The Ghost Of My Friend

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A girl dead after a coma. Wandering spririts. A lost friend. What will it lead to?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Ghost Of My Friend

Submitted: June 05, 2007

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Submitted: June 05, 2007



No, this ISN’T one of those Harry Potter fantasies and it isn’t about fairies either. No, oh my, no, it’s about something much worse. If you were expecting a story with a happy ending and lovely white bunnies, then guess what! You’re in the WRONG place. This story may have a happy ending or may not but whether it does or it doesn’t I don’t think you want to hear about it. So before you’re exposed to these horrible and tragic events, please, click the left-hand corner button labelled ‘Stories’ and be done with you. This story is about me and my best friend, Tanya.

Anyway, to start our story (I thought I told you to leave!), I had just finished school and was anxious to change out of my uniform. I impatiently waited for Tanya to come out of the red-bricked building which had survived so many wrecks and fires. It was about a hundred-years-old but as if anyone cared. It had been renovated so many times you couldn’t tell anymore. Its modern features disguised the old building bringing the technology every modern child wish to have at there disposal. Unlike, most states and countries schools here were very wealthy and we had heating systems and AC’s in almost every room and area. Soon I noticed Tanya walking out of the new metal doors at the side beside the old playground which was rusting. The old slide was crumbling with the monkey-bars a mere pile of rubbish. The club-house which we all had one cherished was piled at the bottom of the tree. A few birds had built there nests in it and were happily living there lives.

“Sarah! Sorry I took so long, stupid Mr. Burns kept me behind!” cried Tanya rushing up to me. She was a lot faster than I was and had won the school track competition last year and was the favourite for this year. I had always wished I could be like Tanya, she was perfect. Of course, she never joined those snobby, stuck-up popular’s. She was too smart for them, she could be popular if she wanted, but she didn’t want to turn into one of those stuck-up bitches. As I was saying, Tanya was everything any girl would want to be. She had long wavy black hair that went down as far as her tail-bone. Her almond coloured eyes glistened in the sun light causing everyone to stare. Her smooth, crème skin shined and radiated her whole body. She was always seen with a bright smile except for on those awful days when you’re stuck indoors with nothing in the whole bloody world to do but stare out the bloody window.

“What did you do this time?” I questioned figuring she had been flicking her hair to much for Mr. Burns to think she was paying attention. She did pay attention but didn’t act like it.

“Oh, flicking my hair. I love to get the old cow angry, brightens up my day it does!” she said laughing. Tanya was so care-free. She would do anything not giving a second thought about the consequences. Luckily, she always wormed her way put of trouble.

“You naughty girl!” I said teasingly. “Anyway, do you have the pictures?”

“I do.” she said pulling a brown envelope out of her bag. “They even gave me free gum!” she continued pulling a packet of ‘Thin Mints’ out of her other pocket and popping one in her mouth. She put out her hand in way of offering to me. I shook my head.

“Great!” I said grabbing them. Awhile back, Amelia, ‘Queen Bee’, had gone to the latest party. P.J. had been throwing it and of course, being the Captain of the football team, everyone that was an anybody had show up. Including Amelia, of course! Anyway, Casey had knocked over a glass of punch beside the girl’s bathroom and it spluttered over Amelia’s dress and face. She had looked hilarious. She rushed into the girls bathroom were myself and Tanya had been and we quickly, us being such good friends, (wink), fixed her up. If you count lipsticks smearing and mascara dripping beautiful, we were experts! We had quickly taken pictures saying she had looked wonderful and ushered her outside. We quickly ran for it pushing a lot of people out of the way.

“Shall we go home now, I’m in terrible need of the loo.” said Tanya putting on her English accent.

“A splendid idea, please do lead the way, and when we get there you can have a cup of tea!”

Of course, if I had known what was going to happen I would have quickly steered in the opposite direction.


We walked onto the newly-built path walk kicking the small stones as we went along. We passed the bushes and tress sticking out from the fences and a stick thwacked Tanya in the face.

