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chapter one

“Hurry up!” I yelled, sprinting in front of my brother in the tall grass at 10 o’clock at night.
“Wait, Rito! You’re going too fast!” Hiro scrambled behind, trying to catch up. I’m Rito Kobayashi and I’m 15 years old. Hiro is my brother who is 2 years younger than me. This is the first time I ran away from home...and it was already getting bad.

Hiro and I ran as fast as we can from a man in a white cloak. I couldn’t see him or hear him very well, but his deep voice kept calling after us. From the corner of my eye he looked almost 7 feet tall. It felt like I’ve been running forever! In seconds the man in the white cloak appeared in front of us.

He grabbed our shoulders tightly and said “I need to take you some place where your lives will be changed forever... I can’t tell you much details until we get there.”
Hiro and I were speechless. I don’t get what this man is saying. We’re basically being kidnapped!

The man in the white cloak removed his hood. He had long brown hair tied in a low ponytail and had a small mustache connected to a short beard. The man had hazel eyes that made him look innocent, and his crooked smile made me believe he was telling the truth. The man started to chant something, but before I could say anything, everything went black.

I woke up in a bed and Hiro was sound asleep on a bed next to mine. “I better not be home...” I mumbled. I sat up and a mirror was sitting at the end of the bed so I picked it up. I was still a boy with spiky, jet-blackhair with a tank-top and sweat pants. My blue eyes shimmered in the mirror and my smile is still crooked. Yes, I smiled in the mirror.Nothing happened to me. I looked over at my brother who was just getting up.

“Where are we, Rito?” he looked at me with his deep brown eyes. His brunette hair was messy from sleeping and his shorts and t-shirt were wrinkly. Nothing happened to him either so I guess that means the man in the white cloak was no harm. “I don’t know where we are...but we’re not at home...” I said worried. Hiro slipped out of bed and looked in a dresser.

“There are clothes here about our size and They look really weird!”Hiro said with excitement. I hopped out of bed to take a look. There were cloaks that were dark green along with black elbow pads. The second drawer had gloves with no fingertips and steel knuckles attached. there were black boots with buckles to keep them on but the last 2 drawers had nothing in them.

There was a sudden knock on the door. The door opened and the man in the white cloak came in. “I see you woke up and found your clothing!” the man chuckled. “You better change into them and come with me.”
“Wait! We don’t even know your name!” I said quickly. “You can’t just take us anywhere without a name!”

“My name is Shouji. Souji Yamada. And I already know your names. Your mother used to come to this school of magic as well!” He smiled gently. My eyes grew wide along with Hiro. “My mom used to come here?!” I shouted. “She’s dead though! She never told me about a school that has to do with magic!...” Shouji hushed me.
“We know everything about you. You ran away from home because your dad came home from work drunk everyday right? And now you’re here.” he said calmly. “Now get changed and get ready for a warm welcome!”

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Good chapter, please keep me updated.

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Update me too ^_^

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Haha ok

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