Life is long, love is longer

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To lucky girls go to GMS and are lucky enough to be dating the most hottest popstars!!! But things are worst once they get to know them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life is long, love is longer

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



Sitting on the bus. Wondering why he did this to me? My best friend is great, her boyfriend did hurt her. I don’t get it? Then his stop came. Of course all of the girls scream, but me. Christian goes to sit beside Emily, Justin did even look at me. I know he still loves me. He knew I loved him. So why did he do this? When the next stop came, oh crap, Justin came to sit beside me. He flirted with me a little, kissed me on the cheek. I tried to hide it but the tears just flooded out. He looks at me, then frowns. “Ashley, listen to me, you know I love you with all my heart, what I done, I will never forgive myself. But if I don’t have you, I think I will die!” Justin said in his sweet voice. “How can I ever trust you? You knew I hated that girl, and you dang sure know that she had a crush on you!” I never thought I would saying that to Justin. “You can always date one of your fans then you can cheat on them! Oh and you said you would date a fan. Yea, but you never mentioned that you would break there heart!” I had enough of him! Tears were falling faster down my face. He took his finger, and whipped my eyes. “Ashley, I don’t know if I will ever meet somebody that is as beautiful as you are! If I lose you I don’t know what I will do with my life!” He almost stared to cry. “Well you better start to figure that out!” I pushed him out of the way and was heading for school. “I thought I was falling in love with you.” I heard him say while the tears were pouring down! Right before I stepped off the bus, he pulled my arm and kissed me. I wanted to jerk away, but there was something inside of me saying to stay, to love him. The other half of me was saying, he cheated on you, how could you love him again! Finally I pulled away, my face soaked in tears and said “No, stop. I can’t do this, just leave me alone!” I ran off to school. I forgot about Emily. I don’t know where she is, and I don’t where I am. I wanted to run home screaming, yelling at life and why it had to do this to me! When I got inside everyone was looking at me. I didn’t really care, I just keep on walking to my seat. Then guess who walks in? Justin , he looks at me and frowns. He was whispering something to himself, I tried to hear him but all I could hear was all of the girls screaming. When I saw the tear run down his face, I just couldn’t help it. I had to get out of there. I got up and ran to the to the girls bathroom. Suddenly, Emily was right beside me. “Ash, what happen? Tell me everything”! And so I did. Told her from Justin cheating, to the kiss. Emily walks out and went and got Justin, great! His face was red as ever, eyes filled with tears! “Ashley get out here right now”! Emily’s voice sounding strong and powerful! When I walked out there, you can say everybody at school was out there to. “Ashley please, I am begging you, if you don’t love me then I will never feel love again!” Then the hooker who he cheated on me with walked up and said “Of course you will honey, with me!” I was crying more then it rains in spring! “ Heck no! I can’t believe I fell for you, tramp!” Justin said with his beautiful face all mad! I could hear Emily say to herself, go Justin, I laughed! Then he kissed me longer and more passion this time. I felt like I was floating on a cloud! Suddenly he stopped and little miss tramp said “No keep your hands off my baby!”

“You listen here tramp, Justin never wanted you, he would rather be making out with me then just talking to you! You think your all miss pretty, but you not. You think you can get a guy by being a slut!” I said never feeling better. Then I notice everyone looking at me with their mouths wide open. Just to make it even better, I went to kiss Justin again. And oh did I miss every part of his kisses! Then he put his arm around me and man didn’t I feel like a queen! I feel is arm unwrap around me then I saw miss tramp kiss him. I pulled her off and punched her right in her freaking face! She falls to the ground, I get on top of her and stat to beat the crap out of her. Then Justin pulls me off and is freaked out. “Your going to get suspended baby!” he said. “I don’t give a freak, nobody kisses you but me!!” I kiss him one last time. I look down and miss tramp was bleeding like crazy! Wow! I couldn’t believe I did that. I must be really strong! Everybody was looking at me like, dang! the people who was looking at tramp were like, oh snap! Then I felt his arm around me again. It was so warm! When I looked over at Emily, I whispered “alright!” Then Christian just walk right threw the door, and of course all of the girls scream. Christian put his arm around Emily, and like Emily always dose she laughed in her funny laugh. Then this one girl walked up getting ready to say something but Emily beat her. “Don’t you even think about it!” She yelled in the evil voice that I never heard before. It was like Satan came out and controlled her! Then I heard the ringing of the bell. I kissed Justin then headed off to class.


