be?” I smiled up at her, pretending I heard every single word that she said.

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