The Lost Tale of Kiro

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A Fallen Jarl

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Submitted: April 20, 2013



When I was a young boy, even before I cared about being the leader of a kingdom, I traveled on a merchant’s boat with my father, until the one awful night when we were pillaged by a band of pirates. I then became a pirate myself in search of those who raided us that night. Page 3 of Chapter 2. Book of Kiro.

-Roads to Moorlake-

“Alright men, prepare the catapults to attack the northern end of Moorlake, archers, climb upon the walls after the knights give you the go ahead. Everyone ready?” Ordered the general. “On my count, one-, two-, three-, hold your fire! There’s an incoming galleon from the east entering Moorlake. Change of plans men, knights, barge into the village after the catapults hit the front gates, archers will stay up here to protect the catapults, once you’re in you will find and take hold on the ship then wait for further orders.”

-On board the Crimson Spirit (Merchant Vessel)-

“Everyone get to unloading the cargo of the ship! We don’t have all day!” Ordered Captain Charles. As toll bells ring from the church, Akilos’s steward walks aboard the Crimson Spirit. “You there! What do you think you’re doing here?” Asked the steward. “What do ye mean what is I doin? I’m unloading the cargo from other voyages. Why do ye ask?”Said Charles impatiently “I ask this because all trades and travels from and to Moorlake are under inspection. And no one has been aboard this ship to check if you are hauling the troops of Kiro.” Answered the steward. “The troops of Kiro ye say? What makes you think I have a connection with Kiro anyways?”Asked Charles. “ “It don’t matter if you do or don’t, you need to be inspected or leave.” Said the steward boldly. Before Captain Charles can answer, the church bells ring again symbolizing emergency. “Emergency, Everyone! Get to the keep right away!” Yelled the steward. “I’ll be fine upon my ship thank you-, whoever you are.” Replied Captain Charles. “Your death peasant.” Said the steward.

After the battle to enter Moorlake, the knights approach the Crimson Spirit. “Aye! You aboard that boat! Get down here at once!” Ordered a knight. “Are you a knight from Kiro’s army?” Replied Charles. “Yes we are, now come down!” “Alrighty then mate! I’ll be down in a jiff!” Said Charles excitedly. Charles looks into the eyes of the knight and asks, “Can I come with ye to Hallowvale? Kiro is a old friend of mine, and I think I could be of great use to him?” “Aright, but we are going to check your boat first, then we will board it and you will bring us to Lake de Croix, we will then message Kiro to meet us there alright?” Asked the knight. “Will do ol bean.” Said Charles.

After all the army and Captain Charles’s crew boards the galleon, they then set off to Lake de Croix. “Tally ho men! And off to Crossed Lake!” Yelled Charles.

-Market Square, Hallowvale-

As toll bells ring from churches everyone is silent watching the approach of Jarl Theodus and Kiro, walking to the gallows. “Everyone! Today we are about to be rid of a traitor! A good friend of Kiro, but now is a rat and companion to Akilos!” Says the steward. As the crowd roars in excitement Kiro then says,” Yes, and after the execution of this rat, we will then finish off Akilos! Then returning Moorlake to peace with Hallowvale, and crowning a new Duke to Moorlake.”  The crowd roars in more excitement. “You’re making a big mistake Kiro!” Yelled Theodus. “It is you who made the mistake Theo, Executioner! Now is the time.”  The executioner then lets the floor drop under Theo’s feet while he is on the gallows. Once again the crowd roars with excitement, and little depression. “Now, I most go take care of Akilos, it is too risky to bring him to public again, I apologise my people, but this is how it must be. “Said Kiro.

While walking to the prison Kiro notices a messenger pigeon upon the perch of his window. “Steward, run and fetch me that letter please.” Asked Kiro. After the steward returns with the letter Kiro then states that the letter is labelled with the title, A old Chap. The letter reads, Aye, Kiro, it’s ye old friend Charles, Captain Charles now though, I just wanted to let ye know that me and a few of yer men is off to Lake de Croix, and they wanted to meet you there, mainly because they don’t trust me, and the only way I can send this message is if they sign it and read it before it is sent, I heard that you are searching for dem pages again, I may be of help to you with this, since I have a boat and all, Reply Swiftly, yer chap, CC. The letter is also followed by the signature of the general.  Kiro then take out his quill and papyrus and replies, Will do old friend, we will see you in Lake de Croix in two days, take care, your friend, Kiro. This letter is also followed by the royal seal of Hallowvale. “Looks like Akilos’s death will have to wait for now men, right now we must prepare to trek to Lake de Croix, I have important business to take care of there first.” Said Kiro. “Alright sire.” Replied the soldiers behind Kiro.

-Lake de Croix alley way, night time-

“Alright there lil’ princess, yer comin with us now-.” Scowls a bandit. “Let me go you oaf!” Screamed the princess. “ “Halt, thieves!” Yells a guard as an arrow is fired at the bandits thus freeing the princess from the grasp of the bandit. “Are you alright miss?” “Yes, thank you so much.” Replied the princess. “How old are you lass?” Asked the Guard. “Twenty.” Replied the princess. “Best be off to the castle then miss, don’t want to be hanging around here at this time of night.” “Will do, thank you sir.” Replies the princess as she runs back to the castle.

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