The Little Wild Rabbit

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Little Wild Rabbit: Chapter 5

Submitted: December 31, 2009

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Submitted: December 31, 2009



Tisp awoke with a start. Tisp was lying on his back in his burrow, he felt calm and went to the stream to wash his matted fur. He began to race another rabbit in the fields absentmindedly then went back to the home burrow. Tomorrow was the first day of winter and that meant that he had to go and collect a great deal of material for his nest building, as the great sleep started that very night and you needed four thick layers of different plants and flower petals so you could ensure a warm, cosy and of course comfortable snooze. First came grass. Tisp went out and wrenched out some grass, he held it in his teeth and set off for the burrow, he had already cleared a space for his winter bed. It took him five journeys to the grass field and back until the layer of grass was suitable for sleeping on. Next come parsley leaves to make you calm when you settle down to sleep, they also smelt very sweet and succulent so that when you awoke you smelt wonderful. They also would send you back to the world of dreams if you woke up too early. Then came lavender flowers. These were very aromatic and would give you sweet dreams. The final component was hay for softness. Soon, he had a small circle of the things he had collected and he burrowed into the comforting warmth of his pile.. He did not now how he knew that he needed to collect this pile of leaves and flowers. He was just born with the instinct of it. And that was the last thought that would go through his head, for a very long time.  

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