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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013





I’m not the only one then?

Once Sam and I went home, mum kept asking us her usual questions “So how was your breakfast?” Sam replied to her “Was pretty nice, but your daughter didn’t eat at all” I pinched him because I was pretty sure that she will start to be concerned and keep asking more questions “Oh why Candice? Look at yourself you look like a skeleton” I shrugged her. Sam left us as he said that he got something to do- I didn’t bother to ask what he was going to do- he kissed my forehead and left. Actually my relationship with my brother is pretty good, I love my brother. Mum sit next to me on the couch whilst watching some videos on YouTube. I was quite sure that sooner or later she will say some words “So, tell me are you seeing someone?” I personally still don’t know if Aaron is regarded as my date or not “Sort of, yea” and she shot more questions “You’ve been seeing him for a long time?” I pressed on my lower lip “not really” she smiled.

At 5:00 PM Sam called me “Hello Candice, where you at?” I responded “Home… of course” he continued “Listen up, I called my friend who I told you about earlier” I was curious “And?” he sighed “well, just get dressed and I’ll pick you up so we can see her… Bye” once he hung up I felt like everything is going to be alright and maybe Sam’s mate will be able to answer my questions about that dreaming thing. I went upstairs to put the same clothes I wore this morning for my breakfast with Sam then I waited for him. I lit up a cigarette- frankly I don’t really smoke just when I feel nervous- thank god mum is not around because if she saw me she would be mad that I’m smoking, she hates smokers.

It took Sam about 30 minutes to arrive and pick me up. I didn’t say any word when I got in his car and he also didn’t say much. “So where does your mate live?” he replied without looking at me as he was driving “Not really far from here, she lives in Octavia Boulevard” I figured out that Sam’s mate is a girl then “She? She’s a girl?” he nodded. “So what did she tell you about… Y’know!” he replied instantly “Oh about that!” his answer was kind of made me feel anxious “Her mum is the one she picked up the phone and told me that Dena is unconscious” well if she’s unconscious what the hell are we going to do “I beg your pardon?” he giggled “Don’t worry maybe her mother has something to tell us” I hoped so.

“Here we go, we made it!” he parked the car then he knocked at the black weird door. A woman opened the door like she was expecting someone else to come instead of us- hence her facial expression changed once we got in her house- the house was dull, everything was brown and the furniture was classic. Sam muttered “Oh hey there Mrs. Bowles.. I’m Sam, Sam the one who called you up this morning” … “I’m Dena’s mate” she narrowed her eyes and raised her eyebrows “Yes, yes how are you son?, actually I thought you were the doctor” she didn’t even look at me- I was like “Hello, I’m not invisible I swear”- we sat on the couch the three of us and she offered us something to drink. Sam broke the silence “Mrs. Bowles, how’s Dena?” she got up “Actually she is speechless, and she keeps staring at only one thing” Sam continued asking questions just as mum when she always does “And what really happened to her? If you mind telling me” she took a sip of her tea then continued talking “she told me that she’s been dreaming about weird things and she told me that she was seeing someone in her dreams” oh my god, I’m not alone then? It’s happening to someone else also. Sam shot more questions “Who’s that someone then?” she mumbled “I don’t know, she didn’t tell me his name. Actually once she told me about what was happening to her I thought that she was crazy” exactly that’s why I didn’t want to tell anybody about it. I interrupted her “So please tell me, since when she’s been having that weird dream?” she scratched her right hand and then sighed “6 months or something, I’m not accurate though” 6 months??? Am I going to lose my mind just like Dena?... to be frank I lost my mind already. Sam asked her if we could see her or not, she said yes but she seemed like she wasn’t okay about it. The room was upstairs and every step I took to the room my heart pounded more and more. Dena’s mother entered the room and we followed her. Dena was dark-haired just like her mother, she was laying in bed, her eyes were closed and she was like a mannequin- not moving and she barely breathed- her mum stroked her face and then she murmured “I don’t know if she will live or not she’s been like that for 2 weeks now…. I can’t cope anymore” she shed a tear then stood next to her daughter’s desk. I got closer to Dena to touch her forehead… it was really cold as ice, however hot was the weather in her room. I kept asking myself if I were going to be like her one day or not… and why weren’t I in a coma just like her. I found a bruise on her right arm but hers looked more profound. Suddenly the door rang and Mrs. Bowles went to see who was at the door. Sam mumbled once she got out “I don’t feel cool about that!” I wanted to tell him that at least he didn’t have those dreams I’m having but I preferred to shut up. Mrs Bowles came and told us that it’s the doctor “If you don’t mind….”  Sam replied “Oh O’course we were about to get out after all”. Once we got in the car I kept thinking of Dena and what was going to happen to her… well is that her end? She will be like that till she dies? Something popped up in my head made me sure that there were more people are having the same dream of mine but the question that hasn’t been answered yet was “Why am I having this dream” I guess sooner or later I will find out……. Yes I WILL find out. 

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