The Lost Tale of Kiro

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Lost Friend

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



“One should never forget thy friend.” Page 41, Hallowvale Hymn of War.

-In Front of Keep-

“What are you doing here Akilos? You know I banished you from Hallowvale years ago.” “My purpose here Kiro is to ensure you retrieve those pages you lost back in the 3rd war.” “What makes you think we hadn’t already found the pages to the missing lore?” “I know you better than that Kiro; you wouldn’t be standing here and ambushing the enemy for no reason.” “So why are you so worried about the missing fragments?” “It’s not just you who wants to restore peace amongst Ostburn ya’know, Ostburn has been in ruins since the Book of Kiro has gone missing, And it’s your fault!” “It was not my fault Akilos! And you know that! We are both to blame!” “But weren’t you the one who the letbandits escape?” “Me? What were you doing while the bandits road off with the book? Napping I suppose?” “Both of you calm down! Right now it may be a sign that Akilos is here and wanting to help us with the ambush, arguing won’t get the fragments back in our hand now will it?” “Aye, I suppose you’re right Jarl, what do you say Kiro, want my help?” “Alright Akilos, you can join us, Jarl, meet me at the inn, I want to speak to you privately before the moon sets.” “Yes my league. “ “Kiro, aren’t you forgetting something?” “And that would be?” “The place of the ambush?” “ Ah yes, I will announce that at sunrise, good day to you all.”

-Violet Tavern-

“Welcome Jarl Theodus, how was your day?” “A bit shocking but still a typical day none the less, and you Sire?” “I wish it could be different, but it was alright. But now small talk is over, I wanted to meet you here because of Akilos, I want you to keep your best spy upon him, alright?” “Are you sure? Akilos was your friend, what happened back during the war to turn the both of you on separate paths?” “Now is not the time for stories Theodus, and I’m positive, keep your best spy on him, he cannot be trusted. Now, how about a drink jarl? On me.” “That’d be kind of you Sire, thank you kindly.”

-Meanwhile: Outside Hallowvale walls-

“Did you scout the weak point in Hallowvale?” “Yes my lord, our army is also being trained as we speak.” “Very good, here is your pay, 100 gold pieces, as I promised.” “Thank you my lord, I will send a spy to the Hallowvale towers to make sure Kiro isn’t up to more than he should be.” “Very well, now be off with you.”

-War hall-

“General, I want you to send a small team of scouts to over watch Moorlake.” “Is that all Kiro? No army? Just scouts?” “That is correct General, If Akilos makes a move, I want to be the first to know about said move, alright?” “Yes your honor.”

-Outside Hallowvale walls-

“Captain! Captain! Kiro just sent scouts outside of Moorlake!” “Excellent-“

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