A School Life...

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How can a normal school life be? Maybe not so normal for Blue and Oak as they enter the adventurous world of fun and folly!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A School Life...

Submitted: June 05, 2011

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Submitted: June 05, 2011



A little boy called as the Naughty Master was working at the Flipper School; and yes, his work was pranks. Do you know what he was encountering a person who was known as the Great Pranky in his previous school. His name was Oak; the latter was with his partner-Blue. They both together used to play pranks on people. He was to encounter the little boy. They had a duel in playing pranks on people.

\"Hey Oak I think the people here are easier to get pranks on. I think the principal will be easy enough to win the duel.\"said Blue. \"That's all right but we have to watch out for nosy crook, she may catch us.\" Nosy crook was the nickname of the Math teacher for them at school. She used to suspect almost everything.

\"Good point, I missed that completely. Well it's time for his own class, my friend!\" \"It's time let's scoot!\"

\"Mornin' class, today we are gonna learn about the various angles and their appearances in daily life. I believe that Oak can now leave the class and find out ten angles and come. I expect you to come back only after the class is dismissed.\" Oak ran out of the class and returned only after the period was over. \"Hey Oak do you think that Nosy crook has a grudge against us?\" asked Blue. \"Oh sure I say the whole school hates us.\" \"Then why does Rita alone care for us though she's a topper?\" And suddenly a blonde-haired girl came inside. \"Oh guys were you caught by nosy crook or someone/ Did you succeed in the duel?\" \"Oh yes Rita!\"exclaimed Oak as if he was scared of her.

\"Guys, I have to tell you an important thing-listen up!\" \"what..what is it?\"

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