Sucks To Be You

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Swimming Lessons

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




One hour and thirty six minutes later, Frank and I were walking towards the departure gate. As luck would have it, my new friend was being exiled to the same boarding school; at least now my sentence wouldn't be as dull. For the length of time we'd been together I'd discovered that Frank; a) preferred Marvel over DC b) Was a vegetarian and c) loved animals, especially dogs. In return I revealed that I was born in Belfast but moved to Belleville when my dad's company hit it big in the US, and now I was being sent to England for my 'childish' behavior. We reached the gate and parted with a hug to our respective seats.
  I stuck my ear phones on and fell asleep to the soothing voice of Bill Kaulitz
 It's about a 7 hour flight between NJ and London, but in that time I had managed to flood the plane's toilet (apparently a full bar of  soap is not meant to go down the drain) and tip the food trolley over, semi-accidentally. I was elated when the plane landed. I hated sitting in cramped spaces for long periods of time. Making my way towards the baggage claim, I heard someone screech my name. But before I could turn towards the source of the sound, I found myself on the ground, with Frank's arms around me. I sat up and hugged him back, amazed at the strength that the small guy had. Standing up, we glanced around at the bewildered expressions on the faces of people around us; they we're hilarious!
 The baggage claim seemed to be working slower than ever and I was really getting bored waiting for my suitcase. Frank had disappeared. I guessed it was for coffee as the kid was addicted to the stuff, but I instantly knew that the coffee theory was wrong went a young boy pointed to the bag-covered carousel and cried 'Mommy, I wanna do that!' It was hard to even contemplate keeping a straight face with the sight that was laid out before me. Frank, doing the breast-stroke on the conveyor belt. I doubled up laughing whilst airport security pulled the prankster away from his 'pool'. 
 'Does anybody own this boy' one of the burly security men asked. I stuck my hand up, still laughing. Unsuccessfully, I tried to regain composure as I walked towards the small group.
 'I'm very sorry sir. I'll make sure to not let my brother out of my sight again.' The guards released Frank, nodded gruffly and walked away. I turned to face him, and he had a huge grin on his face. I laughed and walked to the carousel to grab my bag. 

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