Sucks To Be You

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Could Give Hell A Run For It's Money

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



After the airport, you'd think that Frank would have been mischiefed out, but he was worse than a hyper child. Add in the factor of a city he's never been to, and you can only guess what sort of mayhem he got up too. One to many run ins with the police lead to me buying a leash and attaching it to his jeans. Eventually I was able to drag him away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a familiar looking house. My mother's sister, Elliose, lived here and was supposed to drive me to my new school. I hoped that she would give Frank a ride to, mostly because I didn't want London to get destroyed by the whirlwind wonder that was my new friend.
The door opened to reveal my aunt. She hadn't changed much from the last time I saw her. She was small with brown hair and ocean blue eyes.
'Your hair colour's changed Alexandrea.' was her way of greeting me. I should probably meantion that she 'disagrees with my way of life' (as she put it to my mum in her last e-mail which I hacked and read.) She basically hates me. She adores my sister, so I tolerate her on Leah's request.
'Brown hair is dull. But you can bitch at me in the car. Let's hit the road.' I retorted, letting venom slip into my tone.
'Wait, who's the boy? I'm not driving some hill-billy you brought with you around the country.' She said pointing at Frank.
'With all due respect, m'am,' he started before I interrupted.
'For your information, he is about to attend the same hell-hole as me. I thought since you were the 'unprejudiced saint' of the family that you'd kindly give him a lift.' She stared down her long, thin nose at him then muttered an 'ok'. The car ride was silent. I would have chatted with Frank, but Elliose made me sit in the front, 'where she could keep an eye on me.' (You set the back seat on fire one time and suddenly your as trust worthy as the News of the World paper!) It was one long, excruciating hour, but finally I saw my new school, and home for the foreseeable future. I just wondered how long it'll last.

I trudged up the gravel drive way of my dorm hall, The Hanley Wing. I must admit that the building was beautiful. It was old and gothic, with high arching windows and crumbling brick wall. On the campus there were only two dorm halls; The Hanley Wing for the girls and the Alcott wing for the boys. Both were surrounded with vast gardens with various types of flowers. The school building sat between the two halls, probably so the two groups wouldn't have to cross paths between school and 'home'. I was sad to have to say goodbye to Frank, but I knew that we would be hanging out again soon, either abiding or disobeying the rules.

I entered the hall, and was disappointed immediately. The inside was filled with garish rugs, carpets and curtains. There was a small desk with a older lady sitting at it; the reception I assumed. I walked over and told her my name.

'Yes, we've been expecting you. We thought you'd arrive earlier though.'

'The flight was delayed and there was a slight mishap at the airport' A mishap with the name Frank.

'Well, no matter.' She handed me a key and some papers. 'Your room is on the fourth floor, number 483. That's a map of the school and it's grounds as well as your timetable, the set of rules and regulations with a list of when meal times are, and this weeks menu. Inform the kitchen staff if you have any dietary requirements.'

'Thanks' I turned and headed towards the stairs. Lugging my suitcase up them was a challenge, but as soon as I opened the door to my new room, it actually seemed like fun.

The room was small with an ensuite bathroom (thank heavens for small mercies). The wallpaper was old and faded, the window was barred (barred! There goes my plans of sneaking out) and the bed was creaky. There was a desk along one of the walls, with a shelve above it. I set out on the task to make the room more 'homely' Ha! Who was I kidding. This place could give hell a run for it's money.


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