The Lost Tale of Kiro

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The God Kiro kept his thoughts sealed inside the Book of Kiro. If this book got into the wrong hands, everything that ever happend in history, good and bad, they noone knew about would be realeased to the public, and even worse, the enemy. This novel takes place in the 1800s. All names are made up, parts of the novel will be complete if people want it to be. Enjoy reading!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kiro and the Big Idea

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



As the warfare continued, Akilos and I we’re bunkered down inside an abandoned hovel that night. The sounds of screaming, arrows cutting the air and fire burning our land were haunting our thoughts while we slept. Akilos is the god of water and sea bearing creatures, He is also the Duke of Moorlake. While I am the god of night, and shadows, I am Kiro, Duke of Hallowvale. Page 1 of Chapter 1, Book of Kiro.

-Dukes longhouse, Hallowvale-

“Sire! Sire! One of our scouts has found a missing page from the Book of Kiro!” “Let me see this page steward. Ah, the first page to my thoughts, maybe there is hope for us after all. Steward! Assemble the head of the guards and my military; we must plan for our first push against the enemy.”

-War Hall-

“Welcome men, today we received a report that one of our scouts has found one of the missing pages to the Book of Kiro. This means that some of the book’s fragments remain. Retrieving these pages will restore order between the lands of Ostburn once and hopefully, for all.” “Lord how do you suggest we find these other pages of the book?” “Brilliant observation Jarl Theodus, but this has already been thought of, we will simply pillage all the other villages amongst the plains of Ostburn until enough pressure is thrown upon the enemy that they will rat out their leader, he will either have some of the pages, or know where they are. Any other questions men? No? Well be off with you then!”

-Training hall-

“What do you think Kiro has in store for us?” “I think he’ll go on a rampage and destroy all of Ostburn.” “Don’t be a fool you two; you know Kiro wouldn’t waste his time using his army if it wasn’t important.” “I guess you’re right Jarl, although I still think he’s a bit off his edge.” “Give him time, he knows what he’s doing, I hope.” “Everyone listen up! The Duke has requested we gather out in front of the keep! Hop to it!” “This should be good.” “Shut up you.” “Yes, Jarl.”

-In front of Keep-

“Everyone gather round! I have great news for you all! Tomorrow is the first ambush we will execute!” “Are you sure about this my league?” “Yes Steward, if we don’t retrieve the lost fragments of the book of Kiro, many problems will occur within Ostburn, and even Hallowvale walls. I’m not taking that risk of letting centuries of memories and secrets escape and fall into the wrong hands, all hell will break loose.” “So where is the ambush taking place Kiro?” “Akilos-”

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The Lost Tale of Kiro

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