“Ouch!” she said clutching her face “My eye.” And for some odd reason she began to laugh. Not one of those odd evil laughs, the ones that are so stupid it’s funny. I joined her as we laughed with not a care in the world. As we came to a STOP sign we stopped and caught are breath. As I was kneeling over Tanya quickly sprinted ahead.

“Race you!” she cried already way ahead. I stood no chance but I began running for the laugh. As I watched Tanya sprint away her black hair flying back I noticed a car coming head on. Tanya then turned around.

“Come one faster!” she cried turning around. But it was too late. First came the screeching of brakes, and then silence. No screams, no cries of terror. Then a rushing of feet as everyone ran to see what had happened. I quickly sprinted ahead, tears filling my eyes. Had she died? It was all my fault. I should have told her to look out. I ushered my way into the crowd and looked down at the face of my best friend. Her face carried a look of surprise as if she was about to say ‘Oh.’ Her dark hair was strewn across the road like a tangled bush. Her hands far out on each side and legs close together.

“Is she ok?” A man asked. He wore a grey suit with a blue tie and must have been the driver. “I tried to stop, I did, but it was too late.”

“Tanya?” I whispered. I placed my hand around her wrist and I felt a pulse. “She’s alive!” I screamed with a gleam in my voice. “She’s alive!” I began to jump up and down. I must have looked like an idiot. But I really didn’t care.

Someone must have called and ambulance for sirens could be heard approaching. A red and blue vehicle pulled up and on the side on a blue line it read ‘Ambulance.’ They quickly pulled out what appeared to be a long white stretcher. It clanked as the wheels met the ground making everyone jump. They quickly lifted Tanya’s arms and legs and pulled her onto the stretcher. They fixed her arms and legs by her side and placed a small grey blanket over her fragile body. As they were about to leave I stepped forward.

“Please, can I go with you? She was my friend. I was walking with her when it all happened. I’m sorry.” I cried pleadingly to them. They looked tired and resentful.

“Alright kid, but you got to do as we say, understand? No messing.” The man said opening the doors wider allowing me in. I nodded and stepped inside. The man then closed the doors behind me and collapsed onto a chair. I looked at my surroundings. Tanya was lying on a movable bed in the corner with a group of nurses around her. Beside that were a medicine cabinet and a zapper. I quickly turned away.

“Is she OK?” I asked one of the nurses with olive skin. Her eyes looked tired and her hair was a mess. She must have been working all day.


“She’s in a coma, but I’ll say she’ll be fine.” The nurse replied.

As the Ambulance drove along we came to a sudden stop outside what appeared to be the hospital. It looked gloomy and uninviting. No wonder nobody ever wanted to come here. The doors opened and a blast of sunlight filled the vehicle as the nurses began working on getting Tanya out.



A whole load of commotion started up and there was noise everywhere. There were other ambulances pulling up, some with more serious injured patients. They all pulled up outside of the hospital and quickly unloaded there patients. They then went inside to check the patient in. I quickly followed Tanya and the nurses who were running down the hall trying to get Tanya into a bed. We finally stopped outside a room and they pushed Tanya and the stretcher inside. As I went forward to go in I felt a hand pull me back. I squirmed but it only gripped tighter.

“You can’t go in there.” A man said. I looked around to realise it was the same man I had asked for permission to come.

“Why not?” I asked trying to free myself from his grip. His fingers dug into my skin and I gasped in pain. His right finger had a ring with a pointed edge which cut my skin. His hands were cold and clammy. The hair from them tickled my shoulder but I kept on fighting.

“It’s no use. I’m not going to let go of you. You’re not allowed in there. Remember our condition? Do as I say.” He said gripping tighter. I finally stopped fighting and let him guide me to a waiting room. Other people were already there, some sitting in the wooden chairs and others at the desk waiting in line. In one booth a very old woman worked away looking through files. In another, was a man, about thirty, typing something into a computer. The room was fairly large with a ‘Kiddie’s Corner’ on the right. A group of little children were pulling out the books from the shelves. One of them had bright orange hair and was chewing happily on the corner of a hard-back book. A group of little girls were in a circle around a doll house, each holding there very own Barbie dolls. A little boy, looking about four to five, sat in front of an old T.V. watching Barney. On the other side of the room a mother was feeding her baby some milk while trying to keep her three-year-old son under control. The little boy was bouncing up and down with a toy aeroplane in his small palm.