After school, Emily came over to my house to stay over for the weekend. When I got home my phone buzzed, I look at it, and it is from Justin. When I went tot tell Emily something she was already talking to Christian. “Emily, what if he dose it again?” I asked. “Ashy, you can’t keep doubting yourself. You need think that if he really loves you he won’t do that to you!” She said in her best-friend-voice. “If he really loved me he wouldn’t have done it in the first place!” I replied. Then I remembered my phone. I open it to read: Hey sweetie, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies?

I f I go it will end up being a double date, I looked over at Emily then back at my phone.

Do you love me?

I sent back to him. I got a quick response.

Ashley, do you not know my feelings for you? I love you with all my life!!

The tears started to come down again.

Then why did you do that? Huh? If you really loved me you wouldn’t have cheated on me!

I said, surprised Emily hasn’t seen me balling! I didn’t get a text back. Instead I got a call. I went to my bedroom and locked the door. I didn’t know if I wanted to answer or not. It ringed and ringed, finally it stopped. Then I heard Emily’s phone ring. That’s how I knew that I was going to die now! I couldn’t hear what they were saying. All I could hear was the tears running down my face! Life is hard, but love is even harder. Just when I thought someone would really be falling for me. But no, just another jerk who wants to tear my heart to pieces. While I was sitting there, crying my eyes out, I noticed that Emily was off the phone. I didn’t here Emily yelling, or anything. Then my phoned buzzed again. I opened it to see a text message from Emily.

Ashley please come out we need 2 talk.

Was Emily crying to? What happened on the phone? Slowly I opened the door. Not wanting to hear anything worse then what I have been put though. But I knew I was because Emily’s face was as red as mine. I don’t know what I was thinking, when I thought I would really had a chance with pop star. All those thing they say about pop stars and everyone else, is a lie, all sweet and nice none of it is true. I sit on the couch, and wait until she finally says. “Ashley, I need to tell you something that I don’t know how your going to handle it?” What have I got myself into? The tears started to fall. I couldn’t get anything to come out of my mouth. ”He never cheated with you okay. All that time he said he couldn’t go out with you and stuff, well, um.” She said tearfully. ”Um what?” I managed to say. “He is, um, moving.” Emily said. I just froze, it was like my heart just got ripped out. Tears flew down my face like snow. Emily came to sit beside me. “Emily, why does everything bad have to happen to me?” I said. While I was waiting on Emily to speak, I noticed how much I loved him to. “Ashley, everything is not bad! You have been blessed to be my best friend and you can try to have a long distance relationship?” Emily said sounding sadder than ever. “So, I yelled at him for nothing? All of this was a lie? Just to keep that he was moving? Gosh why dose this happen to me?” The tears poured down my face like crazy! I didn’t want to talk so I just cuddled on the couch crying my eyes out! Then I heard the phone ring. Emily went to get the phone, but before she could tell me who it was, I feel asleep.

