Let My Words Be Spoken

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About two girls. One which is new. One of them has a disability. Read on to find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Let My Words Be Spoken

Submitted: June 05, 2007

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Submitted: June 05, 2007




As I walked into the red-bricked building I had learned to know and hate as my school, I noticed a fair-haired girl with a green top and green pants passed by. I had never seen her before. I watched her as she walked across the hall looking confused and frightened. I slowly walked up to her not knowing what to expect.

"Hi, do you need any help?" I asked politely

The girl just stared. I nervously glanced down at my pink and black striped top and jeans with my pink prada heels I had gotten for my birthday three months ago. "Are you OK?" I questioned. She was silent. She gave a startled jump as the shrill ring of the bell burst through the hall.

"Well, I got to go to class." I said and I was off. I turned back to look were she was heading but she was gone.

As I entered my classroom I noticed a black-haired lady with almond coloured eyes whispering silently to Ms. Canavan. As I took my seat the lady walked out of the classroom and out the wooden door.

"Class," she began waiting for everyone to sit down and be quiet "Today, we have a new student." She gestured to the door and the lady came out holding the fair-haired girl.

"Why don't you introduce yourself?" said Ms. Canavan. The girl gave a nervous glance towards the lady and she quickly ran up to Ms. Canavan and whispered something in her ear. "Oh, right, thank you Jenna." replied Ms. canavan to the lady known as Jenna.

"Umm, well, class, this is Cecily." she said nervously "Cecily, why don't you take a seat near Kathy. Kathy, raise your hand"

I slowly raised my hand eager to no more about this girl. Cecily gave a nervous glance to the lady named Jenna and with a welcoming smile she began to walk towards me her mysterious blue eyes lost. She placed her books on the other half of the table and sat down. She pulled a fluffy green pen and a silver notepad with Cecily emblazoned on the front out of her pocket and placed it beside herself.

"You like to write?" I whispered. She didn't answer but looked on forwards.

Throughout the whole morning she never said a word but jotted down things on her silver notebook. She never once raised her hand or replied to me. She was strange. When the shrill bell rang once more for break I decided to question her once more.

"I'm Kathy anyway, were are you from?" She still gave no reply.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" sneered Jessica as she passed by. I gave her an angry glare wishing I could pound her head in. Jessica cared for nothing but fashion, her status, and her boyfriend (more like flavour of the month). I noticed Cecily had walked off by then and was now walking across the grass staring at the flowers and gazing at the clouds.

There was something odd about this girl and I was going to find out what.



I tried to look up at the red-bricked building only to be blinded once more by the feirce light of the sun. I climbed up the concrete steps grasping the banister as I did so. I opened the white-painted doors and heard them slam shut behind me. The voices of so many children broke into my mind. Kids were running around trying to get to class. Tears swelled up in my eyes but I managed to hold them back. I nervously glanced down at my sheet of paper displaying my locker number, my locker code, and my classes. I walked towards the lockers when the one displaying my number, 117, caught my eye. I walked towards it with a slow, nervous stride that caught the attention of another girl. Her pale face and many freckles lit up her orange hair.

"Hi, do you need any help?" she asked me in a sugary sweet tone that I hated. I just stared at her. Wishing, wishing she would go away, wishing.

A shrill ring, rang through the hall and I gave a startled jump. Too many sounds. Too noisy.

"Well, I got to go to class." The girl said and ran off. Once she had left I gave a sigh of relief and quickly turned around to face a black-haired lady with beautiful almond eyes.

"Hi, I'm here to help you out around the school. My names Jenna. Is that Ok?" She said to me. I didn't say anything but just nodded my head. She took my hand and brought me to a classroom with a wooden door. In the centre there was a small golden plaque saying 'Ms. Canavan's Room.' "This is your class, wait right here while I talk to your teacher." I didn't say anything. She opened the wooden door and it creaked while she did so. She came back a few minutes later and ushered me inside. I glanced around the room and noticed the girl from before. Her birght red-hair tied up behind and her arms crossed. The teacher-Ms. Canavan gave me a quick glance and began to speak.

"Class," she began waiting for everyone to quiet down. "This is Cecily, why don't you introduce yourself."

I gave a worried glance at Jenna and she quickly whispered something into Ms. Canavan's ear.

"Well, um, Cecily, why don't you sit next to Kathy. Kathy raise your hand." Ms. Canavan said.

The girl in the hallway slowly put up her hand and I gradually walked towards her taking small steps. I took out my books and placed them on my half of the table. I took out my prized possession out of my pocket and placed next to my fluffy green pen. It was a silver notebook with Cecily emblazoned on the front. My grandmother had given it to when I was very young. Before the fire. After the fire she had died. I had cried and cried and cried.

"You like to write?" asked Kathy. I gave her no reply. Finally, when she realised I wasn't going to answer she stopped.

When the shrill bell ran once more for break and Kathy questioned me once more. "I'm Kathy, were are you from?" I still wouldn't answer her. A tall girl with blonde-hair walked by. She had shiny blue eyes and a tan complexion.

"What? Cat got your tounge?" She sneered at me. I was use to these types of insults. But, I could tell Kathy was angry. I slowly walked off when Kathy wasn't looking and gazed into the sky and walked around the flowers.

Why had God done this to me? Was there really a God? He had never helped me out. Ever since the fire, I felt so alone, so afraid, so quiet.



I thought about the girl all the way home. I know she could be shy, like, but that doesn't mean she can't talk or answer. I pondered this all the way up to the blue door which led to the interior of my two-storey house with cremé walls. As I went into my pink-spotted bag to pull out my key, movement inside caught my attention. I quickly jammed my key in the door only to realise it was already open. I quickly opened the door and gave a quick glance around. Nothing was there.

Suddenly, I heard thumping down the stairs, I quickly grabbed a pan from the old-fashioned stove. The pan was becoming rusty and must have been an old one, mom was always leaving them lie about. As the thumping became louder I figure emerged from the stairs. She had short, brown hair and cats eyes. Her lips were chapped but still shiny.

"Mom?" I said

"Dear, I hadn't heard you come in!" she then noticed the pan. "What are you doing with that thing?"

"I thought you were a robber. What are you doing back so early?" I asked

"Umm, well, I need a break" she said nervously glancing at me. "What? Aren't you happy?"

I put on a fake smile but I knew something was up. "Of course, mom." Without further adu, I ran upstairs and pulled out my laptop. I quickly typed in my schools IP adress and clicked on Student Contacts. I looked up Cecily and five contacts came up. Only two were from my year though. I quickly looked them through.

Cecily Byrne's: A shy child with straight A's, she is very bright despited her disability.

Number: 083-005-3346

Adress: 73 Sherbert Road

Cecily Kurke: A very noisy child with many D's, she needs to work on homework.

Number: 086-248-8747

Adress: 43 Lemon Drive

I knew straight away that Cecily Kurke couldn't be her, the Cecily I knew wasn't noisy. But what was Cecily Byrne's disability? I quickly dialed in her number on my pink phone haning on my lilac walls.

"Hello?" a lady answered. She sounded mid-thirties.

"Umm, hi, can I talk to Cecily?" I asked

"Oh, um, she can't come to the phone," the ladys voice became worried "Shes....."

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