“Vroom!!!” The little boy shouted waving the aeroplane in the air.

“No! That’s a car, an aeroplane goes Shrooommmm!” Another boy said who was bouncing on top of what appeared to have once been holding magazines and newspapers. Which, by now, were all now lying scattered on the floor.

As I stared at the little children happily playing, thinking how just this morning I was as happy as they were.



“Sit down here,” the man said pointing to a blue-cushioned chair hidden away in the corner. Beside it was a small, ambulance-shaped side table. Sitting on the side table was a propped-up mirror and a small blue lamp. I silently sat and waited for the man to leave.


“My name is Jonathon, and in case you need any help Cynthia,” he pointed to the fair-haired lady at the desk. “Will be able to help you.” I nodded and he left slamming the door behind him. I glanced at the mirror and got a good look at myself. I had long, brown hair that stuck out everywhere. My eyes were nothing like Tanya’s, they were brown, but like to piles of mud. I had olive skin with pale-pink lips. My nose was perfectly straight and my ears normal-sized. I had thin arms and big legs that stuck out like 10 feet. (Only messing!) My mother always said I was so vain. Speaking of my mother, good thing I told her I was going to Tanya’s. I wonder how she was. I pulled out my pink-Motorola phone from my pocket and quickly dialled my mom’s number. It rang for awhile and then someone picked up.

“Jhon, I seriously can‘t talk right now.” said mom

“Mom?” I said confused.

“Hello?” said my mom

“Hey, mom it’s me, I got bad news.” I said rushed

“Who’s me?” she asked

“Me’s me! Sarah!” I called back

“Are you OK? What happened? Did Tanya’s mother faint again?” My mom questioned.

“No, well, when we were walking home, uh, um, Tanya kind of, um, got hit by a car and is now in a coma. I’m in the hospitals waiting room.” I said nervously. I heard a deep breath from the other end.

“WHAT!! Are you OK? Does Tanya’s mother know? You could have been killed! How’s Tanya?!” My mother shouted

I’m fine and the hospital has called Tanya’s parents. I don’t know about Tanya but I’m going to stay here for awhile, OK? I call you when I need a lift. Love you!” I cried and hung up.

I listened to the voices around me and thought how I could listen to Tanya’s comforting voice again. She would make this whole situation feel a lot better. I knew I wouldn’t be able to though, because she was in a coma. I thought of the good times we had. I had known Tanya forever. The first time I met her was at playschool. I had been new, coming half-way through the school year, and the teacher, Ms. Folly, had placed me next to Tanya. She had helped me to learn my way around and I gave her some of my chocolate chip cookies which my mom had given to me for lunch. She then gave me an Oreo and we traded everyday.

When I reached my first day of the big school I was afraid. I sat in the back and was quiet shy until Tanya walked in. Her mother, who had blonde hair and blue eyes and a dimple on her cheek, was trailing behind her and whispered something into my new teachers ear, her name was Ms. Curry. I caught Tanya’s attention and she sat beside me. From then on we were great friends.


I sat there thinking back through all the memories when Jonathon came in.

“You can come in if you like.” he said

“Ok.” I responded and he led me down the hall. We passes a few grey doors, in one was a patient asleep and another looked as if he had broken every bone in his bloody body! We reached a black door and Jonathon pushed it open. It led into another hall with pictures of awards hanging on the walls. The hall echoed as Jonathons black shoes tapped against the ground. You could hear the branches of the trees brushing against the window. It felt like I was in a ghost story. I felt like I was walking down the hall to the electric chair. Like I was never going to see daylight again. It was all over. The we reached another door and opened it. There was Tanya, fast asleep in her coma, lying on the bed.

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