The Lost Tale of Kiro

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Unexpected

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



“Thy friend will not betray you, if it is truly thy friend.” Speech from Jarl Theodus, 1548.

-On the cliffs beside Moorlake-

The noises of horses silently passing the trees while the gear from the scouts bounce around making clink noises creates an uneasy feeling for the scouts. “Wha’dya thinks of the night captain?” “Is a very fine night indeed, but let us not try to lose concentration on the plan.” “And that’d be? “ “Kiro has ordered us to over watch the kingdom of Moorlake; he doesn’t trust his old friend Akilos.” “And why is that?” “No one knows except him and Akilos, and I think Kiro wants to keep it that way, Hush! Someone’s coming, everyone down!”

While the scouts from Hallowvale are alongside the musky scented brush, the spies from Moorlake are passing them and onward to Hallowvale on foot. “Hurry you fools! Akilos is counting on us to reach Hallowvale before sunrise. If we can eliminate Kiro before the ambush, we may be able to retrieve the pages with ease.” “Is Akilos sure about this? Seems a bit harsh to kill an old friend over paper don’t cha think?” “Akilos gave us his orders, don’t question them.”

The scouts now helping one another out of the brush. “Hurry men, retrieve a pigeon from the cages, we need to let Kiro know what is about to happen, if they get to Kiro before this blasted bird does, who knows what will go wrong next.” One of the scouts attaches a scroll to the pigeon’s talon and releasing it towards Hallowvale.

-Duke Kiro’s Chamber-

The silent grey pigeon perches upon the stand outside Kiro’s window and tap gently onto the glass window. “What is this? A message from one of my scouts?”

The letter reads: Kiro, we have just overheard the spies of Moorlake upon the Cliffside of Moorlake, Akilos is planning your execution very soon, if you receive this message before it’s too late, act now!

“Well this isn’t good, Steward! Forward this scroll to the General, and tell him to meet me in the war hall immediately!” “Will do sir.” “However Akilos is planning to do me in, he have better plan to make sure I don’t return, if I do, he won’t.”

-War Hall-

“I came as soon as I got the message, what do you order us to do?” “I want you to arrange Akilos’s date with the gallows, his betrayal will not be taken lightly, I told the Jarl and Steward to let him be on his way while we had the chance, now there is war between Hallowvale and Moorlake, and for no reason.” “And as for the spies?” “Rally a squad of archers to expel of them, the scroll said there were only about four spies amongst them, as well as the few spies along our walls.” “You knew about the spies along the walls? Why didn’t you order us to remove of them?” “I was trying to give Akilos a chance to do right, but clearly his mind is fogged with war, like it always was.” “Alright Kiro, I’ll get right to those order, good day Duke.” “Very well then.”

-Sunrise Following the Spies outside of Hallowvale-

“Alright men, now is the time to strike before the guards shift positions.” “That won’t be necessary rat, you’re coming with us!” “You and what army Hallowvale dog!” “This one!” As the line of archer trek across the hills. “Now, is it death? Or prison for you?” “Death!”

As the battle commences Akilos is watching from over the hillside against a maple tree, He then pulls out a pigeon and attaches a scroll to its talon, and sends it away. “If Kiro wants a war, he’s got one now.”

Once the battle stops, twenty of thirty archers are left, and only one spy, however the spy magnates to flee from death. “Lord, Lord Akilos! Is that you? Oh thank the stars it really is you!” “Yes it is I, and how come you’re upon the ground like a mutt?” “Kiro sent archers to ambush us at the wall.” “Did he now? Well you will be of no more use to me, goodbye rat.” Following Akilos’s words, is the spy’s death and one of Kiro’s scouts listening in on Akilos.

-Castle Galley-

“Mornin’ sire! *sniff* is that mead I smell?” “Quite so Steward, any news on our scouts?” “Yes my league, Akilos hasn’t sent out any troops so far, but we did see a pigeon with papyrus tied to its talon flying towards Moorlake. One of our scouts has also spotted Akilos watching his spies die outside of our walls.” “This morning? When the archers ambushed the spies?” “Yes, Akilos also put down the only survivor of that attack, and it was his own spy he put down, with no mercy.” “I see, Akilos is becoming more aggressive, we must act soon upon the parish of Moorlake before it’s too late.”

“Kiro! Kiro! *huffing and panting* Kiro!” “What is it General?” “It’s Akilos; he’s on a rampage inside the village!” “Get our guards to him right away!” “Yes sir!” “Scout, double the security amongst Moorlake, I want no one to leave that place unchecked, understand?” “Yes sir.”

“I must contact my old friend very soon; I need advice on finding the other pages, my plans aren’t working while that old goat Akilos is in my way, trying to eliminate me.”

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