The Little Wild Rabbit

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This is a little something I first approached when I was eight. It follows the adventures of Tisp, a little rabbit who plays in Hollybrook Pastures.

(contains a tornado, just a for those who are sensetive)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Little Wild Rabbit

Submitted: December 31, 2009

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Submitted: December 31, 2009



As Tisp frolicked in the sweet grass, he felt the cool dew on his fur. The fresh, soft smell of morning was suddenly punctured by a new smell that was equally as tempting to follow. Tisp knew where that smell was coming from he also knew to try not to follow the tantalizing aroma that his nostrils had discovered.

He remembered too well the last he had followed that smell; he had just been with some toads by the river when the very same smell he smelt now had been found. Too busy following the scent to listen to the toads pleading for Tisp to ignore the smell, he had run at full speed to a fence near where it was coming from. Quick as lightning Tisp had burrowed under the obstacle and finally reached its source. It was a cabbage patch, filled with excitement and wonder of his good fortune Tisp had begun to eat. After about half an hour a farmer came out of a nearby farmhouse and when he caught sight of Tisp began shouting and screaming with rage, at first Tisp was not unnerved by this for the farmer had gone back inside the farmhouse cursing but a few minutes later came back out, this time holding a large gun in his hands! The sight of a gun was enough to make Tisp stop for a moment and prick up his ears. Almost at once there was gunfire and Tisp scampered away back under the fence and that was that. So Tisp ignored the smell completely and just lolled around on the damp grass. After a while he got bored and began to nibble delicately at a cloverleaf happily with not a care in the world. All Tisp knew is that he lived in a field and he had three burrows in that field.
As afternoon came and went Tisp played with the frogs by the river. It amused him to see them hopping along singing the simple song of the river.

As evening came Tisp grew very sleepy and made his way back to his burrow and his lavender bed for a good nights sleep. When he awoke the next morning he felt very empty inside. So he went outside to get some food. It was then that he remembered today was the first day of autumn. The apples would have fallen overnight on to the ground and with any luck he might just be able to get one that was not bruised very badly, for once the other rabbits awoke all the good apples would be gone.
Without another thought he ran to the apple trees to eat an apple for breakfast. As Tisp had suspected not many other rabbits had stirred from their warrens. One or two were heading for the apple trees as well but Tisp would easily get there first out of all of them. As soon as he had reached the apple tree he set out to find the biggest, juiciest apple and tuck right in to his meal. After about ten or maybe eleven minutes Tisp was eating a rather large apple, the juice was running down his chin and Tisp smiled with satisfaction. Soon other rabbits began to arrive and just as Tisp had gulped his last mouthful of apple a crowd of rabbits had gathered around the tree.

After that Tisp want down to the river to have a drink to wash down his fruit, as all of the frogs and toads had to wait until the afternoon to sing and hop about for otherwise the other rabbits would chase and laugh them. They did not mind Tisp though, because he would silently just sit and watch. After a drink and a good wash Tisp felt as fresh as a dewdrop and thought he would have some fun with Barker the farmers dog. So once more, he dug a burrow into the yard of the farm. He then saw Barker, he saw his drooling mouth, wide open just lying there snoring loudly. Tisp thumped his foot on the hard patio floor. As it echoed in the flagstones, Barker awoke with a start and saw Tisp. Immediately he began to fight the long chain holding him back from attacking him. Tisp began to dart forward and backward the dog strained the chain that was keeping him from hurting Tisp. He growled quite menacingly and tried to jump forward, but he fell back like an excited pup.

Tisp then grew tired he felt quite happy with the idea of a lovely long nap.

Slowly, he hopped back to his first burrow, and dozed away.

End of Chapter 1

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