The Lost Tale of Kiro

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Fallen City

Submitted: August 07, 2013

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Submitted: August 07, 2013



“Never forget what is to be done.” Royal speech from Kiro.

-Akilos’s Jail Cell, Dusk-

“Akilos.” Said a voice, “Akilos. Come on Akilos wake up-“As Akilos awakes and rises from his resting area he peers out the cell window and notices a dark figure. “Who are you?” States Akilos. “ I be one of yours Akilos, we’re here to set you free.” Says the figure. “And how do you suppose you go about doing that?” Asks Akilos. “I have arranged for a catapult distraction, while guards are away fighting, we can spring you out of here, and back in command of Moorlake once again.” “Kiro took Moorlake from me?” Said Akilos with jealousy. “Yes, but there is no time to discuss that here sire, please, get ready to leave now.” Orders the Voice. As Akilos is getting ready to evacuate the cell multiple loud booms come from afar. “The catapults already?” “Asked Akilos. “They shouldn’t of this early, something is wrong. Let’s go, now.” The Voice says while prying the bars of the window apart to fit Akilos through. “Go, run now, towards the east and get into the merchants cart with the white horse.” “A white horse?” Asked Akilos. “No time for questions! Run!” Demands the Voice.  As Akilos is running through the city of Hallowvale he notices that the soldiers that are attacking aren’t his men, but nonetheless, he still continues to run for the merchant’s cart. “Hop in Sire, quickly.” Said the Merchant. Akilos then hops into the bundles of hay in the back of the cart, both the Merchant and Akilos begin to make their way out of the city.

-Aboard the Crimson Spirit, Dusk-

“Morning Captain, You’ll be coming with us now.” Said one of the guards aboard the ship. “Where are ye taking me to?” “To the brig, where you shall remain until we reach port.” Replied the Guard. “But this is my ship! You, you scoundrel!” Yells Captain Charles as they throw him into the brig of the ship. “You just wait until Kiro finds out about this!”

“Alright crew, I be your new captain for now, until port.” States the General. “Right now it looks as if we’re about to hit a storm, so let’s get everything tied down men! Now!” “But what about Cap’n Charles? Where is he?” Yelled the crew. “Your captain be resting in his bunk for now, he’s not feeling well, and wanted me to take charge until he’s better, or we hit port.” Replied the General.

-Resuming the attack on Hallowvale, Night-

“Kiro! We must get you out of here Sire!” Yelled the Steward. “Why is this? What is going on?” Asked Kiro. “It be the knights of Fort Pinewoods, they be attacking Hallowvale, we must get you out of here while you still have the chance!” “Alright, just let me grab a few things before we leave.” While Kiro is grabbing his sword and page’s to the lore, the room around him starts to feel warm. “What is this Steward?” Asked Kiro. “They be burning your castle Sir! We must flee, now!” Says the Steward while the room begins to bear smoke. “Alright Steward, through the window we go!” Yells Kiro. “Must we Sir?” Asks the Steward worriedly. “There’s no time like you said, now let’s jump!” replies Kiro as he grabs the Stewards hand and jumps through the paned glass window of his quarters  and lands with a tuck and roll. “Are you alright Steward?” Asks Kiro. “Nothing but frightened sir.” Replies the Steward as he brushes himself off. “I will make my way to Lake de Croix now before it’s too late. Are you coming with me Steward?” “I’m sorry Kiro, but I must stay here and protect my family.” Replies the Steward. “Alright then, I best be off for reinforcements, Good luck friend.” Said Kiro as he signals for his horse. “You too Sire, You too.” Replied the Steward.

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