i thought i was straight

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xander thought he was straight until luca came along.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - i thought i was straight

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




Monday morning is so not what I have been looking forward to. My phone alarm buzzes reminding me it’s time for school. I pack my bag and my baseball kit and throw it on my bed in a thud, I put on a pair of blue jeans, a gray shirt and a pair of gray boots ready for school. Painting my room a creamy color was not all my idea but I seem to go with my newly laid blue bed spreads and my sandy brown furniture. My sandy brown study table on the right and my closet to the left was all my little sister’s doing. Jane could be very annoying most times that I couldn’t stand her but then all my attempts to get rid of her always fail. The creature in the mirror I am now standing in front of looks stunning. His brown curls tumbles down from his head down to faultless and angular jaw line. His flawless skin tone is mesmerizing better than that of Brad Pitt, his pale green unmistakably profound and his perfect athletic figure would turn boys gay and set girls cheeks on fire.

“Aren’t you hot?” I ask myself in the mirror tucking my hands in my pocket and raise my eyebrows in question.

“Yes you are, yes you  are Xander” I nod convincingly at myself in the mirror.

I take out my left hand from my pocket and smothered my chin “you need some waxing” I told myself despite knowing I don’t.

Taking a last look in the mirror before heading towards the door situated on the left of the mirror. Something feels missing I tell myself before heading back to the mirror. I stand I front of the mirror scrutinizing myself looking for the missing thing but I find nothing. As I about to leave again I spot my bag and my baseball kit on the bed from the mirror and walk over to grab them hanging them both on each side of my shoulder.

Walking out of my room I place my hands on the banister handles, sat on them and slide down instead of walking down the stairs. I am now in the living room and I spot my sister, Jane one of the three-seater black leather sofas. Her dark brown hair hung in coils down to her shoulder blades. He deep green fixed intently on the plasma screen as her body waits in anticipation. I shift my gaze to the TV to see what swallowed my sister’s attention. Nausea arose as I try to settle in the inappropriate scene my eye just witnessed. A pale well-built Blondie guy with blue eyes who looks about 19 moves towards a brunette guy with deep brown eyes who looks as well-built and about the same age. He grabs his waist, whispers 'I love you' into his ear, move is hand to his crotch and kisses him on the lips.

After recovering, I shudder. Oh darn what hell, janny?! I say scolding her.

She turns in shock, she has clearly has been hypnotized by the abominable scene to the extent that she did not even notice I’ve been standing next to the sofa she is sitting on. “It’s none of your business and I think it’s hot when to guys kiss, especially when they are both sexy.” She explains rolling her eyes. “Besides I am not part of the stupid homophobic policy of this family” she adds.

“You think that’s hot?” I ask her pointing at the TV

“Yes I think it is because I am not a homophobic freak” she rolls her eyes smiling deviously.

“OK whatever, where are mom and dad? I ask as I take a seat next to her and snatch the remote off her side.

“They do work? Don’t they?” her voice ill mannered. “If you switch off the TV I’ll so bite you” she adds with a smirk.

I look at her, and frown. “If you bite me, I will so not drive you to school” I say before sticking out my tongue.

“Whatever! I will get my driver’s license in a few months.” she barks at me before looking up at me and adding “Why are you not wearing your head phones? I thought you were sexy like that?” so that is what is missing”

“I forgot them, I will get them before leaving for school because I am sexy like that” I wink at her before heading upstairs to get my headphones.

After getting my headphones, I ran downstairs, switched off the TV. “We need to go now janny”

“Yh yh ok” Is all she says as she grabs her bag and walk out the door.

Outside she is waiting at the car. I walk up to the car, jump in and drive to school.

As I drive into school, I locate my parking space and park my car. I take out my key, put it into my school bag and grab my headphones from Jane.

“I was rocking that song!” she shouts and folds her hands across her chest.

“I was rocking that song” I mimic in the most girly voice I could manage.

“Whatever” she smirks as he opens the car door on her side.

I open the car door to my side, grab my baseball kit, grab my headphones and put them on before walking over to Jane’s side.

I pull her close to me and whisper in her ear ‘be a good girl.’

‘This is so incest’ she smiles and continues ‘I’m always good, it’s you who needs to be good.’ She smiles again before walking off.

I walk over to the drivers, shut the door and walk into school. In the school hall everyone is hanging around in cliques. As I walk over to my locker John and Tim, my best friends walk over to me.

‘Hey man’ john gives me a nudge on the shoulder. His blonde hair is smoothly packed and his bangs are smoothly arranged to one side of his face.

‘What’s up?’ I ask as we walk to my locker.

Tim ruffles his black hair and pats my shoulder. ‘There is no important news unless you are interested in the writing competition’ he shrugs.

‘Obviously, what’s the topic? ’ I ask, smiling. I never drop any competition, especially when it comes to writing.

‘You have to get into the competition to know what the topic is about’ Tim says ruffling his hair again

At my locker, I see Cindy, my girlfriend waiting for me. She is one of the prettiest senior girls at Crimson high; One of the perks of being sexy. She is dressed in a blue dress that barely covers her thighs.

‘Hey boyfriend’ she says, pulling a strand of blonde hair off her face and tuck it behind her ear.

‘Hey girlfriend’ I say as place my hands on her waist, push her gently against my locker and kiss her.

John and Tim give each other a look ‘oh well we need to go’ they say in unison. The never liked Cindy and I don’t think they will anytime soon.

I withdraw myself from Cindy and gave them a wave before Cindy pulls me back to her.

‘There is a new guy in our year’ she says. ‘News is; he is hot, really hot’ she added.

‘Really? I can’t wait to see him’ I say smiling.

The bell goes and I kiss Cindy good bye before heading for history. Everyone else already left and I realize it’s the second bell so I fast walk to class.

I am almost at the door when someone bumps into me, cause me to lose balance.

The figure is masculine but I can’t tell his features because of the black hoodie over his head so I assume he is a boy. ‘Dude, watch it’ I say regaining my balance.

‘Sorry’ he says in a slightly husky voice as he takes off his hoddie. His hair is brown , a little shade darker than mine. His eyes are a light brown. He is about two inches taller that me.

And i though i was hot. This is the new guy.

'looks like i have a competition' we both say in unison.

'i am luca' he stretches out his left hand towards me and i shake it.

'i am xander'

'i have not gotten along with many Xander's in the past' He gives me a half smile.lets not get rude.

'And i am not sure i would get along with any lucas's in the future' i returned his half smile.lets play rude.

'Oh' he mouths and grips the side of his chest where his heart should be located with his left hand.

i roll my eyes ' let's make sure we don't bump into each other in the future'

he smiles and pulls his hood back over his head. ' i wouldn't count on that'

we both continue walking to our various classes when he speaks

'are you gay?' he asks me in the most absurd voice and raises one of his eyebrows. i stop and lea against the wall behind me. i have no idea how to take in this question.why would me ask me such? do i look gay? i am too hot to look gay. does he just enjoy pushing my buttons?

i try to answer but i can only manage to say 'what? why?''no one takes Xander out of his comfort zone

'Are you gay?' he repeats again. he definitely like to push my buttons. OK you are going down

'Actually, i am not. i am straight and i am homophobic. are you gay?'' ha ha now its your turn

A hint of emotion vanishes from his face leaving his face a little rigid "No but i am bisexual'he says casually like there is nothing wrong with it.'And since you are homophobic and a Xander, i guess we wont get along' he adds and walks off without saying any more word.


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i thought i was straight

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