When I woke up, something was wrapped around me. It felt strong, warm, and soft. I open my eyes to see Justin holding me. I wanted to move up to kiss him but I was to comfortable to. It felt like I was home. Like there was nothing wrong, nothing could every hurt me or bother me. I sat there for a couple of minutes or maybe hours. I didn’t care though, as long I was wrapped in his arm, I didn’t care about anything right now. Then I heard the door open and shut. I went to look who it was, but instead I heard “Is she okay?” I heard Christian say. Then he looked over at me and the look on his face was like, dang, she is really messed up! He went to sit beside Emily. They cuddled on the couch. We were all sitting there, just thinking what are we going to do? I always knew Emily’s life would turn out great. She is dating the second cutest guy, he wasn’t moving, he is not famous so he don’t have to go on tours and everything, but he hasn’t went on a tour yet. Here comes the tears. I tried to hid them but, that never really works for me. “Ashley, I am not really moving, I am, um , just going on a tour.” Justin’s voice sounded so sweet and sad. I looked over at Emily like, Emily, why did you say that? She knew I was looking at her with my little evil eyes. Then I heard Justin say, “ I was wondering if you wanted to do with me?” My face went into shock. I went to ask if Emily and Christian are coming but Justin said, “And yes, Emily and Christian can come.” I didn’t know what to say, what to think, what to do. “Well?” Justin ask. “Um, well. Yes!” I said happily. Justin smiled the smile that I haven’t seen in for ever! Then I thought, I haven’t even talked to my mom about this? “ Oh, and I have already talked to your mom about it.” Justin said just a split second before I was going to ask. I forgot how great it was to not just be dating the hottest guy on the planet, but dating the sweetest guy on the planet. Emily was dating the second sweetest guy. But I bet her thought is different from mine. We sat there for like another hour or two just talking about everything we had on are minds. I didn’t say much, because I had everything on my mind! So I just lied there, in Justin’s arm, listening to everyone talk. Thinking about everything that has happen in these few days. Love, hate, and sorrow. I always used to think that I had no life, that nobody will ever love me, but I never did give out all that hate on other people. I always keep to myself. “When are we leaving?” I asked. Justin just stared at me strange. Then I look over to Emily and Christian, they were both were looking at me strange to. “Were you even listening to us for the past hour?” Christian said. I stared to laugh, “No, no I haven’t.” I said trying not to burst out in laughter. “We are leaving Sunday.” Emily said. I forgot Emily was even there she was just so quite today. Which is not like her at all! She has not even told me how happy she is! I wanted to ask her what was wrong, but I didn’t want to talk about that right now. I really wanted to sleep and sleep in his arms, but I knew I couldn’t. Cause I have a tour to go to, with my best friend, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend. But I was feeling wrong. It felt like someone or something around me is being hurt. I looked over at Emily, she looked like she was going to cry. I sit up and grab her arm and take her to the bathroom. I lock the door and asked, “what is wrong?” She didn’t answer me the first time, or the second, but when I asked the third time she yelled “I think Christian might be cheating on me!” I walked out that door and grabbed Christians arm and pulled him downstairs. I shut the door and locked it. I turn around to look at him to see that he already knew what I was going to ask him. Then I suddenly saw the tears in his eyes. Finally I broke the awkward silence, and said, “Why? Give me one good reason why you did this?” After I said that, I suddenly felt the tears in my eyes. “It was a long night and, and I didn’t cheat on her. If that is what your guessing I did!” Christian said this just a little more then a whisper. I was confused when he said that. Then I got the nerves to ask, “Then what, what is it?” He didn’t answer me for a minute, then he said, “I-I am-am smoking.” This time it was lower than a whisper. The tears were pouring down my face. I didn’t know what to do. Could I tell Emily? Did Justin know? I wanted to asked all of these questions, but I couldn’t. I felt my legs getting weak, then I noticed I was lying on the floor crying my eyes out! There was only one word that I could get out of mouth, “why”? I looked up to see Christian on the floor balling! Then I notice that my phone had been buzzing, I opened it to see a message from Justin:

Babe listen, I know you are crying right now, but you got to remember, me and Christian have had a rough path.

What did he mean when he said Christian and ME? I replied:

What do you mean by “Christian and ME“?

Did that mean that he was… Oh no! Please, no1 I can’t deal with this right now! Then my phone buzzed again:

I am sorry!! I didn’t know to tell you this!! I have had got out of it! I promise! And the only reason I am keeping myself from doing that is you!!

If he was strong enough to stop, why can’t Christian? I looked up and I didn’t see Christian. Why dose this stuff have to happen to me now? I got up and looked around to see a piece of paper on the floor. I picked it up and read: tell Emily I love her.

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Life is long, love is longer

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